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NEFERTITI ON TRIAL Independent Film Pitch

by Kem Royale
(Wisconsin (USA))



Pharaoh Queen Nefertiti considered “The Most Beautiful Woman in Antiquity,” and her husband Pharaoh Akhenaten known as the “Heretic King,” co-ruled AfroEgypt (1353 B.C. - 1336 B.C.)
During their co-reign they stripped the Afrogyptians of their gods, and forced worship of one god Aten. They also built a new capital Akhetanten city, shut down the original capital Thebes, and forced Afrogyptians living there to move to Akhetanten city.

1336 B.C.
When her husband dies from being poisoned, Nefertiti disguises herself as he, and her Eldest Daughter pretends to she... to prevent the Amun-Re Priesthoods from blotting out the Aten way.

1334 B.C.
Little over a year later... Priesthoods find out about the scheme, and send Priesthoods Soldiers to capture Nefertiti.

Nefertiti, Four Daughters, Personal Servant, Nanny, Vestal Virgin, Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law, hide in the Great Temple of Aten, waiting for Nefertiti's Cousin ( Twin) to arrive as planned.

Priesthoods slaughter innocent Akhetanten Citizens, and clash with Nefertiti's Imperials Soldiers. Imperials retreat after their Captain is morally wounded by the General of the Priesthoods.

Nefertiti's Cousin/Twin arrives too late at the Great Temple of Aten... In time to see the escape wagon dash away with the Priesthoods in hot pursuit.

Priesthoods all but capture Nefertiti and All, until the Vestal Virgin leaps out of the escape wagon causing horses to collide, and Priesthoods to fall to their deaths.

Angry Cousin/Twin meets with, and tells the Priesthood High-Priest plan is Nefertiti's Three Youngest Daughters will travel separately to some undisclosed destination. Cousin/Twin urges High-Priest to capture Three Youngest Daughters so Nefertiti will turn herself in. Capture Priesthoods and Tracker dispatched.

Nefertiti and ALL, surface two weeks later and make ready to go separate ways. Nefertiti, the Eldest Daughter, Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, and Person Servant, load into one wagon. Nanny and Three Youngest Daughters, in another wagon. Destination... Person Servant's childhood home in Canaan.

Akhetanten Citizens regroup building a fortress near the border, and sharing resources to survive. With most of the adult Imperials dead... new recruits Youth Imperials ages (10 and over) prepare for battle.

Nefertiti and her Party arrive in Canaan as planned. Nanny and Three Youngest Daughters hunker in a cave on the outskirts of Canaan, waiting for Vestals to take them on to meet up with Nefertiti and Party.

Tracker and Capture Priesthoods burst in. Tracker and Nanny battle warrior woman style. Three Youngest Daughters and Nanny, held against their will and on the way to Amun-Re Temple in Thebes.

Nefertiti and Party get word. Nefertiti and Eldest Daughter do as predicted... Turning themselves in.

Nefertiti and Eldest Daughter raise absolute and utter hell when they arrive at the Amun-Re Temple. Eldest Daughter take swings at everyone who moves... Nefertiti breaks everything fragile within arm's length.

A regime of Imperials ride to Thebes to the rescue of Three Youngest. (Not knowing Nefertiti and Eldest Daughter are not still in hiding.)

Nefertiti and the High-Priest go nose to nose negotiating the release of Three Youngest Daughters. Nefertiti agrees to be tried for impersonating her husband, and outlawing AfroEgypt's many gods.

High-Priest double-crosses … continues to hold Three Youngest Daughters captive. (Unbeknownst to Nefertiti and Eldest Daughter.)

Nefertiti is tried in public in an arena, in a circus-like atmosphere; instead in customary privacy for royalty. Mother-in-Law is the first of only few who testify on Nefertiti's behalf. Turn-coat Officials and Citizens, testify against her.

Nefertiti sends a letter of petition to Half-Son King Tut, to take care of his Half-Sisters, and she gives Tut pre-permission to wed a Daughter (The one who is most like her... Smart, elegant, beautiful.)

Nefertiti discovers that her Three Youngest Daughters are still held captive on a particular day of the trial when the beaten Nanny is dragged into the arena, and her Littlest Daughter is brought and emotionally tormented.

Nefertiti recovers from the shock, and plots to rescue All Four of her Daughters. A half failed rescue attempt... Only the Eldest Daughter is rescued.

Priesthoods attack the fortress... Akhetanten Citizens plod fettered and chained, through the blazing hot desert to Thebes..

On the final day of trial... Cousin/Twin testifies against Nefertiti, and drops a bomb that she's actually Nefertiti's twin. (She having learned it only days before.)

Judgment day... Twelve Citizens chosen at random to judge Nefertiti. Nefertiti is found guilty and sentenced to be banished with her Four Daughters. At the same time... Three Youngest Daughters escape.

Confident that all is well... Nefertiti speaks for the first time. She affirms her rank as divine Pharaoh... She concedes nothing.

From the window where she is held captive... Nefertiti sees her Akhetanten Citizens burned at the stake and hanged. Part of Nefertiti dies with them.

Under the guise of night... Battle hungry Youth Imperials rescue Nefertiti, and clash with Priesthoods. The High-Priest escapes. Nefertiti confronts her Cousin/Twin. Fighting ensues... Accidental death of Cousin/Twin crushed under a huge burn vase.

Nefertiti reunites with her Daughters, Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, Personal Servant, and Love Ones, at Tut's hideaway palace. Tut comes and asks for Daughter's hand. Permission granted...

Youth Imperials and Orphans capture, torture, and ultimately kill the High-Priest and his lynch men minions.

Tut, Four Daughters, Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, and Loved Ones, stand on the palace balcony waving goodbyes as...

Nefertiti rides off in a chariot driven by her Personal Servant. The confident smile she wears, is that of a parent who knows no matter what... a part of her will remain forever in AfroEgypt.

Nefertiti, Orphans, and Youth Imperials, show up on the doorstep of the Personal Servant's childhood home in Canaan.

A new chapter of Nefertiti's life begins in Canaan. THE END



LOG LINE: Nefertiti goes on trial for doing away with deity worship, and establishing a one god religion.

TAG LINE: Things get beauty ugly... when she messes with the gods.

AfroEgypt (Black ruled Egypt)

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