Da LER$ Independent Film Pitch

by Brandon Tatum Glass
(Murrieta, CA, Los Angeles)

Brandon Tatum Glass

Brandon Tatum Glass

It’s “TRUE ROMANCE” meets “GODFATHER” in this coming of age Drama. Young “Brandon Washington” is a choir boy high school senior who meets “Kinaya,” an older woman who finds a seductive interest in him.

Events intensify as Brandon discovers there is a bigger difference between them than just age: Kinaya happens to be the boss of the biggest organized gang syndicate in the city, maybe even the world. When Kinaya introduces her new young friend to the crime family, they take Brandon under their wings, showing him the luxurious side of organized crime. Brandon, being the only surviving relative of his elderly grandmother, struggles with the fact that he hardly has any family ties; because of this, he finds a bit of serenity and comfort in the bond this unlikely crime family offers him. Brandon's Intrigue is soon met by Influence, as this Impressionable young man slowly transforms from a choir boy to Al Capone; however, the luxury is later combined with an equal amount of violence, as the inevitably evil side of organized crime raises its ugly head. Brandon forces himself to stick with it... as his love for Kinaya grows, so does the love for his new found family. In addition, the lure of the lifestyle itself has become addictive.

As the pressure builds, Brandon’s life eventually spins out of control, because he simply has way too much on his plate for someone his age. The one thing he holds onto for dear life is his undying love for Kinaya and his grandmother. Kinaya is so overwhelmed by Brandon’s love and devotion for her, that it causes her to want to do something she never thought she would, which is to get out of the game. The two just want to get married and have a good, God-fearing relationship for the rest of their lives.

Now, the Bonnie-and-Clyde-like duo have a plan: to only do deals with high pay offs, so that they can be set for life on their way out, as well as set the family in a better position as Kinaya leaves her throne. But with high pay comes high stakes. Their road to the altar becomes one of even more violence, betrayal, and a whole lot of quick growing up for young Brandon. Brandon’s last feat to prove himself worthy of marrying Kinaya is to keep her and himself alive long enough to do it when the two complete this task.

The only question is: Can they be satisfied leaving behind such an addictive, luxurious, fast-paced lifestyle?

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How I feel the film should be cast is; first I want the film to be an all SAG film. Therefore, I would like to pitch A class actors an actress for the leading roles of Kinaya and Brandon that I think fits their characters. The idea actress that I see for Kinaya is, African American, beautiful, petite, 4’11 to 5’2 in height, very bossy, street an book smart, sophisticated and short temped. For Brandon, a young African American Teen, that can sing like an angel, Light skin, about 5’9-10 in height, medium build, innocent that can quickly change into a beast, with zero tolerance of BS.
After establishing The (A) class actors and actress, I would then hold auditions for all other roles for SAG members only, in a private location in Los Angeles CA,
With breaking down this film in micro-details, the expected budget is $27 million. This entails: insurance, paying all actors, all locations, props, wardrobe, make up, music, camera/crew/edit, photographer, craft/ catering service, trailers, and rap gathering for all talent and there families.
I strongly feel that this film will be marketed as a rated R suspenseful/action motion picture making it to Box office.
This film Da’LER$, resembles to BOYZ n THE HOOD, but on a more sophisticated and boss type level. Boyz n the hood was a west coast film that was produced in 1990 and made box office and did really good. Da’LER$ is based off the new west coast, something ideally to American Gangsta, which this film was imagined to be how Mafia’s are ran on the east coast. Da’LERS$ rep’s the New west coast street hustling in a more organized a sophisticated way, ran by a woman, (never seen in movies) always a male runs the Mafia. It’s time for the west coast to have another film.

Brandon Glass
DA’ L.E.R.$

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Nov 17, 2010
by: Kinaya

This movie reads like its going to box office and can't wait to see the trialer during the commercial break....

Nov 17, 2010
by: Tatum Glass


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