Ehsaan Independent Bollywood Film

by Vishwaraja

Ehsaan(some one is seeing u somewere)

Ehsaan(some one is seeing u somewere)

Ehsaan(some one is seeing u somewere), is about a journalist trying to make a film based on a real incident with the help of a master. the master and journalist are seen only in a scene. the real incident is-A boy is coming to join the school.

Head master is having conversation with him. The boy says that his parents are from different religion- Hindu and Muslim. Head master ask about his religion. He says he don't have religion. And when he becomes mature he will study all religion and choose one among them.

Now the religious fraternity in kerala says that, this chapter is anti-religious and creating mass protest. Christian pontiffs, Islamic imams, prominent Hindu sect are all creating chaos regarding this issue. They say the government's attempt is to teach kids socialism and debar the religion, thus there wont be any religion for the future generations, so govt has vested interests. The political groups like-Congress and BJP has also joined the issue and making huge rallies in protest against communist government.

In this row an innocent school teacher lost his life. When she discuss this issue with master, master advice her that, everything happening here is due to ignorance. he try to make her understand who is a devotee as per hindu/christian/musilm teachings. in the end he concludes that, a real devotee is hard to become and not by birth but by deeds he gets devotee qualification.


Actually the film is not about the journalistic discussion.. i will try to explain a little more for ur understanding..
samira is a successful journalist and new reporter in a reputed channel and she is trying to make a project (which can be short film or documentary) about the religious chaos and the sad plight of a school master who has lost his life in the row. She don't know much about the religious intricacy so decide to seek help of her friend and learned spiritual master. the master agree to help her with condition that his name should not be appeared any where. she agrees it and shoot their conversions in video camera and the conversation starts.. am not showing any of the conversation except a starting.. this is the starting scene of this film with a duration of 10 min to the maximum. after that the titles of the film will be shown. after that fresh film starts with narration in man's voice and sublime images to support that narration. the narrations are the points we are discussing in this film (or the 15 short films)

1. Real incident and journalist trying to make a story out of it with the help of a master

2. Concept of vested intrest and percepations of belivers towards other religion

3. What is the qualification of being a devotee? or how to differentiate believer and unbeliever?

4. Who do more harm to religions?

5. The role of education in schools and colleges and how can it shape your religious life?(becuase all raw happens due to the issue of kids teaching religion

from the school level)

6. Are our education systems unique enough?

7. How to overcome ignorance which is groping u and ur family and society? what was the way of wise when such issues was raised at their time?

8. What is faith?

9. Learning stages before becoming a devotee

10. The role of debates in god's creation

11. How religons surpassed centuries? was it with help of religious leaders and teachers in the world?

12. The message that you can derive from this relgious chaos?

13. On what basis one kill others who does not belong to the religion you represent?

14. Who protects religion?

15. How can one be a real devotee? and what is the diffrence between a devotee and an aspirant?

These are crucial issues we are discussing in this film.. and each questions can be treated independently or in the light of the religious issue of the text book that rocked kerala. that is how all these short films are intertwined. the treatment of the film will be like this. first there will be narration and sublime visuals explaining about these concept. then we shown a short film that is based on this concept... after that next concepts sublime visuals and narration starts after that next short films starts... in the end we say that, this film was the ouput of samira(or the film she made)after discussing with the master. so there wont be the master and samira discussion and we have to imagine that the narrations explained here was of master.. the master is also quoting sacred text of vedas/bible/quran to substantiate those great concepts. these quations are also showed with sublime visuals. in short i can summrize the film into 3 parts.

1. Where you stand as per religious norms
2. Where should you stand as per religious norms
3. How to learn and become a real devotee in your own religion

So through this film i am saying that devotee is not a talking machine, its the process of being and becoming. and there is no need to change religions for knowing the truth, just study your own religion deeply. the whole issue of religious chaos (by any religious leaders)is due to ignorance.

Other Specifications:

The duration will be nearly 90 min..

Original Language is English and if necessary it can be filmed in Hindi too..

There is no need of glamorized actors/actress in this film, it needs only behavior and they wont have a lengthy roles too, becuase this film is 15 short films intertwined, so an actor or actress wont have roles more than 10 min.

There will be at least 25- 30 days of shooting..

Regarding budget i think it will come atleast 2/3 crores(500,000- 600,000us$),

I am planning to shoot it in 3 locations.. in Kerala, outside Kerala (like varansi and rajasthan) and final location in UAE(like fujira/rasal kaima/ummal quyam) there are lot scence that have sublime visuals so thats why i choose UAE which has a special natural light as we shot one documentary there before..

You can either mail me or call me in my mobile numbers, if you are interested to invest/produce this project
0091-9037-325835 or


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