A man overcomes deep depression and finds love while preparing for and participating in the intense action of a two day, 200 mile, extreme long distance horse endurance race.


In 1977, FRANK MOSETTE JR nine years old, and brother JOE, seven years old, horse race on the ranch's many trails against an arrogant and rich family's son WARREN SMITHERS and others.  FLO SUTTON, seven years old roots for Joe.  Joe leads the spectacular race until his horse spooks at the finish line.  Joe flies and lands on his back out cold.
Twenty years later, Joe and SARAH, his wife, maintain a successful horse endurance-training ranch at the old homestead.  The couple challenges Warren, now a wealthy logger, to race in the 'FIGURE OF EIGHT, TWO HUNDRED MILE, TWO DAY ENDURANCE HORSE RACE'.  If Joe or Sarah beat Warren he will never log the land.  If Warren wins he gets to clear-cut the entire area.

 Sarah works SIROCCO on the timbered, mountainous trail where off road vehicles are prohibited.  Her horse spooks at a four-wheeler driven by Warren who could care less that his actions caused her to be thrown off and die.
Now citified Frank Jr. returns to aid his despondent brother and soon Flo returns after Veterinarian school graduation.  She encourages Joe to honor his commitment to race Warren and Joe agrees.
Flo, Joe and Frank Jr. travel to the northwest and are startled by the enormous size of this spectacle of international participants.  Our trio with their HELPERS is camped adjacent Warren's campsite with his HELPERS.
The night before the race, the participants are presented to the audience filled bleachers and each group does a special performance specifically showing off their native land; America?s wild west, Ireland?s Leprechauns, Spanish Renaissance Bolero, Saudi Arabian robed elegance and others.
Horses and international riders race in the wondrous mountains, valleys, timber and rivers of the first half of the FIGURE OF EIGHT endurance race.  Some horses and riders withdraw due to physical injuries, gear troubles or Warren?s many evil deeds.
VIDEO CAMERAS and CREWS record action shots to be shown on the TV screens throughout the campgrounds and veterinarian check points!
Near the end of the second day, Warren's horse misses its footing and Warren flies of his horse. Warren is able to hang onto a small bush rooted in a boulder overhang.  Joe and FADI the Arabian aristocrat cease their race rivalry to save Warren's life.  A CAMERAPERSON captures all their efforts on video but ungrateful Warren immediately remounts and races to win.
Fadi and Joe re-mount, then race to the finish line in a dead run to the wire.  Joe wins by a neck, Fadi is second and Warren is third but he is immediately arrested for his past evil deeds resulting in the death of Sarah.
Everyone celebrates and Flo and Joe are now more than just lifelong dear friends.

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are planning to produce a feature film in the summer of 2010 in the Pacific Northwest.

FIGURE OF EIGHT the motion picture is about horse endurance racing ; the people/horses and their lives. It will be shot on location with the most spectacular views in mind. A five million dollar budget and A-list actors will provide for a theatrical release quality film. Other markets are DVD releases and television worldwide.

FIGURE OF EIGHT the movie / Screenplay by Dennis Goldberg


please visit us at :
Thank you for your interest



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Sep 15, 2010
Time for quality films
by: Anonymous

No more blood, no more slicing and dicing. This film is for the whole family to enjoy. Back to nature and appreciating its beauty. Ansel Adams on steroids with spectacular vistas and action.
Horse lovers and Drama/Action fans will be thrilled and look at life in a different way. The Pacific Northwest locations will take your breath away and put you in the saddle. Cable cam?s viewpoint will make you fly through the terrain in a way never been seen before.
Please go to

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