Film Production Companies

Budget, Location, Music, Producers

This business showcase is closed. Please see Indie Filmmaker Tips to write an article for FilmProposals.

If you are involved in any Film Production Companies, or any services that go into the production of a film, here is the place to tell us about your services. If you are a Musician, Producer, Director, Grip, Visual Effects Artist, Actor, Casting Director, Agent, Animation House, Distribution, Equipment Sales or Rental or any other service relating to film production, please promote your services here.

Film Production Companies

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Film Production Budget Companies - Quality, custom film budget and schedule for your investors

Quick Film Budget

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Film Location Agency

UK Film Locations Agency

Film Production Companies in Sri Lanka

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Film Producers and Film Makers

Feature film maker...

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Independent Film Screenwriter

Independent TV and Film Screenwriter

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Independent Film Music and Musicians

DJ Consortium--Music Licensing--Indie Artists for Indie Films 

Independent Film Musician

Auralation Film and Television Production Music Library

Songs/music for film

Independent Film Composer, Musician, and engineer

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Other Film Production Companies

Federal and State Tax Incentives, Legal, Finance, and Marketing Services

Film Interactor Crowd Funding Platform for Independent Films

P.A. Juice - The Industry's #1 Source for On-Set Entertainment!

Pitch Partners - We help to pimp your pitch

Playkast Talent Showcase for Top Brands

Remi Lace Wigs- Wholesale Lace Wig Supplier

Starr Studios Custom Signs

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This business showcase is closed. Please see Indie Filmmaker Tips to write an article for FilmProposals.

Tell us what you offer to Independent Film Production Companies, and have your customers rate and comment on your product or service. Coming soon, we will break up the Film Production Companies into several categories, but for now, please post and we'll do the rest.

How to Post Film Production Companies
All Steps Below are Mandatory

  1. Add your Title, such as "Independent Film Musician"
  2. Tell us about your work. Describe the service you offer film makers, how long you have been in business, your contact information, especially your website information or email, rates and anything else you would like to tell Film Makers about your service. You may add video to your submission if you want, and must embed your video in the submission. You can get your code from YouTube or Free Video Coding.
  3. Upload a Photo, such as your logo or a picture of you and a Caption for your photo, which can be the same as your Title.
  4. Add your name and location
  5. Check the box to agree to the submission guidelines and on the NEXT page, make sure to add your email and update the notifications and be alerted when someone comments on your page.

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