NexTv Writers Competition Call for Entries

by NexTv Entertainment
(Los Angeles, CA)

NexTv Entertainment

NexTv Entertainment

The NexTv Writers' Competition call for submissions begins on November 5, 2009. Part of the "Content for Television" Competition. Can your WRITTEN work be adapted to make great Television? FEATURE & SHORT SCREENPLAYS, SHORT STORIES, PLAYS, WRITTEN PITCHES, GRAPHIC NOVELS, ARTICLES, ETC...

As you know, television content is no longer solely generated by "television writers". Great writing is great writing, great ideas are great ideas. The golden age of cable television is evidence of this embrace of writers from all disciplines.

The winner will be coached on pitching, flown to LA, put up in 5-star accommodations, and driven to meetings around town with top production companies, agencies and tv execs.

This is the 2nd of our 3-part CONTENT FOR TV competition cycle. 3rd up will be for Commercial/Music Video directors.

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