Film Financing Townhall: 3 Indie Financiers, 3 Finance Lawyers & 1 Top Screenwriter

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Film Financing Townhall: 3 Indie Financiers, 3 Finance Lawyers & 1 Top Screenwriter

by Institute for International Film Financing
(Los Angeles, CA)

Institute for International Film Financing

Institute for International Film Financing

February 22, 2010, Los Angeles. Our event features highly topical talks by WORLD-CLASS EXPERTS: 1) "BRIDGE FINANCING FOR INDIES: Get Your Project Funded Now" -- by JEFF GEOFFRAY, prolific indie financier; Co-Founder & CFO at Blue Rider Entertainment, one of most successful independent film financing & production companies with ca. 120 credited movies & TV projects; helped finance $687M+ in total budgets; worked with James Cameron, Schwarzenegger & Stallone; Producer on Werner Herzog's "Rescue Dawn" (Christian Bale); Exec. Producer on "Around the World in 80 Days" (Jackie Chan), "Surveillance" (Michael Ironside), "Then She Found Me" (Helen Hunt); etc.

2) "MAKING MOVIE PROJECTS WORK: Advice From a Living Legal Legend" -- by ERIC WEISSMANN, ESQ., veteran entertainment attorney with decades of financing experience; Founder & Sr. Partner at one of industry's most prestigious law firms, whose clients shaped blockbusters like "Matrix" sequels, "Bourne Identity," "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" & indie hits like "Crash," "Bend It Like Beckham," "Swingers"; reps financiers, producers, writers, directors & actors, incl. Michael Cimino ("Deer Hunter") & Gene Wilder; fmr. Head of Worldwide Business Affairs at Warner Bros.; etc.

3) "PRIVATE EQUITY FOR FILM: Secrets Unraveled" -- by CHUCK BUSH, master private film financier; Founder, President & CEO at film finance firm Great Road Capital; raised $100M+ for film & TV projects with Great Road; fmr. CFO at BET Founder & ex-Chairman Robert Johnson's film company Our Stories Films; fmr. Sr. VP of Finance & Business Development at film financing & production companies Union Patriot Capital & Patriot Pictures; fmr. Ass't VP in Entertainment Industries Group at JPMorgan; managed fund placements of $1.5B for Dreamworks & $2.5B for MGM; etc.

4) "WRITING SCRIPTS THAT GET FUNDED & MADE: Useful Tips & General Thoughts" -- by ROGER TOWNE, acclaimed screenwriter whose very first feature received 4 Oscar nominations & catapulted him into elite of Hollywood scribes; Writer & Exec. Producer of 1984 classic "The Natural" (Robert Redford, Kim Basinger); also penned 2003 hit "The Recruit" (Al Pacino & Colin Farrell); currently works on "The Loop" (Rachel Nichols) & "Street of Dreams" (Robert De Niro); brother of legendary filmmaker Robert Towne ("Chinatown," "Mission: Impossible I & II," "The Firm"); etc.

5) "MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY DEAL: Paving the Way to Financing Success" -- by STEVE TSONEFF, ESQ., rising-star film finance attorney representing major studios & banks; Partner at leading law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher; repped 20th Century Fox in slate financing with New York hedge fund Dune Capital, Universal in $150M sale of Rogue Pictures to Relativity, New Line/Warner Bros. in $350M slate financing with Royal Bank of Scotland, Paramount & MGM in various co-financings; named by Variety to Top 10 Up & Coming Entertainment Industry Dealmakers; etc.

6) "GREENLIGHTING THE HORROR GENRE: Does Your Picture Make the Cut?" -- by BETSY DAVIS, seasoned Hollywood financial expert; CFO at After Dark Films, prominent financing & distribution entity focused on quality horror movies; instrumental in closing 3-year, multi-picture deal with Lionsgate; fmr. Sr. VP & CFO at indie financing, sales & marketing company August Entertainment; worked on Tarantino's "True Romance" (Pitt, Walken, Hopper), "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" (Michael Douglas), "Captivity" (Elisha Cuthbert); fmr. Sr. Manager at Price Waterhouse; etc.

7) "PRESALES & NEGATIVE PICKUPS: The Real Story on Fully Funding Films" -- by PHIL STRINA, ESQ., experienced sales agent & film finance lawyer; Sr. VP of Business Affairs at financing, production & sales company Inferno; fmr. Counsel in Business & Legal Affairs at New Line, responsible for acquisitions, co-productions & negative pickups; worked on "Monster" (Charlize Theron), "Hachiko: A Dog's Story" (Richard Gere), "Friday the 13th" (Jared Padalecki), "The Women" (Meg Ryan), "Love in the Time of Cholera" (Javier Bardem), "The Experiment" (Adrien Brody); etc.

Wait, that's not all! Check the website for further details.

IIFF's friends at Clarity Partners are hosting our get-together:

Film Financing Townhall Meeting for Filmmakers & Financiers
Monday, February 22, 2010
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Clarity Screening Room
100 N Crescent Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Very limited capacity. Reserve your DISCOUNTED SEATS now at -

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