Daughters of Pharaoh Independent Film


Vincent Ochen

Vincent Ochen

Antiqity, Vast and richly textured, cloaks the land of Egypt. In the dimness of history 4,000 years ago with the advent of the fifth dynasty, came the scent of trouble.

First there were signs of religious problems: previous to the earlier dynasties the king had been god, a full equal to the other gods; now he was still a god, but to the carnate son of the sun god, Re. As Re –and the priests that served him-rose in importance, the power of the god –king diminished. There were signs of economic problems: Egypt had paid no small price to build the pyramids, and now they were costly to maintain. There were signs of political difficulties: the pharaoh’s officials, the nobles who served as district governors, became important figures in their right and a threat to his omnipotence.

This combination of strains grew during the reign of Pharaoh Misaphris, when he was killed by his own half brother, centralized rule died with him and peace and prosperity gave way to disorder and hardship. Pharaoh Misaphris’ daughters were chased, meant to be destroyed along with their loyal servants, but they run to Upper Egypt and began a guerrilla war, not to be undone, the leaders in Egypt sent thousand of soldiers into Sesebi territory to quench the rebellion. With the advent of total war, the organization necessary for keeping the Nile harnessed broke down; crops suffered and shortages of food, and disease plagued Upper Egypt.

The district governors, who had grown in strength during Misaphris rule, now curved out petty principalities for themselves and quarrelled with one another. The old Kingdom disintegrated, and Egypt entered upon the First intermediate Period, an unstable feudal age. Only through the resilience of pharaoh’s warlike daughters was order restored.

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