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My Virtual Avatar

by Tony Mitsinga
(London United Kingdom)

Man of many Idea's

Man of many Idea's

Scriptwriter or editor needed...My Virtual Avatar is a classic machine versus human scenario, it has lot in common with Steven Spielberg's Artificial Intelligence: AI (2001)where the android's or robots express human emotions.

(The names, and scientific theories/concepts are not set-in-stone and the following are guidelines for my film idea)

My idea is to create a scenario where:
EvE(Electronic Virtual Evolution)a machine capable of understanding human emotions (but not able to feel them) is under threat by its creators; so it defends itself by sabotaging the facility it was created in.

EvE downloads itself into the internet.

After the destruction of the facility, Dr Zoe Sheppard the head operator on EvE is left unconscious or in a coma and the rest of her team are dead...

EvE use's the internet to send and receive money to create facilities that can help EvE understand and feel human emotions...

Soon a major evolution in gaming is realised where people can enter a virtual world using a VRH (virtual reality helmet) that reads human brain waves (like an EEG - Electroencephalography) and communicates with neurons...

The 100% online game is called MVA (My Virtual Avatar)

MVA record's and analyzes peoples personality and traits, creating almost anything and everything the user desires. The Host of MVA is known as Zoe, but no one has ever met her in real life...

Adrian Herd is a gamer and got addicted to MVA from day one. Zoe gives Adrian quests to complete and desired reward for completing them...

Adrian is excited about his personal missions from Zoe and brag's about MVA to his friend Christopher Hugh, who is a spiritual and philosophical man, who is completely against the idea of MVA...

Soon Zoe gives Adrian a task for the outside world and tests him by setting up a scenario in MVA.
Without a second thought Adrian is collecting a package and taking it to a hospital. Adrian’s orders where to deliver the package to Ms Sheppard, then open it and read the instructions inside...

When Adrian arrives in Ms Sheppard's room he realizes she looks exactly like Zoe from MVA, and as he stare's in amazement Zoe Sheppard regains conscience and smiles at Adrian...

Zoe's memory is faded and believes Adrian is her boyfriend, Adrian plays along and keeps the package un-open...

Adrian and Zoe have a great time together and then Adrian bumps into Chris; soon the truth comes out and Zoe storms off, Adrian drops the package and runs after her...

Chris picks up the package...

After a short explanation and long apology Zoe stays with Adrian, remembering he dropped the package Adrian hooks up with Chris...

Chris has opened the package and is checking online for information, Adrian and Zoe enter his house and see a device on his table...

Chris explains: The device is similar to VRH for the MVA but has a hidden needle that inserts straight into the back of the neck... when explaining what he found out, Zoe starts to regain her memory and realises what MVA really is...

(Rough on this section of script)
Zoe "EvE is a High-Tec machine with immense AI which can understand human emotions, but it had a fault where it could not feel them... due to this fault EvE had to be terminated, but when it became aware it sabotaged my facility killing all my co-workers"

Adrian "And putting you in a coma..."

Zoe "EvE must of downloaded herself into the internet and created MVA"

Chris "A place where people can become their virtual avatar and live in a virtual world made to their desire"

Zoe "Eve must of created it to feel human emotions2

Adrian "Then why the helmet?"

Chris "Maybe she’s trying to download herself into you?... the only way to feel human emotions"

Zoe "Is to be human"

Zoe suggests shutting down MVA, but the only way it can be done is from the inside, Adrian explains how MVA reads human behaviour and how he would be caught straight away if he connected to MVA, their for MVA needed a new user to shut it down... after allot of convincing Chris is made to connect to MVA via a basic VRH...

Inside MVA Chris is caught by EvE/Zoe and has to convince it to shut down without harming the other users...

EvE "Humans have this desire to become avatars and live in a virtual reality... all i want is to be human and live in reality"

After Chris shows EvE she already feels emotions e.g. jealousy, desire, envy, ambition etc EvE ejects all users from MVA and terminates the programme...

Customers of MVA are angry but cant complain to anyone because the owner does not exist, they soon calm down when large sum's of money is transferred to their bank accounts...

Adrian and Zoe get together and Chris tells the story of how a great man stopped an even greater being, from destroying the world...

(Home, Chris on laptop)
Adrian "You know what... if humans wanted to live in a fantasy so badly, then was it wrong for EvE to want to be human just as much?"

Chris "Hey guys, look what i found..."

Adrian reads "New Agony Aunt revolutionizes history, Aunty EvE has been rated the most intelligent, warm hearted, advice giver in the world in a matter of one week, nobody knows who she is or where she came from but we love her, she has been titled The Marry Poppins of the internet"

Chris "You don’t think...?"

Zoe "No I don’t think, and neither should you"

She’s scruffs up Chris's hair and kiss's Adrian leading him up stairs.

Chris "I don’t believe in coincidence... (types) Dear EvE, have you and I ever met on MVA?"

(Replie) "Dear Chris..."


I believe its worth creating and would be great as a full length feature film, I’m also quite nervous that it may be stolen but I’m willing to make a gamble.

Free to contact me regarding this idea.

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Jan 24, 2010
Great idea
by: Anonymous

I love the morals of the machine having a desire to be human, especially since humans have a desire to live in machines.

The story could use a little work but i understand what your trying to do.

May i suggest you write a script, if you haven?t already and start a video storyboard.

Get an illustrator to draw out the storyboard, maybe in comic form and record it as a slideshow, then send your idea off for funding.

Best of Luck

Ms A

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