Mpumalanga Kingdom Independent Film Pitch

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Mpumalanga Kingdom Independent Film Pitch

by Juan le Roux
(South Africa)

Mpumalanga Kingdom Independent Film Pitch

Mpumalanga Kingdom Independent Film Pitch

The objective of the film will be to establish a film industry in the Mpumalanga district. The aim would be to incorporate the community into the production while shooting the Film. We want to train 6 people in each of the different areas of film making. Producers, Camera operators, Lighting operators, Directors, makeup artists and editors will be trained on set. We also want to use undiscovered actors and train them up. They will also have to be from the Mpumalanga district. All these people will be trained by industry professionals.
The film is about uniting communities with diverse cultures. So that it would be for the best of the community.
Target audience

The target audience would be mostly women and children of sixteen and over. Men would also be able to relate to the film. The film will have violence but not to bloody. The film will be a comedy.
Show Format

This will be a ninety minute future film. Shot in full HD format on 7d Canon cameras. The film will be entered into film festivals around the world. The film will be for broadcast by movie houses and cinemas. The film will then be available for TV channels and DVD rental after 6 months of its release a in South Africa.

Short synopses

"Mpumalanga Kingdom" is the story of two cultures clashing; The Peace humble Mpumalanga tribe and the evil blood thirsty Hamba tribe. The prophesy of the Mpumalanga tribe is full filled with the birth of happiness there super hero who they lose very early in his life, but then he returns to them later in his life to free them from the claws of the Hamba tribe.

Story outline

The story begins within a village on the border of the Mpumalanga Kingdom and the Hamba kingdom. Two tribes struggling for survival one tribe steal from the other. Both sides using opposing methods to get what they need to live. The Hamba tribe is attacking the border villages of the Mpumalanga kingdom. They are stealing cattle and crops. The warriors kill innocent women and children. The story begins with a boy that is born into the Mpumalanga kingdom, and then he is stolen from his mother and abandoned by the abductor a White hunter called Mr. Winter finds the boy in the jungle while he is hunting. He mistakes him for an ape and takes the boy home with him. His wife Rose recognizes that the boy is in fact a Baby bay and not an ape. They raise the boy and call him Happiness. The warrior of the Hamba Kingdom, who raids the villages of Mpumalanga, is not rewarded by their king Mogabe, who is a selfish and arrogant king. The king gets respect by fear and by the help of his deadly killing squad. These Seven men tortures and then kills the king’s subjects, who challenge his authority. The Mpumalanga king on the other hand is a rightists and good king that gets his respect by the respect he shows to his subjects. One of these is respectful subjects is Zuma a farmer that lives with his Two wife's on a farm a small distance from the village.
Both his wife's are pregnant and deliver their babies a round about the same time on the same night. The one wife's baby dies and she then steals the other baby for herself and runs away returning the next day without the baby.
Zuma is furious and wants to kill her but the righteous king prevents him. The wise Shangome foresees that the boy will return to rid them of the Hamba tribe and their evil king, he also predicts that the boy father will be the first to see him return and will also want to kill his son.
This all come true when happiness returns to his home land guided by the dreams and his Mr. Winter. He then poisons the cows and gets captured by the Hamba Warriors. The warriors then eat of the cows and dies along with their families who also ate of the meat. The king of the Hamba tribe then also gets killed by the hand of Happiness. He then returns to his home land and gets accepted by the whole community. Mr. Winter and his Wife Rose also get accepted into the community. They live happily and in Peace for the rest of their lives.

Tentative budget

In able to realize this film we need a budget of R100 000 so we will be selling a 100 units of R1000 each to private investors who wish to be part of a film. Every investor will be invited to the premiere of the film where each of them will be honored with their own golden copy of the film and also a certificate. If the investor chooses to buy 5 units he will receive a executive producers title at the beginning of the film.

The Crew

Pluto Pinapses head of the film department at The open window school of visual communication have agreed to make his 3rd year graduate film students available as crew for the film, each of these students will be given credited by the school and working on the film would count as an internship. Each of these students is required to do an internship at a respectable institution within the film industry.
Each of these students will be required to train one individual who was previously disadvantaged (Bee person) on set in the field to full fill his position held. At the end of production the previously disadvantaged person will be tested by the open window student and marked.
The film will be shown at the IMPACT film festival in August 2011. Thereafter it will be sent to film festivals around the world.
The film will be broadcasted on Africa TV channels and African cinemas.
The film will be released on you tube and Vimeo after 6 month of release on film and TV.
The film will also be distributed on DVD and Blue ray which will be sold to Blockbuster video for rental and at Musica stores across South Africa and also on E-bay personal for private collectors worldwide.

Contact information
Please contact Juan le Roux at +27 794914193 or email him at or visit our website

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