Film Investing Article about "Precious" | New York Times

Film Investing Article about "Precious"

by The New York Times

Think you have it rough? Lee Daniels is known for producing controversial films, such as The Woodsman starring Kevin Bacon as a convicted sex offender and Monster’s Ball, a melodrama about bigotry and interracial love in the South. The first film he directed, Shadowboxer, which he also produced, has a loony premise: a hit man having an affair with his dying stepmother and raising a child together.

© New York Times: Lee Daniels and Mo' Nique
© New York Times: Lee Daniels and Mo' Nique Read

...and he decided to raise the money and produce it. “Just like that,” Daniels recalled. “I had a 90-day option to raise the money for ‘Monster’s Ball,’ and on the 90th day, I had the money.quoted text

When figuring out the film financing, Daniels had to face that Shadowboxer hadn’t done so well. “It was very, very hard to get financing for Precious. All the studios said no. They didn’t want to make a film about a 350-pound black girl who is abused. Everybody kept saying no. My whole life was no. It was just a bunch of nos.”

Eventually, Daniels found independent financing. For Shadowboxer, he found a “ rich man in Philadelphia who paid for the movie, God bless him.” For Precious, Daniels raised the initial $8 million from Sarah Siegel-Magness and Gary Magness, who live in Denver.

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Source and Full Article: The Audacity of ‘Precious’ New York Times, October 25, 2009 ©

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