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by Stephen Ndunaka
(Lagos, Lagos State. Nigeria )



Greetings to your organization from Children Need Peace Campaigners in Lagos -Nigeria. We appreciate greatly your commitments and concern in dedicating your organization to funding independent film.

My name is Stephen Ndunaka from Lagos State Nigeria. I am the chief co-ordinator of Children need peace campaigners and also the writer of the film titled: Children Need Peace.

The film is a feature length film which would be in the amount of $3.5m (Three Million, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) We have the intention to finally raise the above mentioned amount by march 2010 and start film production by may 2010.

We shall be highly grateful when this request is favorably considered. We shall be glad to physically shake hands with your organization representative who will monitor the film production both overseas and in Nigeria.

We hope to work in collaborative partnership with your esteemed organization

Stephen Chukwuma Ndunaka (Chief Co-ordinator)
Children Need peace Campaigners
Mobile: 0709-046-7199 0805-337-0797, 01-6566291
Note: Website still under construction. Will be ready soon

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Mar 11, 2011
African Children Indeed Need Peace
by: Anonymous

Steve, with the current news of wars in Africa, What shall our African Children do? Can something be done by African Children to challenge the excesses of war lords in Africa? I think this is the right time for your CHILDREN NEED PEACE Independent Film must be made available on screen for the United Nation and other PEACE MAKERS TO SEE.


Nov 18, 2010
Nigerian Political Class Planning Another War
by: Anonymous

Steve, as you can see Nigerian political class are planning to start another War. What is happening to your CHILDREN NEED PEACE Independent Film?

Mar 01, 2010
Dangers Of War
by: Anonymous

Since the end of the second world war in 1945, hardly a day passes when gun did not boom or bomb did not blast in almost all Nations of Africa. Africa are packed with the history of wars. War in Angola , war in Bosnia, war in Burundi, war in Cameroon, war in Corte de vour, war in Congo, war in Ethiopia/Eritrea, war in Liberia, war in Mozambique, war in Namibia, Nigerian-Biafran War, war in Rwanda, war in Sierra Leone, war in Somalia, war in South Africa, war in Sudan just to mention but a few.

Millions of African peoples have been either killed or maimed as a result of these wars. From time to time African people are threatened, shaken, turn apart and plunge into devastation by evil, desperate , instigators, perpetrators, and promoters of war for their selfish purposes.War sometimes do not kill these diabolic war lords, but innocent members of our society. War is an expensive and useless venture. It is the greatest plague that can afflict and annihilate humanity.

War destroys life, War destroys family, War destroys liberty of religion, War destroys society; War can totally destroy a Nation. The effect of war on people, particularly children affects their character, some best quality inherent in them.

These qualities could be faith to grow and exist in a peaceful society; Love for humanity void of religion, political and racial discrimination;, kindness towards people and capacity for sympathy in understanding and helping others. War is a social evil. It is a scourge bringing nothing but misery and regrets.

In 1982, (ten year old) Samantha Smith wrote a letter to Soviet President Yuri Andropov asking the simple question: "Are you going to have a war or not?" These words changed history. Samantha went on to tour the Soviet Union and helped end the Cold War. What is the root of war? Nigerian Children need peace at this time of our political crisis. Nigerian Political Leader beware of onother war!!!

Jan 01, 2010
About 160 million Nigerians need this film.
by: Anonymous

Your idea of Children Need Peace film project would be innovative in the communities where-in you shall engage yourself for the Children Need Peace Campaign Project.

Since Nigerian mass media seldom utilizes journalistic ingenuity of children to campaign against violent conflicts, Children Need Peace film will just do that within this period of amnesty program given to the Niger Delta Militants by the Federal Rebublic of Nigera.

We do not need another civil war in Nigeria.

Anonymous, Abuja Nigeria

Jan 01, 2010
Wish you luck in your Fund raising.
by: Anonymous

Your Children Need Peace film Project is an outreach children journalism against terrorism, armed conflict and War in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

I trust it would improve the way news and information are delivered to geographic communities in Nigeria, because your Child Journalist for Peace shall educate a Nigerian Child on the disadvantages and dangers of terrorism, armed conflict and War in a democratic society such as Nigeria.

Wish you luck in your Fund raising steve.

Anonymous, Ghana West Africa

Dec 30, 2009
I love to watch this film soon
by: Pastor Ozioma

According to your statement on your website that Children dreams of a better future are always destroyed after an encounter with anarchy, I believe your film Children Need Peace will create a long term impact for the promotion and propagation of the gospel and culture of peace not only in Nigeria but Africa at large.

I love to watch this film as soon as possible. Steve, go ahead and tell the world the gruesome experiences you had as a child victim of the Nigerian civil war in a movie. I am praying for you.

Pastor Ozioma

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