The Crystal Crypt, Independent Film Pitch

by Janice Foster
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

The Crystal Crypt, Independent Film Pitch

The Crystal Crypt, Independent Film Pitch

New York City vanishes and is held as leverage when a stranded dictator alien blackmails a power hungry US President for the return of his ship. Within a period of 48 hours the following takes place:

A young US Marine captures footage of a spectacular space craft making an emergency landing on the Atlantic Ocean and immediately informs a power hungry United States President. When the President learns the craft can be salvaged intact he sets the wheels in motion to obtain it for himself and silence anyone who might stand in his way. However, unbeknown to the President are the two ?human like? aliens who transported off the craft before it sunk. One, a cold hearted dictator who will stop at nothing to get his ship back and the other a 17 year old boy whom the dictator is emotionally blackmailing and whom is blamed for the gruesome murder of his mother and is searching for his older brother to help him regain his memory and prove his innocence.

To ensure the President salvages and returns the craft, within 48 hours, the ?dictator? alien reverts to advanced alien technology to capture and hold New York City as leverage and amidst tons of action New York City vanishes without a trace. A furious President then enlists the services of a somewhat youngish Special Forces General to covertly handle the situation but instead the General bonds with the ?younger? alien and works against the President.

In the interim the President re-evaluates his situation and decides he would rather have the technology used to capture New York than the craft and he joins forces with the ?dictator? alien to work against the General. To throw a spanner in the works the space craft, which is now above sea level, begins to disintegrate at an alarming rate.

Amidst the chaos that follows, and with the help of the ?younger? alien, New York is restored, the technology used to capture it destroyed, the space craft disintegrates, the ?dictator? alien is killed, the President dies and the ?younger? alien bonds with the General.

The movie ends with a furious General revealing that he?s the ?younger? alien?s long lost brother, after which, to extract his revenge for the murder of their mother, he dooms the ?younger? alien to a life of terror working beside him on special op?s with his team of non existent men.

Please note the following:-

?The script is lightly based on the out of copyright short story by Philip K. Dick who also penned the short story which the movie ?Total Recall? starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was based on.
?The two alien characters are human like.
?The 3 lead characters have ?strong characters?.
?The script is highly commercial with a few red herrings and a nice twist at the end.
?There are no creatures the story takes place on earth.
?The script is written with a sequel in mind.
?The script could easily be adapted for a TV series.

My name is Janice and I'm a high caliber screenwriter residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have recently completed a feature length screenplay that is extremely commercial and would attract a broad audience. With regards to the budget, I have no funding in place at all, just a really good script that I'm hoping someone might see the potential in. I have however written the script in such a way that it could be expensive or shot to budget.

The Crystal Crypt (WGA Ref: 1517256)

Genre: Sci ? Fi Action Adventure (High Concept / Four Quadrant)

?Smallville? meets ?Dark Blue? with a dash of ?The Rock?

If the above has piqued your interest I?d be happy to email you a full script for your consideration.

Thanking you in advance.

Best regards,
Janice Foster
Email: OR

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Aug 16, 2011
Thanks Karl!!
by: Janice

Thanks so much Karl!

District 9 was/is fantastic. The problem is getting the script onto the desk of the guys who count, most of them you can't get to unless you have an agent and most agents wont look at you unless you have a credit behind your name! BUT I have tons of faith in my script and it might take me some time to get it produced but I'll get it produced somehow!

I wish you all the VERY BEST OF LUCK with your movie.

Warm regards,

Aug 15, 2011
Good Storyline.
by: Karl

Hi Janice,

You have a very good storyline and it could be done very well. We did District 9 in Johannesburg and it won some kind of award. Why can't your story be done here too. we have all the sets and locations to do it. If I was not already busy producing my own movie I would have loved to have a look at your screenplay. Keep it real and you will succeed.

Aug 11, 2011
by: Janice

Thanks, that's quite a good idea Genny :) of my 2 aliens one is a real hard case ugly one the other is 17 and really cute BUT General Tanner he's going to be the handsome well built one a bit like JENSEN ACKLES ??

Aug 10, 2011
Should make the alien into a vampire-alien!
by: Genny Hempstead

Haha, sounds interesting! Make the alien a vampire alien & it will make it even better, especially considering the title! ;-) I'd watch it!

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