Island Planet One Productions LLC Seek Film Financing

by Daniel Morii
(Papaikou, HI)

Island Planet One Productions

Island Planet One Productions

The Company: Island Planet One Productions LLC (IPOP) was formed in 2008 to develop, produce, license, promote, and administer intellectual properties for television, film, web, and social networks. IPOP LLC is a Hawaii based company that is a Qualified High Technology Business. This status provides potential investors from Hawaii and mainland USA the opportunity to realize a positive return on investment.

Business Strategy
The first intellectual property of IPOP LLC is strange frame: Love & Sax a Sci-Fi animation feature film that
appeals to teen and adult audiences that currently buy anime from Japan, which is a multi-billion dollar market
in the United States economy. IPOP LLC has secured a high profile talent and is in the process of securing
more high profile talent for the project. IPOP LLC has also secured Oscar nominated sound mixer Gary Rizzo of Skywalker Sound, and Oscar & Emmy award winning director Jamie Thomason. The strategy of acquiring a recognizable Director and Talent with a built in fan base and the “rights” to brand the soundtrack with Skywalker Sound has the potential to attract a strong distribution agreement for domestic and foreign licensing for Theatrical, Cable Television, Home DVD, and establishing a viable e-commerce based web business.

IPOP LLC is also developing a software application that acts like a search engine to create a social network based website. This application will incorporate assets from television and newspapers to establish a new paradigm for doing business online. One of IPOP’s core partner is an agency that handles marketing and advertising accounts for businesses. IPOP is also developing the strange frame product line of virtual games, clothing line, clubs, and toys. Green Power Girl & The Green Power Super Heroes television series has already drawn interest from foreign distributors for Europe and Japan.

Target Market Opportunity
Sci-Fi Animation is a profitable genre for the creators, owners, and distributors. According to Nielsen Media Research over 84 million households have the Sci-Fi channel and for the first time in the history of television more females tune in than males. The Sci-Fi Channel ranks #2 among all basic cable networks for viewing adults 25-54 years old and is in the top 10 networks in delivering a viewing audience who are 18-49 years old. If we look at the successes of this genre, the outlook for the intellectual property strange frame: Love & Sax is quite encouraging. PICHAWAII the social network site is due for launch in late spring 2010, this site will cater to the local and international viewer, highlighting businesses, services, and products with a unique social
network advertising component that markets and sells all things Hawaii.

Barriers to Realizing Returns
Capitalization is essential for completing the first intellectual property. The capital raised will be used to complete the animation feature film, which is 80% done. IPOP LLC must present a completed product to potential distributors. The business of licensing a feature film is highly speculative and has historically involved substantial risks beyond the controls of its producers. Capital will also be used to develop the business aspect of the social networking website, which anticipates a launch in late spring of 2010.

IPOP Business Strengths
IPOP LLC has an experienced staff of media professionals with valuable industry contacts. These business relationships can assist IPOP in delivering projects for television broadcast and theatrical release. The animated film has the support of local business, schools, and local government. IPOP also provides local youth and talent an educational and mentoring opportunity to develop real viable skills that can be applied to future digital projects. IPOP LLC has established a cohesive core production team that has the potential to grow an animation industry and full service production company on the Big Island and has the potential to be a component for establishing a sustainable digital economy.

IPOP LLC has raised $1.875 million cash and in-kind for its first IP feature film. The project has received favorable press, and contacts are being made with distributors and foreign production companies who have an interest in collaborating and paying a license fee to translate the project into their native language.

IPOP LLC has secured commitments from Skywalker Sound and is in the process of securing more high profile talent. The success of this project will contribute toward the branding of Hawaii as a location for future animation productions that will have a positive socio-economic impact.

Potential Financial Projections
Year end 12/31 2010 2011 2012
Revenue: $5M $ 5.8M $7M
Expenses $2.3M $ 2.8M $2.4M
Potential Net Profit $2.7M $ 3M $4.6M

POB 430
Papaikou, HI 96781
Phone: 808-937-5448
Web Site:
Contact: Daniel Morii

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