None The Less New Movie Trailer

by Jacob Bolinder
(Salt Lake City, Utah)

None The Less New Movie Trailer

None The Less New Movie Trailer

None The Less New Movie Trailer None The Less New Movie Trailer

Is it just us, or do movies seem like they're telling you the same story again and again? Different actors, different locations, different genres, it doesn't seem to matter. We wondered what would happen if we collected the most passionate, talented, and creative cast and crew, then gave them all the freedom to make a film in whatever way they wanted.

Letting the depth and layers of the characters act as a foundation; we have created scenes and jokes as a group of filmmakers, tied together beautifully with a very clever script written by Brandi Lynn Anderson. Everyone on set has a voice that is valued, and the respect we have for each other’s abilities as comedians and filmmakers makes for an incredible atmosphere. No matter if you’re operating a camera, holding a boom, or acting as a background extra, if anyone gets a funny idea, or a better suggestion, we adjust the scene.

The effect has been the most enjoyable and exhilarating movie set experience possible. This movie will be a collection of magical moments, as result of the actors committing fully to each other and trusting everyone around them, most importantly… themselves.

The experience of being on set is only the beginning. What you experience when you watch is a connection to the characters and story like never before.

With so many talented actors, it was important to challenge them in a way that kept them raising the bar to new heights. To do this, we agreed that clever comedy takes much more work and focus to achieve than bathroom humor, and ends up being funnier anyways. This makes “None The Less” a movie for everyone. You’ll be amazed at how this actually elevates this project, instead of watering it down like we’ve see so often in movies made for the whole family.

The egos and diva attitudes are non-existent. The collective passion and creativity of “None The Less” is noticeable in every character, and every scene. You’ll enjoy the way “None The Less” makes you feel, and it will be obvious to the audience within seconds that this was the film’s top priority.

Very Punny

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. What’s got your goat? If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Lets bury the hatchet. Those are just a couple of examples of puns (clichés, old sayings) that everyone seems to use multiple times during the course of a day.

Why, oh why do we say these things? It's an entire language within a language. It gets frustrating when someone uses a pun incorrectly while trying to explain something. On the other hand, there are puns I don’t understand, but won’t hesitate to deliver when I know those listening wont understand either.

"None The Less" examines puns on a massive level. Puns are layered throughout each scene. We have puns on top of puns. We have puns that overlap each other, multiple times. Don't expect to get them all the first time you watch "None The Less". It actually becomes a game to find the hidden puns, clichés and jokes. You will look at the most common puns differently, and you can take that to the bank.

"None The Less" doesn't just look and sound pretty; it has a depth and warmth to it that will keep you watching again and again.

Jake Bolinder

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