Association Africaura Productions Film Production company

(Yaounde Cameroon Central africa)

Association Africaura Productions Film Production

Association Africaura Productions Film Production

My name is Joseph Danjie and I am a cameraman. I have been working with Cameroon Radio Television Corporation (CRTV) since 1986. I have experience in the production of documentaries, video films, video clips, documentary magazines, etc., as director and director of photography in many productions.
My current endeavor is an audio-visual project entitled “AfricAura, The African Way.” We intend to produce a pan-African television series of high quality that will explore the depths of African culture as a basis for deeprooted development. It will be a contribution to the reflection on poverty reduction in Africa in the face of the challenges of on-going globalization and a reconstruction of permanent values of the African memory that could serve as a base for the elaboration of an ideal progress in harmony with rooted African aspirations.
When completed, this television series will be included in the programs of URTNA (Union des Radios et Televisions National d’Afrique) who will broadcast to millions of tele-viewers, mainly (but not exclusively) in Africa. We do not yet have a partner for the rest of the world.
The pamphlet presenting the storyline & the synopsis is already available
Contact :
tel +237 77 56 51 14

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