A Neighborhood Story | Independent Film Pitch

by jimmy gencarelli
(New York City)

A Neighborhood Story | Independent Film Pitch

A Neighborhood Story | Independent Film Pitch

This is a true story about an Italian neighborhood on the lower east side of Manhattan in New York City between the years 1960 and 1990. The local baseball team was called "The Two Bridges", because of it's location between The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. Old world traditions and customs dictated the lives of the neighborhood's residents.

People lived and died by the unwritten rules and codes which weaved together personalities of the good, the bad and the evil. Without question, this neighborhood is controlled by mob boss Big Joey Bertelli and his family. Big Joey rules with a tough but fair iron fist. At the seedy tavern, "Soft Touch", Johnny Irish enters and immediately begins insulting the bar patrons. Johnny is an ex-con and loose cannon with no love for Italians whatsoever. His crude behavior escalates as he attempts to extort money from the bar's owner, Charlie the Wop. Johnny gazes into the jukebox and turns his rant against Italian music. In mid sentence he is silenced by the exploding gun shot at his temple. Tommy runs from the bar as Johnny's body lay dead on the floor.

Tommy is a man who has lived in the neighborhood his entire life. He is starving for the attention and approval from the local "made men". The killing of Johnny Irish is yet another attempt for approval from Big Joey and his son Little Joey. However, Tommy will never be inducted into Big Joey's crew or any other Mafia family. The whole neighborhood knows Tommy's open secret; he is an unpredictable drug user. Occasionally, Big Joey uses Tommy for hits and "loans"out his talent for dirty work in the neighborhood. Tommy obliges in hopes one day to be a full fledged wise guy .

Little Tony is a neighborhood club owner. He is Big Joey's top lieutenant and has a reputation for killing with no remorse. Tony orders Tommy to whack a wannabe tough guy named Crazy Ralph. Local club and bar patrons are being intimidated and harassed by the drunken Ralph constantly. After repeated warnings to stop had been ignored, Ralph has to go now. One night Ralph staggers outside a club walking to his car and Tommy ends his life with a gun shot to his temple.

Tommy tries to hide his drug use but he's not fooling anyone. His girlfriend, Lucy, is a nice Italian girl from the neighborhood. They often quarrel about his tardiness and irresponsible actions. She knows when Big Joey summons Tommy, all promises are broken and Tommy disappears. Lately, most of Tommy's energy is spent trying to hide his obvious drug problem from the wise guys. One night after drinking and drugging, Tommy is gunned down not far from the bar where he took the life of Johnny Irish. Ironically, it's Johnny's brother who permanently "retires" Tommy.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood is becoming a hot spot on the FBI's radar. An independent gangster named Jimmy Ice and his crew of rebels have been causing a lot of headaches for Big Joey by attracting law enforcement's attention. Jimmy's brazen stick ups and "Lone Ranger" antics have angered the local mob boss to no end. On behalf of his father, Little Joey warns Jimmy Ice to knock off his careless behavior - or else. Jimmy ignores the warning and continues to irritate Big Joey with his crew of thieves and strong arms. Tension rises and Jimmy hits his breaking point. Jimmy Ice shoots Big Joey several times and starts a chain of events no one expects.

A Neighborhood Story (Between Two Bridges)

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