The Doorway Independent Horror Film Based on TRUE EVENTS

by chase smith
(snellville, georgia, USA)

The Doorway is a film about what lies beyond this world and how the evil that lies on half of that other side is ever-working to break through to this side in order to influence and control the actions of the weak willed and the damned. In its most simple overview “The Doorway” is story about a boy who was marked by evil at a young age and without realizing it, he and his friends, some 13 years later return to the house were his journey began for some good natured frivolity. Unfortunately, for them they quickly discover that the evil is so great it cannot be contained when it is time for it to claim one of its own. This group of friends has unknowingly begun a night that will determine the fate of not only their lives but also their very souls.

What begins as a reluctant Halloween night of camping near a known haunted house amongst the closest knit group of friends anyone has ever seen, quickly devolves into a night of psychological and supernatural terror and a fight against evil that blends true history and true events with well-written storytelling to create a groundbreaking, raw, and terrifyingly unforgettable horror thrill ride of a lifetime with more twists and turns than any roller coaster!

Screenplay Rights
The screen rights to “The Doorway” are the sole property of Chase Smith and are under option by Chase smith, Wayne Davis and The Doorway Committee LLC. The rights to the screenplay and underlying rights to the
book are currently owned, registered, and copyrighted by Chase Smith.

Development Highlights
The following individual has been confirmed to play lead role:
• Marla Malcom (2001 Maniacs, Blood Car, Road Trip, Paula Peril, Panama City, Kathy T Gives Good Hoover, Dumb and Dumberer, High Rise)
The following individuals are being pursued to
• Joel DeVisser (WWE Wrestler, Drop Dead Diva, Necessary Roughness (TV), American Reunion)
• Allen Daniels (Vampire Diaries, American Reunion)
Bonnie McKown (American Reunion, Vampire Diaries, Necessary Roughness (TV))
The following individual are committed to Direct:
• Chase Smith: BA History/Film Studies, MBA/MFA (acting experience American Reunion (Featured), Vampire Diaries (Featured), What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Necessary Roughness, Jayne Mansfield’s Car (Featured), 3 Stooges)

“The Doorway”
Produced By
Wayne Davis, Chase Smith and The Doorway Committee LLC.
In Cooperation with and Investment By
Investors like YOU.

Executive Summary
“The Doorway”

Overview of Company
The Doorway Committee, LLC, a Limited Liability Company, is an independent motion picture production company assembled from creative and business entertainment industry professionals with a common goal of producing the independent film "The Doorway."

The Project
"The Doorway" is a motion picture budgeted to be produced at $25 thousand dollars, and for theatrical and DVD/Blu Ray exhibition in the United States and abroad. The film genre is horror and/or psychological terror. Such films contain attributes of the supernatural, occult, violence, disturbing images, and sexual situations.

The Doorway Committee LLC, desires to hire excellent local up-and-coming talent for the principal roles in the picture, while also featuring a lead actress Marla Malcom who is a well known lead in this genre carrying a principal role in films such as “2001 Maniacs”, and “Blood Car”, that were very successful ventures within this genre grossing more than $20 million dollars, thereby adding to the film's commercial value and core audience appeal.

The Industry
The U.S. and worldwide box offices grossed $12.5 billion and $30.7 billion respectively in 2010. The market for independent films has expanded tremendously in the last few years amounting to worldwide grosses of over $3.5 billion. The success of recent low budget films such as, “The Blair Witch Project,” and “Paranormal Activity” which both earned over $200 million in worldwide revenue while sporting budgets of $12 thousand dollars or less in principal filming, revolutionized how studios and distributors look at the production and marketing of films. Both of these films serve as great comparison models for our film, “The Doorway” in budget, style, and story with the exception of the fact that our film has the added advantage of being “inspired by true events”, which greatly increases the marketability and potential profitability of a horror genre film.

The Market
The strategy of making films in well-established genres has been proven time and time again to be a smart and sound choice for production. Traditionally, the fortunes of independent filmmakers have always cycled up and down from year to year. The recent success of independent films, such as “Sideways,” “Lost in Translation” and “Paranormal Activity” has ensured the independent segment will continue the growth spurt started in the 1990s.

Distribution Strategy
The motion picture industry is highly competitive with a significant portion of a film's success relating to the skills of its distributor's marketing Strategy. The Doorway Committee, LLC intends to submit the completed film to the most prestigious and successful annual film festivals for the horror genre as well as non-specified and widely recognized film festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival (Park City, Utah - January), Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto, Canada - September), and The Cannes Film Festival (Cannes, France – May), and will use best efforts to negotiate with a distributor upon or near completion of principal photography prior to entering any film festival. Combining this strategy with and intense viral Internet and multi-media campaign will maximize the Company's bargaining power and increase the potential profit the film may earn.

Investment Opportunity
The Doorway Committee, LLC seeks only $25 thousand dollars in capital to fund the motion picture production of "The Doorway." The Doorway Committee, LLC proposes to secure all its moneys from private investors and venture capitalists. Using a conservative, selective revenue projection, and an assumption of general industry distribution agreements, the Company projects gross revenue from the initial sale of the film to a distributor and/or studio to be approximately $50 - 150,000 thousand dollars with a net producer/investor income of 50 percent of initial investment as well as the generous tax breaks and credits given by the state of Georgia for such film investments that may reach as high as 30 percent of the original amount invested for "The Doorway." The Doorway Committee LLC, will upon negotiation of amount initially invested also give said investor Producer, Co-Executive Producer, or Executive Producer credit on the film and a percentage of royalties and profits after the sale and distribution of the film commiserate with the amount invested and as are indicated by the individual agreement agreed upon before the initial investment is made.

Our goal is to produce a motion picture that will entertain, thrill, surprise by being innovative and yet still refreshing the spirit of true independent filmmaking through well-written and classic story-telling at its finest.

“The Doorway” will break new ground in both the independent film arena and the horror genre by weaving actual historical events and innovative fiction with a real-life raw experience that will leave the audience horrifically thrilled and wonderfully entertained in a way that no forerunner in the genre has been able to achieve. We will convey an immense amount of experience, expertise, and
professionalism into the production of “The Doorway” while simultaneously capturing the true emotional experience of eager actors and filmmakers who are committed to make the absolute best film possible as a labor of love.

The Doorway Committee, LLC was formed in 2011 in Georgia by producers Wayne Davis and Chase Smith and writer/director, Chase Smith, for the sole purpose of producing the motion picture, “The Doorway.”

Collectively, the production team, cast, and crew of “The Doorway” has come together with the unified vision and intent of making a ground-breaking film in both the low-budget independent film arena and the horror genre. With a unified and collective vision, of so many talented people willing to give their time and talents without the promise of profit, investing in such a venture is an investment far greater than any other common investment available because it is an investment in people who believe in a project (film) enough to risk their own time, money, and talents to the best of their abilities to see not only great finished product but also a great financial reward.

The Company
The Doorway Committee LLC.
Confidentiality Notice
This document and the information contained herein, is provided solely for the purpose of acquainting the reader with “The Doorway,” Wayne Davis, Chase Smith, and The Doorway Committee, LLC. It is proprietary information to the company. By accepting this document, the recipient agrees to keep the contents in strictest confidence and not to reproduce or further distribute it without the express written consent of an officer of The Doorway Committee, LLC. (Limited to Wayne Davis and Chase Smith) This document is solely a business plan covering aspects of the motion picture industry and the
proposed film "The Doorway." This business plan is not to be construed as an offering for securities.

Submitted Wed Aug 10 23:00:27 2011 EDT
By: chase smith,
snellville, georgia, USA

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Aug 16, 2011
almost there
by: Anonymous

We are getting very close on this film...All we need is a little help and we can take off! It is a great story and unique in the horror world...we'd love your help!

Aug 15, 2011
Fund raiser INDIEGOGO
by: Anonymous

WE NEED EVERYONES HELP THIS WK!...Our New Campiagn Started!If You havent contributed (all we ask is a few bucks) please do! If U have Please send it to out for us
Be a part of the Challenge,Contribute to the campaign and get a limited edition BTC T Shirt & more. Link below

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