Five Steps Films - India's International Film Production Company

by vk Chaudhary
(Mumbai- India)

Five Steps Films Pvt. Ltd. (India's International Film Production Company)

Five Steps Films Pvt. Ltd. (India's International Film Production Company)

Five Steps Films offers the punch of synergy. With international directors, cinematographers, animators, special effects creators and editors from around the world.

The logo says it all. The power, and impact of unity. For any TV commercial to work, and work cost effectively, a number of descilines need to work in total synergy. The idea, the script, the direction, the technical components, and the production.

The choice of personnel at five steps films is very carefully assembled. The talent is definite, the staff is energetic, and the unit is intelligent. And the team delivers excellent services and technically sophisticated, entertaining and effective advertising film.
Mumbai- India

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