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Find Film Investors
Film Investors do exist! Find out where they are and exactly what they want to hear from you.

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Movie Cents brings you information on Film Financing news, Film Making Tips, Monthly Specials, Film Contests and Prizes, Film Investors and our Independent Film of the Month. Subscribe free and receive a Business Plan Checklist as our gift.

Free Film Downloads and Samples
Many free film tools and samples exist across the internet and here is a great starter list for the Independent Filmmaker.

Indie Film Distributors
Indie film distributors look for one thing only when they evaluate Indie Films - "Will this film be profitable for us?"

How to Make a Movie
Our 15 minute program provides you the basics on How to Make a Movie. We've condensed the nuts and bolts for you and provided some of the best material on how to make your first film.

Independent Film Discussion Forum
Welcome to the Independent Film Discussion Forum for your Film Making questions, Movie Making Tips, Film Investors, Film Grants, Equipment Discussions, Financing Questions and Film Services.

Online Film School
Online Film School is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to learn the basics of film making. As a film maker, you have numerous education options. Make sure to get the Online Film School facts.

Independent Film Proposal and Financing Manual
Learn how to write a business plan, the definition of a business plan and creative ways to finance your film. Pair this Manual with our Financial Template and Business Plan Template for the ultimate Movie Making package.

Film Financial Projections Template
Show film investors why they should fund your movie with our Financial Template. Analyze your film, movie production costs and add financials directly into your Business Plan for Independent Film.

Business Plan Template for Independent Film
Our Business Plan Template is fully formatted with eight chapters and twenty three pages of sample text. Easily use this business plan example and customize it to your project.

Film Grants
The huge advantage to film grants is you do not have to reimburse the funds, unlike investors, who require their money back, plus a return on their investment.

Showcase Your Free Movie Trailer
Join our Independent Film Showcase and develop an online presence for your film in a few minutes - for FREE!!! Show the world your Independent Film and impress potential investors with more than just your logline.

Recommended Film Financing and Business Plan Guides
See FilmProposals top picks for Business Plan Books for Film. Film Funding and Financing, Low Budget, Business Plans and Budgets. See the best books on the market today, written by leading experts.

Best Independent Film Websites
FilmProposals top picks for the best Film Websites and Resources to help you find Investors for your Independent Movie, Film Financing Companies and Independent Film Funding.

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I had no idea it was feasible to get a handle on film finance myself and was really inspired to see that I don't have to be a writer hawking scripts until I die, I could actually make the film.quoted text

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Subscribe to Movie Cents and receive a Business Plan Checklist.


Film Proposals and Financing Manual
Film Financing


Film Financial Projections Template
Film Financial
Projections Template


Business Plan Template Film
Film Business Plan

Tools to Help You Make
Your Film today!

Film Financing Producer Guide
Finance Your Movie
Action Pack

Screenwriting Independent Film Guide
Indie Producer’s Guide
To Writing Movie
Scripts That Sell

Independent Film Distribution Guide
Indie Producer’s
Guide to Digital Self Distribution

Indie Film Distribution Kit

Indie Film Distribution Kit

Film Distribution Kit

Indie Film Self Distribution Starter Kit

Self Distribution
Starter Kit

Screenwriting, Creative Writing, Scripts, Movie Making & Filmmaking

Screenwriting, Creative Writing, Scripts, Movie Making & Filmmaking