Raptor: New World Revolution Independent Film Pitch

by Marcus Springer
(U.K.. England, London, Hackney)

Young Raptor Vs Young Infernos

Young Raptor Vs Young Infernos

Young Raptor Vs Young Infernos Zombifie - Former B.M.C.G. - Currently A.O.6. (Army of 6) Voodoo - G.O.M. (Co-Founder) My Production Logo idea (Saviour Mediatrickz)

Raptor: New World Revolution is an Action/Sci-fi/Fantasy film taking place in 2029, U.K., London. Many Humans worldwide begin to evolve and develop inhuman abilities and genetic structures from birth (Each being gifted with a tattoo-like birthmark somewhere on their bodies. These Tattoos can be easily translated by any mutant worldwide and represent the carrier's name and gifted abilities). Those born with these enhanced evolved cells become known as Genomevolutions or Genome-E's.

Scientists believe that this is due to human evolution, as a natural survival techniques probably due to an incomming unstoppable disaster. Astrologists have been keeping tracks on a huge asteroid heading towards Earth and has recently been discovered to have human-like life on it. A few years after, hi-technological civilizations are discovered via telescope and satelite images. A few years after this discovery, frequent visits from different Alien shuttles, and crop circles understandable by Genome-E's being appearing. These messages have different meanings (Peace and war). One specific message brands the name of the incomming plant - Malaxier.

The World Governments come together to begin a Genome-E Testing/enhancing facility in the U.K. called the B.M.C.G (Biogenetic Military of Centralized Genome-E's) which is taken over by a 30 years later by a corrupt minded Genome-E named Manipulate. Manipulate begins to plan a war on the incomming Malaxier, using the power of Genome-E cell strains to create the ultimate Genome-E soldiers. Kidnappings, assasinations and manhunts of powerful Genome-E's increase and humans rights become more oftenly breached by the B.M.C.G. on their test subjects (Whom have apparently volenteered for the research).
They also produce mass batches of the Illegal Class A+ drug C.S.B. (Cell structure bevearage - A drug that gifts both Human beings and Human Genome-E's begin with temporary Genome-E abilities, but can have its severe side effects, both long and short-term. e.g. Cocooning, scitzophrenia). B.M.C.G. knowing that this drug is of high demand amoung many of the population, flood the streets with it and run trials in order the attract the attention of high-powered, rogue Genome-E's. If the target is believed to be of a high enough power level or have abilities that appear to be of good use, they are kidnapped or killed for samples.

A few factions begin to oppose the B.M.C.G.'s plans for Malaxier's destruction and begin a peace making opperation, only to become branded international Genome-E terrorists. The most famous of these factions are the G.O.M. (Generation of Mutants).

Raptor a young Genome-E lives a small-time criminal life on a poverty striken London council estate as the only ways of survival (A life without many jobs and no benefits can lead one down that path). He is scouted and targeted by the B.M.C.G. due to being of high Genome-E power levels that he seems unaware of. The G.O.M believe Raptor may be the answer to creating peace in the World and ending the B.M.C.G. once and for all.

Raptor goes through many trails and battles in a bid for World freedom for both Mother Earth and Father Malaxier.

My name is Marcus Springer. I'm a young vividly creative script writer who is very focused on bursting into the film industry and directing hits. I am a person who likes to combine current global events with my imagination to create the most original of senarios/scenes/characters.
I'm very confident that my compleated scripts are of a high calibre and if worked on by the right team, has potential to become a big screen hit.
I am looking for right kind of help in the filming process and it would be great to have an experienced co-director to work with me on my projects.
And just as importantly, I am looking for a very reliable investor, because with no finance, its harder to create a masterpiece.

The way that I'd like my film to visually look would be in 3D Avatar-like graphics, because I feel that the intense action mixed with proffessional special effects would stun audiences worldwide. I am not lucky at all when it comes to finance especially in my current homeless living situation. I am very confident that anybody who would care to put an investment into my film would be greatly benefiting themselves in the long run.
I have a couple of other scripts under my belt and over 20 film ideas. With profit that would be made from this film, I would put in my own investment to my next movies.

Contact details:

Name: Marcus Amponsah Springer

Age: 22

D.O.B: 26/08/1988

Address: 146 St Mungo's hostel
Mare Street
E8 3SG

Tel: 079 430 86136 (Best way to contact me)


Email: (not always checked)

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Feb 21, 2013
by: Marcus Springer

Thanks for the ratings and feedback. Its all very much appreciated.

I have updated the script, change my telephone number and email address.

other links are here

Feb 20, 2012
by: Daniel Simpson

Good concept you have here. I'm sure with the right funding, this could become a masterpiece. Try simplify your pitch a bit more though

Feb 01, 2011
Good idea
by: Raymond writer

Sounds like a very good idea there mate. Go for it!

Nov 30, 2010

Really cool storyline, i like sci-fi, superhero movies and different styles of anime and so this got me interested in it, as it's my kind of thing. I think it is a great idea, if it has the right people in it. Overall very good potential, hopefully one day we will see it in the big screens. (^_^)

Nov 14, 2010
Really Interesting
by: Anonymous

i hate sci-fi type films, but i love this!

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