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RADIO | Independent Film Pitch

by Dexter Livingstone



RADIO is a zany film about a non-profit radio station Hamming it up in Vancouver, Canada. Actually it is kinda weird but with huge fringe appeal. You see an Alien crash lands in the middle of a park in Vancouver and wedges his ship into an old gold mine shaft; Out of luck and spare parts he configures his drive to spit out Hundred dollar bills. That solves the luck part, and the cash for spare parts part As well. Looking for a cover or front the Alien buys a radio station and hires employees in absentia. It’s a perfect ploy except that he nets a psychopath scam-ster for a manager that takes both host jobs pretending to be two different people. So the psycho-manager works day and night with very little sleep, and Hey! Psychopaths Hate to work at even one job! Three reporters are also hired and under the impulsive leadership no holds whatsoever hinders the reporters digging up corruption, hypocrisy and…murder!

PITCH: When I casted the Film I started looking for scriptwriters and found out something profound; scriptwriters can write!! Meaning that they are intelligent, and many also harbor a real desire and talent to act! Two of the four main characters applied as scriptwriters and BANG! I found the psycho-manager host and the lead female reporter for the show!

The setting is a radio station in a large ethnic area. This spices things up because it taps into the Indie-film market as well as the science fiction fringe market, and the conspiracy fringe market. Think X-files crossed with Fraser crossed with an Indian morality flick! Seriously, RADIO is being prepared and screen written as a TEN YEAR LIFE CYCLE 560 episode SOAP with huge domestic and foreign appeal. You heard it, the film RADIO is just the tip of the iceberg. Any investor who gets in on this one and the Soap is going to see payback for ten years with a huge foreign sales market.

Sorry to say, but most investors don’t actually deserve this kind of opportunity! We are really seeking only one type of investor, the IDIOLOGICAL INVESTOR! This investor would really believe that IDEAS And IDEALS can REALLY CHANGE THE WORLD! Seriously, we touch on a lot of tough stuff like ethnic treatment of women as chattel, political psychopaths shearing the sheep, and corruption in big business and government. If your backing this film and backing the Soap, and we do want you to be in on both, you have to be as pissed as we are at what is happening in this World!

(TVETOGO dot com) is our production company, we are tech savvy and are a cumulative resource of massive graphic and production talent.

I am Dexter Livingstone the Author of “Footsteps of Evil,” the most significant piece of literary work on the psychopath ever written including Machiavelli! Sorry to say, it is not just self promotion, it is a fact. Give me a call or e-mail me at (Dexlab at hush dot ai) and I will send you a paperback for free! If it does not move you, we don’t want you! Sorry to say…

Seeking 2.5 – 3mil for the Film and .75mil/year operating budget for the Soap. Massive domestic and foreign appeal propel the film into the 100mil+ Arena and the Soap into the 250mil+ Arena with associated advertising. Pay back is 3/4 of the Net for 24 months from the release of the Film, and for TEN YEARS for the Soap. We will conclude our financial arrangements within the next 60 days, time is fleeting...

Good luck and good investing,

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