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Great Information!

Hello, I purchased your package and I am delighted with it! It has saved me time, shown me the light and illuminated the WAY. I am well on my way, a few months after receiving this information towards producing my FIRST Feature! Thanks a million!

Richomnd, Virginia

Film Investor Financing Templates -The Definitive Guide

Film Investor Financing TemplatesIf terms like Business Plan, Private Placement Memorandum, Finance Agreement, Investor Agreement, Producer's Package, Active and Passive Investors have your head spinning, check out our definitive guide to film finance documentation.

How to Structure Your Movie Budget

How to Structure Your Movie Budget

Great at the creative side of filmmaking but unsure How to Structure Your Movie Budget and finance movies efficiently? Let's say you have a script, you have all the creative energy, and you’re getting the financing you need. Everything seems to be lining up and going great—until you’re faced with how, exactly, your movie’s financing will be spent and how you'll explain it to potential investors.

Producers Don't Need to Beg for Money - Just Have a Good Plan

Producers Don't Need to Beg for Money - Just Have a Good Plan"I don’t believe that there is lack of money for producers to make movies. I just think that if you can show from the business plan that you can bring the money back, banks are willing to give you the money." - Kene Mkparu, Managing Director/CEO of Film House Cinemas. Read this great article full of inspiration to show you can be a successful filmmaker anywhere: No Good Producer Should Beg For Money To Shoot Movies


Six Things You Absolutely MUST Know Before Approaching Film Investors

Gordon P. Firemark Entertainment Attorney Gordon P. Firemark, Entertainment Attorney, states, "Too many filmmakers jump the fundraising gun and post notices on facebook, twitter, or their websites saying “we’re now looking for $1 Million” to produce this film/show.” Guess what… game over!

Before going out to film investors, it’s important to have your ducks in a row. Six Things You Absolutely MUST Know before you start raising money will dramatically streamline the process, and get you closer to funding, faster.

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[Review] Film Business Plan Template | Great Jumping Off Point and Confidence Builder

Film Business Plan TemplateI found the business plan template and film financial comparison table a great starting point. Reading through the Film Financing Manual I gained a lot of confidence that reinforced my own ideas.

I ended up taking the bits I wanted and customizing other sections to create a condensed and concise 11 page business plan, backed up by a whole lot of figures and data. In the US economic slump I found investors were looking for alternate investments with high yield - my Film Investor Brief was perfect!

Thanks you, Andrew, for taking the time to leave us feedback!!! Check out more Film Investor Package Reviews.

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FREE Downloads - All 10 Oscar Nominated Screenplays

"whether you're an actor, director, screenwriter or other film creative, reading great screenplays will enhance your craft. So crack these suckers open and enjoy the java!"


Top Film Grant Tips for How to Write and Win a Grant

Film Grant TipsCheck out our top Film Grant Tips for How to Write and Win a Grant, written by a film grant application evaluator. There is a great deal of film grant competition, as thousands of applicants apply for the same grant. Although it is a competitive process, use our advice to help you stay ahead of the game and your competition at Top Film Grant Tips for Writing and Winning a Grant.

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[Review] Both FilmProposals Site and Business Tools Are Extremely Helpful

Independent Film Financing Projections

I am still in the midst of writing our business plan, and keep referring back to FilmProposals after purchasing the Film Financial Projects template and Film Business Plan template. Not only do both continue to be the right tools (after researching A LOT and seeing others out there), but the website resources are extremely helpful as well.

I like having the template to follow, but also know that film business plans are different than regular business plans. That makes the task seem very daunting, especially gathering the financial data needed to plead your case to investors. By far that is the toughest part, so having the financial template makes it a lot less scary to tackle.

Thanks to Frances for taking the time to leave us feedback!!!

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FilmProposals Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

FilmProposals Frequently Asked Questions

Recently we've been asked a lot of the same questions that have already been answered on the site. So here is a quick list of the top inquiries and all the answers are at FilmProposals Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions.

Are Your Products Compatible with Apple/MAC?

I want to change/delete a submission on the site

How Do I Edit My Film Pitch or Movie Trailer?

The Film Financial Projections Template is locked and I'd like to change some of the Formulas

Do You Do Business Plans for Films?

Can you help me secure financing, introduce me or help find investors?

More Info at FilmProposals Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions.

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[Review] Incredibly Helpful Templates

Incredibly Helpful TemplatesAn amazing set of incredibly helpful templates, guide books, advice. The best $99.00 I have spent in a very long time. Congrats FilmProposals!!

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Finding Investors For Your Movie Project | How To Get Film Investors Attention

Finding Investors For Your Movie Project Probably the most common question concerning financing is; how do you go about finding investors? Answer: You find the people who have the money and you do this by the networking of contacts. First off, who has the money?

Find out the ONE thing you absolutely need to get in touch with potential movie investors. Learn the ONLY way to get highly paid professionals to pay attention and respond.

Answers to these questions and more at Finding Investors For Your Movie Project, by Jack Heape.

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Practical Tips for Writing Your Film Business Plan | Keeping It Real

Film Business Plan Tips Often film makers are unaware of practical tips that should be adhered to when writing your film business plan. When a film project comes together nicely, after months, if not years of hard work, it is very easy to let the excitement skew your speculative figures. Here we look at a few of the common pitfalls, some practical advice on how to avoid them and put you in the stakeholder’s shoes with some hypothetical pitches. Avoid these mistakes by reading: Practical Tips for Writing Your Film Business Plan | Keeping It Real

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[Review] Best Investment We've Done for Our Company

Find Movie InvestorsHello Melissa: We recently purchased your film proposal program and we have found it to be one of the best investment we've done for our company. We want to proceed with the business plan review and gather your feed back!

01-18, 01-17

How to Make an Indie Film Pitch Deck

How to Make an Indie Film Pitch Deck

Essentially a small PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, your indie film pitch deck lets you cover all of the most pressing questions about your project in a way that takes no more than twenty minutes. Entrepreneurs use pitch decks all the time, but many filmmakers have yet to catch on. One of the major mistakes amateur indie filmmakers often make here is getting lost in the details and missing the big picture. Create an Indie Film Pitch Deck correctly and lead your potential investors to the next step.



Documentary Funding | Top 10 Tips for Fundraising Grants

Documentary Funding

No doubt, Documentary Funding is tough work. But here's the good news...You CAN raise documentary funds and it may not be as hard as you think.

Many first time filmmakers have the fantasy their documentary money will come in one big check, from one big donor or foundation. The reality is, funding often comes from many different sources.

Get the best Fundraising Tips at Documentary Funding and check out the industry's best fundraising tools.

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[Review] I could not have raised the $1.5 million or made this film without the materials you provided!

Film Business Plan TipsJust want to thank you for your materials and help over the past year. Just finished post on our $1.5 million picture "Coming Through the Rye" with Alex Wolff and Chris Cooper. I could not have raised this money or made this film without the materials you provided -- and for $99? The bargain of my career! - James Sadwith, Producer, Writer, Director "Coming Through the Rye"

12/17, 12-16, 10-15

Importance Of A Business Plan For Film Projects | 7 Key Elements You Need To Get The Money

Importance Of A Business Plan For Film Projects A business plan has three basic purposes: communication, management, and planning. Learn how the business plan is used to attract investment capital; help you track, monitor, and evaluate; and identify and avoid roadblocks and obstacles. Most importantly, you need it to attract investors to fund your project. No one is going to invest in your project unless they can see how they are going to get repaid and more importantly, make a profit.

Importance Of A Business Plan For Film Projects.

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Film Business Plan VOD Projections | How to Calculate

Film Business Plan VOD ProjectionsThe new world of VOD and being able to target your market directly is fantastic news for producers, especially those who could or did not follow the traditional distributor model. However, unlike the traditional theater/distributor model, these opportunities are much more difficult for projections and business plans. Here we outline all the different VOD business models, costs and calculations associated with each, as well as which statistics and case studies you want to use in your business plans.

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[Review] Great Tools for writing a business plan the first time!

Truly Professional Film Business PlanThe Business Plan Tools give you a great starting point for writing your truly professional business plan before you go out to seek funding for your film. A no-brainer for newbies and low level of experience producers who wanna take the next step.

12-17, 12-16

Film Investor Tips | Find and Engage Movie Investors

Film Investor Tips | Find and Engage Movie InvestorsFilm investors are generally very savvy business people. After all, how do you think they got the kind of money to become a potential movie investor? Many filmmakers think selling an investor on their creative concept, rather than the financials is the way to secure funding. Except for a few specific circumstances, this is definitely not the way to go! When it comes to film investing and the film financing business, it's ALL about what you are offering potential investors for your independent movie. Learn More: Film Investor Tips

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How to Attract Film Investors | 10 Things Independent Film Makers Can Do Right Now

How to Attract Film Investors What can independent filmmakers do to attract film investors, enhance their bottom line, and actually MAKE MONEY from their indie films? Read this amazing article from Independent Film Maker and guest writer, Angelo Bell, to find out Ten Things Independent Film Makers Can Do Right Now to get film financing, secure film distribution that makes money and attract film investors, larger than typical crowd funding initiatives deliver.

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[Review] My business plan is 10 times better than it was before

How to Attract Film InvestorsAfter several days of researching where to get the materials for our upcoming Feature film Independent Low Budget project I finally decided to try and their information in downloadable format.

I was shocked and impressed after purchasing Package #3 as to the thoroughness and amount of information provided! I will soon be starting pre-production on my first feature film as director, producer, screenwriter, and have already begun development, fundraising, and my business plan is 10 times better than it was before receiving their materials and information. Wow! - Thanks. Randy

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Film Investor Contract Template | Film Investment Package

Film Investor Contract TemplateDo Your Filmmaking tools include this information? This is a great question, thank you! FilmProposals always recommends you seek professional legal counsel, however, we offer a variety of templates, tools and articles to educate you on the film investment process, all designed to help you minimize attorney costs. Here are some areas for you to consider: Film Investor Contract Template.

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[Review] Extremely Beneficial | More than Worth the Money

Find Movie Investors"The Film Proposals package is more than worth the money! The business plan is very complete, and easy to modify to your specific needs. has thought of everything. It's time to make a movie!"

Thanks to Dan for taking the time to leave us feedback!!! Check out more ways to Find Movie Investors.

11/17, 11/16, 9/15, 3/14

Film Financing Lessons | Famous Producer Investor Stories

Film Financing Lessons

Read Film Financing Lessons from famous producers, such as Steven Spielberg, Lee Daniels, Kevin Smith, Richard Linklater and how they got their first film financing. Film financing is a never-ending matter how famous and successful and they are, successful filmmakers see film financing as an innate part of film production throughout their careers.

11/17, 11-16, 9/15

Why You Can't Find Film Investors

Film Investors on FilmProposals Jeff asks a great question about how we approve the Film Investors on the site and I give a VERY HARSH, but truthful, answer. Warning - this post is not for the faint of heart.

If you're convinced you can take the lazy approach to finding film investors by searching the internet and emailing people with something like, "I have a great project, email or call me," then skip this article. If you've tried this and found it hasn't worked for you...then this article about really understanding the dynamics of the business of film investing may just be for you. Comments welcome (on Facebook)- please tell us what YOU think!

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Creating Sales Projections For Your Independent Film Project

Independent Film Movie Sales ProjectionsMany new independent filmmakers do not realize the importance of Sales Projections For Your Independent Film Project. They neglect to research and utilize realistic sales projections when developing their Business Plan, or worse, they do not use sales projections at all. This is a huge mistake. Find out how to create realistic sales projections and make your independent film.

When you are developing a set of projections, the following should be considered...

Read more on the Importance Of Sales Projections For Your Independent Film Project.

11-17, 10-16, 8/15, 2-14, 10-12, 11-11

Film Business Plan Tips | Use Your Ideas to Attract Investors

Film Business Plan TipsThese film business plan tips will lead you straight to finding and securing the right investors for your movie. Whether you use a business plan, private placement memorandum, or other fundraising vehicle, we want you to stand out from the crowd and pitch your project in a way that compels investors to write you a check now.

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[Review] Film Investment Package | The Pot of Gold

Movie Investor Package'When I came across the Business Plan Tools and the Finance Guide, I felt like I could stop searching for the pot of gold ... I’d found it. In one place, with clear, easy to follow materials and spreadsheets, my questions were answered. It still depends on me and what I do but the blueprint is all there. Thanks.'

Thanks to Barry, Producer, River Dreaming Entertainment, for taking the time to leave us feedback!!! Check out more Movie Investor Package Reviews.

11-17, 10-16, 6-15, 1/14

How to Pitch to Film Investors | Practical and Proven Tips for Fundraising

Your pitch to film investors can be intimidating and you may only get one opportunity. According to Eminem's Lose Yourself, "Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted. One moment... Would you capture it or just let it slip? Yo"

If you are pro the 'capture' option, then before you even contact a film investor, you must be fully prepared. Our How to Pitch to Film Investors article will help you do just that!

How to Pitch to Film Investors

11/17, 9/16, 6-15, 1/14

How to Invest in Indie Films | Tips for Pitching Film Investors

How to Invest in Indie FilmsHow to Invest in Indie Films contains tons of important information for the Indie filmmaker. While the article speaks to film investors, the information can make great selling points for you while pitching your business plan to investors. Can you speak fluently about asset classes and private equity?

Learn more: How to Invest in Indie Films

10/17, 9-16, 7-15, 1/14

Film Business Plan Template | Marketing Plan, Revenue Projections

Independent Film Business Plan Template Our easy-to-use 23 page Independent Film Business Plan Template can be used alone, or alongside our Film Proposals and Financing Manual and Film Projections Templates. Using Microsoft Word, with a film theme background, the template requires your customization, but is formatted, includes tons of re-usable text and saves you hours and hours of typing and market research time.

From a FilmProposals customer, "... I'm now sending out my completed business plan/film proposal document to potential investors and the one comment I'm getting back almost immediately is that it's so well laid out and professional. Believe me, first impressions really do count."

What are you waiting for? Check out the Film Industry's best Independent Film Business Plan Template today.

10/17, 8/14, 6/13, 04-12

Film Investing Advice from the Wall Street Journal | For Investors

Classic article from WSJ with current information, even in today's Indie Film market. Film investing pay offs can be as high as 50% to 100% in the first three years, IF a film is successful, which is a big "if." Find out how to minimize your risk, be aware of many of the things that could possibly go wrong during filming and how to identify a well-conceived marketing and distribution plan that makes sense and isn't built on hope. More: Film Investing Advice from the Wall Street Journal

Film Investing Advice from the Wall Street Journal

10/17, 7-16, 5-15, May 2011, Dec 2011

How to Find Film Investors | Raise Money for a Feature Movie

How to Find Film InvestorsHow to find film investors seems to be a huge hurdle for filmmakers, but it is actually quite simple. Any filmmaker who is prepared for film investors will find them. The filmmakers who find it difficult to secure investors are those who completely skip over the process of preparing, attracting, pitching and working with investors.

Learn our best tips at: How to Find Film Investors (T2)

10/17, 9/16

Pitching a Location Letter to Film Investors - Sample Template

Location Letter to Film InvestorsPitching a location letter to Film Investors can easily impress them when presenting your film proposal. A strong location can not only add great production value to your film. but also become a key selling point when correctly used in your pitch to film investors.

More info: Pitching a Location Letter to Film Investors

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New Review

[Review] Professional Tools to get the Investors to Give Money Business Plan PackageWow!! I just purchased the Finance Film Package #3. It is really good. I am an experienced Film Producer and I have been trying to get financing for 3 years for my film Smoke E.Z. I need $8,000,000. After 3 years I gotta take the plunge and get some professional tools to get the investors to give money for my film. I don't $10,000 for all of this to be done, so I have the challenge to do it myself.

This is a really good package to buy if you are looking to finance a film over $5,000,000.


Film Private Placement Memorandum | How do you create a PPM?

Film Private Placement MemorandumIf you are looking to raise money for your independent film, you have likely heard the term Film Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and are wondering if you need one.

Unless you are getting private equity from family and friends, you should have a Film Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) drawn up for your fund raising. Find out more about: Film Private Placement Memorandum

10/17, 8/16, 8/14, 3/13

How to Use an Independent Film Financing Plan to Secure Investors

Independent Film Financing PlanAn independent film financing plan can help you form a strategy that will make the tricky process of film financing much easier. When you network to get investors involved in your project - and are trying to earn their trust in that you will deliver what you promise them, then you will most likely find yourself in situations where the potential investor asks questions like: What does the financing plan look like?

10/17, 7-16, 5-15, 1/14, 9/12

What is an Accredited Investor?

What is an Accredited InvestorRecent legislative changes make it more important than ever for film makers to know for sure, what is an accredited investor? So, who is an accredited investor and how how do take the 'reasonable' steps outlined by the SEC to satisfy their requirements?

Learn More: What is an Accredited Investor?

09/17, 7-16, 4-15, 10-13

First Film Budget | How to Manage Movie Investor Money

First Film BudgetLearn exactly what goes in to your First Film Budget, the two types of low-budget films and how to handle your film money. Part III of our "How to Make a Movie Mini Course" discusses film budgets, costs of talent and crew, film bank accounts and how to handle your film money.

09/17, 7-16, 9/14, 08-13

[Review] Sample Film Business Plan | Charts are Fantastic and a Real Timesaver

Sample Film Business Plan"Really like the automatic spreadsheet, the main reason I purchased your package. I also like the proposal layout and will use it for private investors. I'm actually prepping a film for AFM and am using a little bit of a different proposal for that, but the charts are fantastic and a real timesaver. Thanks again!"

Thanks you, Jess, for taking the time to leave us feedback!!! We can't to hear how tyou did at AFM!

Check out more Film Investor Package Reviews.

09/17, 8-16, 3-15, 11/13

Pitching Film Investors | How to Close the Deal and Get Financed

Pitching Film InvestorsOur tips and techniques on pitching to film investors will teach you practical tips, proven fundraising language, how to instill confidence in your investors, even if you've never made a film before, and exactly which industry sources to use to make them want to write you a check on the spot. Don't waste your hard work by not being prepared for your meetings and calls.

9/17, 6-16

Film Financing Lessons from Producer of 'The Kids Are All Right'

Producer Celine Rattray (The Kids Are All Right)

Producer Celine Rattray explains how she doubled her investors' money, new financing sources, like Netflix and Amazon, how she's raised funds for over 40 movies, the importance of tax incentives, timing of investor ROI, and how to be "investor-friendly," as there's nothing more satisfying than repeat business from investors.

9/17, 05/16

Can you help me Secure Financing, Introduce Me or Help Find Investors?

If you're convinced you can take the lazy approach to finding film investors by searching the internet and emailing people with something like, "I have a great project, email or call me," you are not even close to ready to secure film financing. If you've tried this and found it hasn't worked for you...then this article about really understanding the dynamics of the business of film investing may just be for you.


What is a Producer's Package | Film Investors

What is a Producer's Package"What is a Producer's Package?" is a great question we get asked all the time, with a long and varied answer. A movie producer's package changes depending on your target audience for the pitch. For example, are you pitching a producer investor, actor, studio, composer, product placement or another entity? Each pitch meeting requires a different presentation. Some will be more financial in nature and some will focus more on the creative aspects of your project. Read More: What is a Producer's Package?


[Review] Film Investment Package | Great for Helping Investors Understand Risks and Potential Rewards

Film Financial Projections Business Plan Template'I found your software to be exceptionally useful for me in helping to define the financial aspects of making and potentially profiting from a film. Having worn many different hats in the entertainment business over the years, I finally decided to seek out a great project and then get it financed.

As a first time Executive Producer, I found your software first to be great for helping me understand film financing ad second helping the various investors who we have been pitching to better understand their risks and potential rewards. I would certainly recommend this software to anyone thinking about seeking financing for films.'

Thanks to Robert for taking the time to leave us feedback!!! Check out more Movie Investor Package Reviews.

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1000 Ways to Finance Your Movie | Investors, Grants, Prizes, Documentaries

1000 Ways to Finance Your MovieWith over 1000 ways to finance your movie, filmmakers have more financing options and resources available than ever before. You can combine any number of film and documentary grants, prizes, investors, contests, festivals, film financing companies and much more to get your film made.

8/17, 05/16

Best Independent Film Websites

Best Independent Film WebsitesCheck out FilmProposals top picks for the best film websites to help you find Film Attorneys, Movie Investors, Film Financing Companies, Independent Film Funding, production information and more.

8/17, 5/16, 11-14

How to use a Film Investor Agreement for Independent Financing

Film Investor AgreementFilm investors know the chances of receiving a profit are slim to none, yet they still want assurance their money is being handled the best way possible...but this is your film and you want to make sure you have control of your project. So, how do you ensure nothing is standing between you and an interested film investor?

One way is by using a Film Investor Agreement.

8/17, 04-16, 3-15, 12-13

FilmProposals Film Budget Template Questions (and Answers)

Sample Film Budget Template WorksheetHi. Just wanted to check a few things pre-purchase, specifically about your FilmProposals Budget Template. At what level is this sample budget? SAG Low? Ultra Low? Does this budget, template, etc cater to sub $500K indies shooting out of state, for example? Are the sales projections updated annually based on real-world data from sales/distro channels? ie. When was the last update for bid/ask on say a thriller genre movie in the $1M production budget range?


Film Funding Options | Creative Ways to Finance Your Movie

Film Funding Film funding options go much further than just Film Investors. Most movies are financed via multiple sources, and not all are cash transactions or investing (hard money). Alternative investments include soft money, deferred payment, profit participation, product placement, cross-promotion and multiple other ways to decrease a film's negative costs.

Check out this great article and find out more about Film Funding Options for Indie Filmmakers

8/17, 04-16, 11-14, 11-13, 9-12

The Critical First Step to Being a Successful Filmmaker

Critical First Step to Being a FilmmakerWhat do you think is The Critical First Step to Being a Filmmaker? Is it having a distribution deal in place? Is it having the funding secured? Is it having acquired name talent, or a great director, or a sought-after composer? None of these are most important first step to become a filmmaker. The most critical, oft-overlooked first step to being a successful indie filmmaker is...

Critical First Step to Being a Filmmaker


[Review] Movie Investment Package Great for Starting a Film Company

Movie Investment PackageExcellent information for starting a film company. The information and software given really helps with all the in and outs for starting a company in the film or production industry. It is worth the $99.00 to get started. This was an excellent investment for our company to get started in this industry. - Chris

7/17, 4/16, 7/14

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Promote YOUR Story, Business, Film on FilmProposals

Indie Filmmaker TipsDo you have some great indie filmmaker tips to share with other aspiring or current filmmakers? Do you want to promote your latest film or service to a huge global network of filmmakers, producers, directors, potential investors and distributors? Here is a great opportunity to first pay it forward, and then promote your projects, products and services.

Prior Submissions: If you have already pitched your film, your production services, movie trailer or posted anywhere else on, please be advised we are cleaning up the site. You may go back and add some value to your posting, or it may be removed from the site. Please take a moment to refresh your page and show off what you know. Thank you!

More Info: Filmmaker Tips - Promote Your Business on FilmProposals

7/17, 4/16

[Financial Template Review] | Financial Film Package Invaluable and Well Worth the Money

Film Business Plan VOD ProjectionsI've made short films before, but this is my first feature, and the first film I've tried raising money for. This template, actually the whole package, has been invaluable and well worth the money I spent on it. So much information is packed into what I got that I'm almost dizzy from it all.


Film Financing Funding Company | Media Funding Solutions

Film Financing Funding Company

If you are raising funds for production or P&A funding, Advantis International can provide you with the initial capital requirements to attract additional investors. Use your initial commitment levels to leverage the P&A budgets and attract the additional investment needed to fund your project.


Finding Film Investors | How to Raise Money for a Feature Movie

How to Find Film InvestorsFinding film investors is probably one of the most common challenges faced by every filmmaker. Part II of our "How to Make a Movie Mini Course" discusses how to find and approach film investors, key information you need to disclose to them and how to convey their payback and return on investment in a way that sets you up for the ultimate film funding success. (T3)

7/17, 3/16, 9/14, 08-13

[Business Plan Review] | Reliable Source of "Up-to-Date" Information and Insight

Film Financing and Investor ManualFor years, Melissa at has provided high-quality products and services that have helped launch innovative creative content companies, and products. Developing creative entrepreneurs will gain perspective on preparing, and structuring a cinema content business. Seasoned professionals will find a reliable source of "Up-to-Date" information and insight reflected in the tools, tips, and perspectives Melissa's company offers. In all, delivers a consistent level of quality, and value well managed.


How to Work with Film Investors

How to Work with Film InvestorsWorking with film investors is a crucial step in moving your film project forward and vital to finishing a quality indie film. Many filmmakers think the hurdle is finding investors, but learning with whom and how to work, to protect both the investor and producer(s) is equally important and might make all the difference between a film that gets completed vs. one that ends up on the shelf.

6/17, 3/16,

How to Invest in Indie Films | Great Info For Your Film Business Plan

How to Invest in Indie FilmsInvesting in independent film is not only a good way to help improve the arts and shift spare cash into something worthwhile but you'll also get a buzz out of being a part of something really exciting.If you invest in all the spin-offs such as theatrical renditions, DVDs, video-on-demand, cable, foreign markets, etc., there can be lucrative earnings. To a great extent, the film industry has a small buffer against economic woes. Part of our Pitching to Film Investor series, read more about How to Invest in Indie Films - Steps and Tips.

6/17, 3/16, 09/14, 08-13, 08-2012, Apr 24, 2012

FREE Money to Make a Movie | Contests, Prizes and Festivals

FREE Money to Make a Movie

Film financing contests with money as the prize are a great way to get money to make a movie. What could be better than FREE money, free publicity, no payback and a sure sign your movie has potential at the box office and a built-in audience?? Check our guide to FREE Money to Make a Movie.

6/17, 2/16, 7-14

Film Finance for Independent Filmmakers | It’s Not Art, It’s Business

Film Finance for Independent FilmmakersFinding funding for an independent film is one of the most difficult tasks the indie filmmaker will face. The money is available, so the main reason for the challenge is often the indie filmmakers will approach the business-side of filmmaking with trepidation, or not all. Unless an indie filmmaker plans on financing their movie themselves, eventually they will need the help of film business pros to help them find investors for their film.

Read More at: Film Finance for Independent Filmmakers

6/17, 3/16, 8-14, 07-13, 04-12

[Review] Substantive, Professional, Organized, Immensely Useful Business Plan PackageThank you for the Film Financing Package #3 (with the 7 bonus items). The content is substantive, professional, organized and immensely useful and practical. I've been promised this sort of material in the past from other resources and it's NEVER been this comprehensive. Kudos to you!

- Jon

6/17, 2/16,

Film Financing Companies Updated for 2017

Film Financing Companies Sometimes, private investors are not the right track to raise money for your independent film. Maybe you don't have the right contacts, are geographically removed, or just want the professionals to handle the numbers for you. This is where Film Financing Companies may offer you an edge.

Check out the guide to Film Financing Companies.

6/17, 2/16, 7/14, 02/13

External Site

The Film Investors Check List – Answers to tough questions your investors will ask

Tough Questions Film Investors Will AskA producer and entrepreneur, used to rubbing shoulders with successful and wealthy business elite, is on the hunt for investment for films. Purely from a business perspective, she shares her thoughts on why on earth would an investor put money into a film? More Info: Tough Questions Film Investors Will Ask–-answers-to-tough-questions-your-investors-will-ask.html

6/17, 2/16, 7/24

Free Film Tools, Worksheets, Downloads and Samples

Free Film Tools and Resources Do you know how many free film tools and samples exist across the internet? Tons, and here is a great starter list of free budgets, guides, books and more for the Independent Filmmaker. Grab your Film Making Action Guide, Film Festival Report, Film Business Plan Checklist, Cash Flow Report, Movie Budgets, Film Investment Memorandum, Sample Contracts and more today!

More Info: Free Film Tools, Downloads and Samples

5/17, 2/16, 7/14, 01/13

Film Investor Tip Sheet

Film Investor Tip SheetOur Film Investor Tip Sheet includes practical tips, real world examples and proven fundraising language. Do you know one, specific thing you can do for almost no money that immediately creates the Executive Producer vision in the investor's mind..and makes them want it? Only those very serious about making their films have access to our film investor tips and tricks. Find out more about how to download our Film Investor Tip Sheet, compiled from leading industry film financiers.

5/17, 2/16, 7/14

Film Financial Projections Template

Film Financial Projections Business Plan Template

Getting the overall picture of your film financial projections has never been easier. Our template walks you through analyzing your film, comparing it to other films, plugging in movie production costs and easily allows you to add financials directly into your Independent Film Business Plan. You have complete flexibility over the distribution and VOD revenue model(s) you choose and you complete your calculations any way that works for you.

More Info: Film Financial Projections Template

5/17, 10-15

How to Ask Film Investors For More Money

Ask Film Investors For More MoneyYou pitched your investors, promising them your film project would cost $XXX. After you accept their film financing and begin begin production, you realize you need additional production funds. How do you go back to your film investors and ask them for more money? It's easier than it sounds.

Learn More: How to Ask Film Investors For More Money

5/17, 2/16, 7/2014

Updated MPAA Theatrical Market Statistics 2016

MPAA Theatrical Market Statistics ReportThis report provides the latest global box office and movie attendance trends. Not only are these great statistics for your film business plans and to discuss with film investors, but they will help you target your audience and distribution plan.

Of course, the key 2016 MPAA statistics, along with 2016 Oscar winners and Q1 2017 box office numbers, are already integrated into our Movie Business Plan Package.

The MPAA Theatrical Market Statistics 2016 Report is a FREE GIFT with Purchase of Film Financing Package #3.

5/17, 04/16, 4-15, 4-14, May 2013, July 2012, August 2011

[Review] Great products | Good, Solid Advice Business Plan PackageAfter much research on the subject, we chose the Package #3's business plan and financial templates, which we are already putting to good use for our new film production LLC, "Take Us There Films." Also included in this package were several documents filled with helpful hints and good, solid advice that's sure to bring in the investments that will make our company successful.

I highly recommend subscribing to your newsletter and checking out the blog. Your website itself is filled with invaluable information.

Thank you.

05/17, 1/16

Preparing for Film Investors | Steps to Find and Attract Investors

Preparing for Film Investors Preparing for film investors is the single most important step in finding them. Avoid THE # MISTAKE indie filmmakers make when trying to find movie investors and and stand out from your competition by changing the script from asking to offering!

5/17, 1/16

Devouring Venus Step by Step Successful Film Financing

Devouring Venus Movie TrailerHANDS DOWN, The Best Movie Trailer and Film Finance Tips EVER on FilmProposals!!! Want to be a successful Film Writer, Director and Producer? Then read these SOLID GOLD tips from Marty Hardin, who was kind enough to walk us STEP by STEP through how he successfully raised his film financing for Devouring Venus!

Marty - we cannot thank you enough for your generosity in sharing your exact email that helped you raise $25K in film financing. You are bright and witty, extremely talented, humorous and we all wish you the MOST AMAZING SUCCESS with Devouring Venus!!!!!!


[Review] How to Prepare a Professional Investment Package

How to Prepare a Professional Investment Package This is perfect - I have potential investors but I had no idea how to prepare a professional investment package to present to them. (I'm an artiste', not a business person. :) )

The information is clear and easy to understand, and Melissa is very prompt in answering emails.


NEW!!!! Film Budget Template | Details and Top Sheet

Sample Film Budget TemplateOur Film Budget Template will help indie producers estimate their movie production costs. The movie sample budget template is a great starting point to demonstrate film negative costs required for the financial projections and business plans used to secure movie investors.

The Film Budget Worksheet Template is in Excel, fully editable and contains 100s of line items and formulas that can be completely customized to your film production.

More Info: Film Budget Template

03/17, 01/16

10 Keys to Film Financing

10 Keys to Film Finance | Avoid Common Indie Film Financing Mistakes

10 Keys to Film Finance Read what film financing pros have to say! These 10 Keys to Film Finance will help you secure film production financing and avoid common indie film Financing mistakes. Whether you are working with film funding companies or private film financiers, these indie film financing strategies are sure to give you an edge over your competition.

Keep Reading: 10 Keys to Film Finance - Avoid Common Film Financing Mistakes

03/17, 1/16, 7/14, 5/13

[Review] Film Investor Package - GREAT STUFF VERY USEFUL

Film Investor Package This package is very useful. Very educational and saves tons of time researching and building plans and projections from scratch. I would highly recommend this to anyone trying to raise money for an independent film. - Tony

Thanks you, Tony, for taking the time to leave us feedback!!! Check out more Film Investor Package Reviews and see how others have successfully raised their film financing!

03-17, 1-16, 5-14

Horror Film Festivals | List of Scariest Horror Fests

List of Horror Film FestivalsCheck out our list of over 30 Horror Film Festivals, designed to provide more opportunities and exposure for filmmakers, screenwriters and video game developers working within the horror, science fiction and suspense genres. Start planning now for the fall, when most of these festivals take place. More Info: List of Horror Film Festivals

3-15 (sched), 1/14

Latest Posts

Section 181 Federal Income Tax Break Renewed through 2016

How to Attract Film InvestorsGreat news for Indie Filmmakers and your Investors!!!! Section 181, which allows investments in a motion picture shot in the US to be 100% tax deductible for the investor in the same year invested, has just been extended through 2016 and is retro-active for 2015. Telling an investor their investment is 100% tax deductible in the same year...PRICELESS!

How to Attract Film Investors | Ten Things Independent Film Makers Can Do Right Now

01/13, NL,


FREE BONUS - Ten Prominent FilmMakers' BEST Advice

Modern MovieMaker Movement Action Guide The 100 page Modern MovieMaker Movement Action Guide, by Jason Brubaker, founder of, was authored by ten of the most prominent filmmaker thought leaders in the world, including Jon Reiss of the famed book, Think Outside The Box Office.

Get your valuable, no-fluff modern filmmaking information, as well as advice to help you navigate a filmmaking world defined by HDSLR technology and non-discriminatory distribution. Topics include: film finance, crowdfunding, production, film festival promotion, marketing and distribution.

The Modern MovieMaker Movement Action Guide is a FREE GIFT with Purchase of Film Financing Package #3

7-15, 12-13, Sept 2012, August 2011

(Duplicate - see prior)

Film Industry Statistics To Use in Your Movie Business Plan

Film Industry StatisticsFilmProposals scours all reputable industry sources, studies, forecasts and charts to select the best and most current independent film industry information and put them right in our templates and tools.

Knowing these well-respected film industry statistics are sure to gain you credibility with Film Investors. Do you know the projected growth of the Filmed Entertainment Industry through 2018? These are perfect numbers to use in conversation and on paper to show potential film investors you know and understand the film industry. More info: Film Industry Statistics To Use in Your Movie Business Plan.

4/15, 6/13, 3/12, July 2011

JOBS Act and Film Financing | Title IV In Effect Soon

JOBS Act and Film FinancingHow will the new JOBS Act and Film Financing affect your indie film project? Title IV, also known as Regulation A+, passed in March 2015, will be in effect by June. To raise funds, you WILL NEED to provide potential investors some form of a Business Plan and Financial Projections. Read More: JOBS Act and Film Financing

4-15, 09-13

The SEC recently voted in favor of implementing Section 201 (a), which means, filmmakers will now have the opportunity to crowd fund their films via investments, and not just donations.

Independent Film Marketing | Festivals, Markets, Self Distribution

Independent Film MarketingKeep your focus on your film and impress investors with your independent film marketing abilities! After pitching investors, receiving funding, surviving production and completing post-production, your film is finally in the can. The question now is: What Do You Do Next? Find out: Independent Film Marketing

1/15, Needs new template

Film Finance Expertise? Get Paid to Tell Us About it!

Independent Film Investing Think you can write great Film Investing Articles for FilmProposals? FilmProposals is always looking for original and valuable content for other filmmakers. Specifically, we are looking for articles focused on topics such as: Film Financing, Funding Types, Film Investors, Business Plans, Sales Projections and Comparable Film Projections. All you have to do is tell us how YOU raised financing for your films! Get paid to tell us your best tips! More Info: Independent Film Investing Article Writing

1/15, 12/13

How to Make a Movie FREE Mini Course | Film Producing 101

How to Make a Movie FilmCheck out our FREE Movie Making Mini Course. Part I of the How to Make a Movie Mini Course covers Starting in the film business, First time Producer, Know Your Movie Market, How to Build a Film Team, Setting up your Movie Company and how ot create a Business Plan. Read More: How to Make a Movie Mini Course

9-14, 08-13

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Advantis International | Media Buy Film Financing Company

Advantis International company will invest our media inventories in your qualified event, show or movie venture. If you are raising funds for production or P&A funding, Advantis International can provide you with the initial capital requirements to attract additional investors. More Info: Film Financing Funding Company

Film Financing Funding Company


Latest Old Posts

Contents of Film PPM | What Goes In To the Summary of Offering?

Contents of a Film Private Placement Memorandum The Contents of Film Private Placement Memorandum consist of 10 sections. The first section of the document, Summary of the Offering, is the most comprehensive and will be the first impression you make with film investors. Learn more about: Your Film PPM: The Summary of Offering


Film PPM Offering Section | Terms of the Investment and Securities Being Offered

film ppm offering The Investment Section follows the Summary of the Offering and Film Industry sections, and is crucial to securing Film Investors. These final sections of your PPM detail the terms of the offering, as well as distribution of profits. More Info: Investment Section of a Film PPM

8-14, 05-13

Film PPM | Your Movie and the Film Industry

Film PPM Industry Section The next section of your PPM, following the Summary of the Offering, is Your Movie and the Film Industry. This is the creative part of your PPM where you get to impress investors with your story, screenplay, talent and production. More Info: Film PPM | Your Movie and the Film Industry

8/14, 4/13

Online Film School - What Do YOU Think?

Learn Film Making the Same Way as Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie and Will Smith

Online Film School Learn Film Making from the same teacher as Quentin Tarantino, Chris Nolan, Guy Ritchie, Will Smith, Kirk Jones and Paul Brooks.

Dov S-S Simens and The Hollywood Film Institute offer a Two-Day Weekend Film School, At Home DVD School and Streaming Online Film School.

2015 Sold Out -

Whether in person, or online, each covers the same 16 hours of material including * Packaging * Screenwriting * Financing * Budgeting * Scheduling * Casting * Directing * Cinematography * Shooting * Shooting * Editing * Crewing & Vendors * Music-Scoring * Marketing * Distributing * Deal Making * Digital Filmmaking * Awards & Profiting. Dov has several live Film Making schools in the next few months, but if you can't attend one, definitely check into his 16 hour home course! More Info: Ready to launch your Film Making Career?

07-14, 01/13, 9/2011, 2/2011

FREE Film Business Plan and Investor Guide

Film Business Plan and Investor GuideBe the first to check out our brand new Film Business Plan and Investor Guide, exclusively on Amazon! From Friday (5/30) to Tues (6/3) it will be FREE! PLEASE go ahead and download the guide and leave a review!

If you find any of the other reviews helpful, please go ahead and click "yes" next to "Was this review helpful to you?" Here's the link:
It would also be great if you could "share" the page. All the way on the bottom of the far right column (under Free Kindle Reading App) are the share buttons for FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The goal is as much exposure as possible and of course, to provide valuable information to Indie Filmmakers!

If you already have our Film Financing Manual, this is a great way to get an updated version FREE! Because it is exclusive to Amazon, we are not allowed to send it directly.


Redirected - Where are Film Investors?

Film InvestorsFilm Investors do not post their emails online waiting for Independent Filmmakers to contact them. If they did, they would get hundreds of emails per day. However, the more you learn about the film investors, film financing, and how investors think, the more likely you are to find and work with them and their investments. Preparation is key, and you should always be prepared with your offer to investors. You never know who you will meet. DO NOT talk about what YOU want, be ready to tell an investor what THEY WILL GET! How do you do this? More info: Where are Film Investors?

5-14, 01/13

Film Investor Templates | Happy New Year - Save 50% TODAY ONLY!

Film Investor Business Plan TemplatesUse Coupon Code "NYE2013" at checkout and save $50 off Film Finance Package #3.

"The investor templates gave Me Critical Elements Investors Seek and Helped Me Organize. The package provides an important template that helps structure the business element of film making. For the longest time. I stared at the screen that was to be my self developed "business plan" no avail. Then I found your Manual and Template and your software not only gave me the critical elements that any investor might be looking for but also helped me organize the many facets of the process."

More than creating a film "implementation" path, it also helps create a shared vision with other shareholders. Thanks to Mike for taking the time to leave us feedback!!! Check out more Movie Investor Package Reviews and save $50 until 11:59pm TODAY ONLY with coupon code "NYE2013".

Mike Feedback

12-13, Sept 2012, August 2011


How to Make, Market and Sell Your Movie Now

Modern MovieMaker Toolkit This fantastic toolkit, by Jason Brubaker, founder of, provides an overview of the modern filmmaking process, from script to screen. The MovieMaker Toolkit is a FREE GIFT with Purchase of Film Financing Package #3

The MovieMaker Toolkit covers screenwriting, story development, break down, scheduling, budgeting, fundraising, shooting, production, casting, post production, marketing, distribution and so much more!

The ways in which independent movies are made, seen and sold is rapidly changing and this toolkit helps you navigate filmmaking in this modern environment.

Check out our Film Proposals and Financing Manual, Film Financing Excel Template and Film Business Plan Template and get your MovieMaker Toolkit as a FREE GIFT with Purchase of Film Financing Package #3.

The Modern Movie Maker Toolkit is graciously provided by Jason Brubaker of FilmMaking Stuff.

10-2013, 8-2012, 7-2011


Top Picks for Film and Movie Business Plan Books

Our Top Picks for Business Plan Books for Film

Film Financing Producer GuideFilm Proposals top picks for Business Plan Books for Film Funding and Financing, Low Budget, Business Plans and Budgets. See the best books on the market today, written by leading experts.

We have read hundreds of Film Funding books and recommend the following as some of the most helpful books on the market today. More Info: Business Plan Books for Film

7-13, 12-11

Duplicate Film Industry Statistics To Use in Your Movie Business Plan

Film Industry StatisticsKnowing PwC's well-respected film industry statistics are sure to gain you credibility with Film Investors. Do you know the projected growth of the Filmed Entertainment Industry from 2011 to 2015? These are perfect numbers to use in conversation and on paper to show potential film investors you know and understand the film industry. More info: Film Industry Statistics To Use in Your Movie Business Plan.

All relevant PwC research, along with charts and graphs is integrated into our Film Business Plan Template and Film Proposals and Financing Manual. Do you think like an investor and speak their language? Get a huge advantage over other Independent Filmmakers with the best Film Financing Tools available online.

June 2013, March 2012, July 2011

NEW! Professional Business Plan Services

FilmProposals Business Plan Services FilmProposals has officially re-launched our Business Plan Services. It's been a while since we've been able to consult on Business Plans, but we have now partnered with some of the industry's most talented resources and will soon be bringing them to you. Check out our variety of services to suit all budgets, from Do It Yourself to Full Service.

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Indies Up 41.8 Percent at Mid-Year

What a great headline! The North American box office for independent films from January to June 2012 is $2.2 billion, 42 percent of the $5.2 billion total box office. It also is 41.8 percent higher than the indie box office of the same period last year. In comparison, the total box office is up only six percent. A big factor in the independent increase is one movie ― The Hunger Games. As of June 30th, that film had earned $403.6 million. Even without Games, however, the box office still would be up 15.8 percent which is a big improved over midyear 2011 when it was down 7.1 percent. Read More at: Indies Up 41.8 Percent at Mid-Year



F.A.I.T.H Productions Seeks Investing Partner and ScreenPlays

Faith Productions F.A.I.T.H. Productions, Inc. seeking Investor or Filmmaker and guarantees an ROI of $100,000, plus their $200,000 back immediately upon closing. Additionally, F.A.I.T.H. Productions is seeking drama-based screenplays and offering screenwriters receive a $5,000 amount as a payment for the rights of the screenplay. LIONSGATE Distribution Company has requested to view any movie produced by Faith Diggs/F.A.I.T.H. Productions, Inc. More Info: Screenplays and Film Investors Wanted


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Film Coupons | Movie Red Carpet Events, Television Launches, Cameras, Software, Financing

There are dozens of industry film coupons, steals and deals around the globe. Recent film industry discounts have included complimentary tickets to a Hollywood red carpet premiere, cheap tickets to a NYC TV series premiere, half off movie and theater tickets, half off "Working as a Film Extra" Book, over 60% off Movie Magic Scheduling software, camera and electronics discounts and dozens more.

Film Coupons Industry Deal


Investors Fill Film Funding Gap | Film Investing Article

"In volatile markets, everybody is looking for strong returns that are uncorrelated to other investments. Films, which usually do well when times are hard as people turn to movies for cheap escapism, could fall into this category." Read more about Film Investments from the Wall Street Journal and REALLY learn how to communicate with Film Investors

Investors Fill Film Funding Gap

May 2011, Dec 2011

(10/2013) In the face of structural challenges and declining revenues, and after careful and extensive deliberation, the Board of Directors has voted unanimously to cease all programmatic operations at the national office, effective immediately.

Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media Film Grant

Paul Robeson Film GrantThe Paul Robeson Grant solicits projects of all genres that address critical social and political issues, combine intellectual clarity with creative use of the medium and demonstrate understanding of how the production will be used for progressive social justice organizing. Find out how you can win up to $20,000 in film grant money.


Film Financing Training Class | Intensive Movie Finance Bootcamp

Film Financing Training ClassCheck this AMAZING Film Financing Training Class targeted towards Independent Film makers who would like to gain a thorough understanding of all their film financing options. If you've been putting off your Indepdendent Film and are ready to take control of your destiny in 2011, then this Film Financing Training Class, led by Indie Film guru, Stacey Parks, of Film Specific is for you!

Hi Tim: This is a great question! While we don't specialize in TV, we have had a few customers who have successfully adapted our Film Financial Projections for TV Execs. However, these were TV industry folks, not someone totally new to the game. For example, read what "TV Producer now Consultant" had to say about using our Business Plan Tools. I will email him and see if he is available to help you.

Others - have YOU pitched a TV Show? Tell us how you did it and what we can do to help other aspiring TV Show Writers.

12/13: Granting suspended until further notice.

The Global Film Initiative Film Grants

Global Film Initiative Film Grants Global Film Initiative production film grants are awarded twice a year to filmmakers whose work exhibits artistic excellence, authentic self-representation and accomplished storytelling.

The Initiative awards 10-20 grants of up to $10,000 per year. The Global Film Initiative accepts grant applications from countries in the following regions: Latin America, the Caribbean (excluding Cuba), Africa, the Middle East (excluding Iran), Asia (excluding Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan), and Oceania (excluding Australia and New Zealand). More information on The Global Film Iniative Film Grants.

Austin Film Society Film Grants

Austin Film Society Film GrantsThe Austin Film Society 2010 Texas Filmmakers’ Production Fund (TFPF) and Travel Grant programs gave away a total of $111,000 in cash and goods and services to 33 projects from emerging Texas filmmakers. We award grants once a year to emerging film and video artists in the state of Texas through our Texas Filmmakers' Production Fund. Read more about Austin, Texas Film Grants.


Movie Making 101 | FREE 21 Part Movie Maker Mini-Course

21 Part Movie Maker Mini-Course The Filmmaking Stuff 21 Lesson Mini Course is ideal if you're new to filmmaking. These 21 lessons are packed full of “gee, I wish I knew then what I know now” tips designed to help advance your filmmaking career.

The 21 Lessons Include:
Get Powerful, Build a Reputation, Learn To Build Rapport, Production Company, How To Network, Meet Rich People, Your Screenplay, Make Some Short Films, Break Down and Schedule, Cut Your Budget, Create a Plan B, Get The Money, Get The Money Part 2, Schedule Your Movie, Hollywood Publicity, Local Publicity, Production Part 1, Production Part 2, Edit Your Movie, Film Festivals, Distribution

The 21 Part Movie Maker Mini-Course is a FREE GIFT with Purchase of Film Financing Package #3 and is graciously provided by Jason Brubaker of FilmMaking Stuff.

October 2012, August 2011

Movie Cents Newsletter | Film Financing Companies, Investors, Investing and Proposals

Movie Cents Film NewsletterFilmProposals Film Financing Newsletter contains the latest on Movie Making Tips, Film Investors, Film Grants, Film Financing Companies, Investors seeking film projects, Financing Questions and Film Services.

October has new Film Investors, Grants, Contests and an amazing Film Showcase built by your peers.

Check out October Movie Cents

Film Maker Tools

Film Money

Film Resources

Your Film Pitch


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as with any business investment, you want to see a well-conceived marketing and distribution plan that makes sense and isn't built on hope.
-The Wall Street Journalquoted text

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Film Financing

As it turned out, the business plan WAS the hardest thing I've ever done, but with the tools in the package, it made it much less stressful and the more I got into it, I thought to myself - YES!!! - thank god someone knows what they're doing...quoted text

the early feedback from the "suits" in this project is that I've presented a clear yet compact overview of the prospects.

-TV Producer quoted text

I had no idea it was feasible to get a handle on film finance myself and was really inspired to see that I don't have to be a writer hawking scripts until I die, I could actually make the filmquoted text
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Film Financing Manual, Financial Projections and Business Plan Template


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  • MPAA 2010 Report

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