by Avion Anderson
(Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago)

Crystal's Palace Resort

Crystal's Palace Resort

“Crystal’s Palace” is a half hour television family drama series that focuses on the personal and professional trials and tribulations faced by the Richardson family and their staff at their ever-popular family-owned and oriented resort hotel “Crystal Palace” – as they work effortlessly together in catering and making each and everyone of their weekly guests, feel safe, comfortable and stay as memorable as possible, that would make them all want to come back and tell others to come – which on numerous occasions is highly impossible;

as they confront numerous challenges; including natural disasters, staffing shortages, rodents infestations – to handling those out-of-control and outrageous bridal party and their family and friends; and some non-presidential local, regional and international superstars and their adoring fans (who will go to any length to meet their idol) and even the politicians; and some suicidal and homicidal guests (who tend to send the hotel personnel’s and other guests into a frenzy); to those party-crazed teenagers and young adults (who are all about having a grand time) and those over-the-top and fun-loving individuals, groups and guests – whose stories are as scandalous and frightening, as well as picture perfect and humorous – while at the same time teaching the next generation of hospitality workers and also learn to handle the demands and responsibilities that comes with family life and work – to dealing with their otherwise confusing and mind-boggling personal affairs; and even coping with each other; which makes working at the hotel and life, in general, both frightening and rewarding, altogether.

The cool image they project to their family-oriented clientele is not altogether legitimate. The problems or issues this diverse group faces on a daily basis must be forgotten when they arrive for work – the smile must stay on.

Crystal’s Palace is where they work, the commonalty between them, but this is the story about their dreams, their relationships, their trials, and their pains – their lives.

Crystal Paris-Parks (20), is one of our central characters. She is the prodigal child of the Richardson family. She is the act tough, plays rough, would knock anyone lights out, but can still pull it off as a lady. She returns home to the land of her birth, Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago and to Crystal’s Palace to take up her rightful place as joint owner of the resort hotel (having inherited the fifty percent share and interest of the hotel from her late mother Gale Richardson-Paris-Parks – who was fatally shot dead in a crossfire between police and rival gangs, which also took the lives of her brother Kaylon Paris-Parks and his fiancée Danielle Brown) and run the hotel to her own liken and does not care what anybody else say to make her do otherwise and raise her now orphaned twins two years old niece Kayla and nephew Kaylon Jr (Kaylon and Danielle kids).

The other characters whose lives presently intersect through Crystal’s Palace are; Janette Richardson (48), Nathaniel “Nathan” Richardson (27), Nathalie Richardson (24), Jerome Richardson Junior also called “J.J” (17), Katrina Romano-Garrison (26), Scott Thad Garrison (27), Jason Romano (25) and Jessica Richards (27).

All the characters live in Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago. Crystal, Kayla, Kaylon, Nathalie, Nathaniel, Jerome and Jessica and a few of the other staffs live in an annexed building of the resort hotel. Janette resides in an executive suite of the hotel. Jason resides in the upstairs apartment of the dive shop, which is located at the hotel. Scott and Katrina live in a townhouse in close proximity to the hotel.

I have completed the Proposal/Bible for Crystal Palace - Television Drama Series, and I am currently rewriting the pilot script and two other scripts to be send for development.

I am seeking a loan of $10,000.00 for the Scriptwriting Development Project of at least the first twelve series of Crystal Palace.

For more information or to request the proposal and pilot script. I can be contacted at:
Avion Anderson (Ms.)
Suite 295B, Windward Main Road
Betsy's Hope, Roxborough
Website addresses: or

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