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Welcome to Filmproposals, the site for Independent Film Makers serious about raising film financing. We offer 100s of tools, templates, articles, contacts and resources for both new and experienced movie producers. FilmProposals is here to teach you what you need to know to get your film financed quickly.

Movie Investor Toolkit

Film Financing and Investor Manual

How ready are you to find film investors? Have you mapped out your production, marketing and distribution plans? Have a variable budget ready to adjust if necessary? Is your film investor value proposition clear? Do know the different types of investors and which documentation you need for each?

If you are ready to ASK for something...STOP. RIGHT. NOW!

You must have an attractive offer for investors.

Our Movie Investor Package will teach you to turn your ASK upside down into an OFFER!!!

Get a huge advantage over other indie filmmakers by approaching investors with your compelling offer using our Film Business Plan Toolkit:

Just want to thank you for your materials and help over the past year. I could not have raised the $1.5 million or made this film without the materials you provided -- and for $99? The bargain of my career!

I'm now sending out my completed business plan/film proposal document to potential investors and the one comment I'm getting back almost immediately is that it's so well laid out and professional. Believe me, first impressions really do count.

Film Investor Guide

Film Investor Guide

Learn how to prepare for, attract, find and get film investors.The most important thing to know about film investors is that you must offer them something. If your opening is "here is what I need," then you need to get far more serious about film financing. Learn to turn your ask into a compelling offer with our Film Investor Guide.

1000 Ways to Finance Your Movie

1000 Ways to Finance Your Movie

With over 1000 ways to finance your movie, filmmakers have more financing options and resources available than ever before. You can combine any number of film and documentary grants, prizes, investors, contests, festivals, film financing companies and much more to get your film made. Read: 1000 Ways to Finance Your Movie

How to Make a Movie Mini Course

How to Make a Movie

Our free 20 minute program provides the basics on How to Make a Movie. Tips for getting started, how to work on a film and investor tips. We've condensed the nuts and bolts for you and provided some of the best material on how to make your first film.

Business Plan Services

Film Business Plan Services

FilmProposals Business Plan Services offer a range of options for every budget. From do it yourself with our templates, to full business plans with the industry's best graphic design, guaranteed to WOW your investors. More Info: Film Business Plan Services

Free Business Plan Checklist

Film Proposal

See what your Business Plan looks like though the eyes of film investors. Give this worksheet to a friend or family member and ask them to rate your business plan and be brutally honest. Is your offer clear? Will investors want to write you a check on the spot?

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Movie Investor Toolkit

Speed through the learning curve and fast-track your way to film financing. Download our tools immediately to help you ace your business plan, easily crunch your numbers, find and pitch film investors and fund your film.

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Film Investor Guide

Are you really ready for film investors? You must demonstrate you take film investors seriously before investors will be serious about you. Learn the key steps you need to prepare for, attract, find and secure investors.

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Feedback & Testimonials

"Just finished post on our $1.5 million picture, Coming Through the Rye. I could not have raised this money or made this film without the materials you provided -- and for $99? The bargain of my career!"

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