The Dragonphoenix Chronicles : Indomitable Independent Fantasy Feature Film Pitch

by Thanos Kermitsis

Indomitable teaser poster

Indomitable teaser poster

"The Dragonphoenix Chronicles: Indomitable" is going to be a sword & sorcery feature film, set in the fictional world of Elebros, from the Greek fantasy comic book series "The Dragonphoenix Chronicles". "The Dragonphoenix Chronicles" is an award winning comic book series by Yannis Roumboulias, award winning comic book artist, and is the first fantasy comic series that has ever been published in Greece(first published in 2005).

It has won several Comicdom Awards, including Best Ongoing Series and Best Artist.

The Story

Set 200 years after the events of the comic book series, the story begins in the far lands of the North, near Nosvaldy,now ruled by the Dragonphoenix Empire, which also controls most of the world of Elebros.

There, we meet Dragar, a Barbarian who has been captured by the slave trader Flavius for 4 years and forced to participate in brutal pit fights for coin and glory.
Fate brings Dragar near his homeland once more, as Flavius leads him and other pit fighters to the Villa of the Imperial General Akilonius, to participate in games, thus honoring the birthday of the General's daughter, the spoiled Valeria.

Dragar's thoughts are always with his wife, Brenna, which he hasn't seen for 4 long years.

A chance presents itself to Dragar and he manages to escape the Villa, taking Valeria, the general's daughter as hostage, in order to gain safe passage to his homeland. Furious for his daughter's abduction, Akilonius hires a strange bounty hunter, Falco , and his band of mercenaries, in order to track down Dragar and Valeria.
And the hunt begins...Dragar will do anything in order to get back to his wife, and won't bow to anyone. His path will be paved with many dangers and surprises...but Indomitable.

The story also draws elements and themes from "Homer's Odyssey",you could say it's a smaller..more ..twisted and dark version.It's a character driven,homecoming story,with action,drama,funny moments and interesting characters.

The screenplay is complete, along with some concept art. The Casting is also complete(and you can see it by visiting the official site of the film at,
and our plan is to begin shooting after September 2011,when we cover the expenses that we'll mention below.
Currently we 're doing the location scouting and other various preparations.

Why we are doing it

First of all, we have always been fans of the sword & sorcery and the fantasy genre, it's a genre we grew up with and we love it and respect it.

This is going to be the First Sword and Sorcery Film based on a greek comic book that has ever been produced here in Greece. Here, Greek films are mostly comedies and dramas. Nothing else. Not even action flicks, not to mention something as ambitious as a fantasy film.

We love to tell stories, and we believe that this is a story worth telling and sharing with the rest of the world. That's why we called it "Indomitable". The main character will bow to noone and fight for his beliefs till the end, and we, as filmmakers, will also "bow to noone",meaning that we will not make yet another comedy or drama(just because our film industry prefers such "recipes"), but also show that greek filmmakers can make a different genre, and make it succesfully.

Who we are

Both Yannis Roumboulias and myself (Thanos Kermitsis) along with Sound designer Antonis Koutelias and others, have been making films since 2005,when we discovered that Cinema is our passion.

Since then we have come a long way(myself having graduated from New York College-Film & TV Studies department in 2010), and have shot 4 short films and 2 feature films within six years, all independent and with low to zero budget. We have been through many hardships, made many mistakes but also learned many valuable things from this process and have also won several awards for our work (Our 2010 short film "Remnant" has won 3 awards, "Best International Short Film" at Swansea Bay Int Film Festival in Wales, May 2010, 2nd Award in Argo International Film Festival in Volos, Greece, August 2010, and "Royal Reel Award" in Canada International Film Festival, Vancouver, April 2011 and has also been nominated in two more festivals, one in the UK and one in Ireland).

Our newest short film,"Troglodytes", was runner up for "Best International Short" in Staffordshire Festival of Performing Arts, won an "Honourable Mention" in Los Angeles Movie Awards,2011 and also won the "Best Greek Short Film" Award at the Cyprus International Film Fesival,2011.

We consider ourselves big fans of Robert E. Howard's Conan stories, J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, Fritz Leiber, Karl Edward Wagner, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and of course fans of films such as "Flesh & Blood", "Conan the Barbarian"(1982), "Fire and Ice", "Krull", "Dragonslayer","Willow", "Ladyhawke", "The 13th warrior" ,and of course newer productions such as "Lord of the Rings", "Centurion", "Solomon Kane", "Spartacus: Blood and Sand", "Game of Thrones" and more.

Not to mention that we all (well,most of us) are active D&D players for many years ...

We have so far worked, against all odds, without funding, trying to achieve a good and decent result with a low budget, but with high creativity.

We represent a new breed of greek filmmakers,with love and passion for what we do,and with dreams and a vision to add a different and at the same time fresh touch to our industry.

With our previous work we have proved that a good film doesn't require a lot of money in order to be made,and our wish is not to gain something out of all this,but just to cover our expenses and make our dream and vision a reality.

You can find details about all above activities and filmography of our Production Team :UNDERWORLD FILMS in our website :
I believe that images ,and stories, speak louder than words, especially for a filmmaker, so, you can view our most representive films here:

Troglodytes (our latest short film, completed in 2011)-->


Our Vision for the Film

We have a very clear vision of what we want from this film. As the director of the film, i can tell you this; It's all about the characters, their relationships, the atmosphere and the story itself ,which i find very interesting.

Therefore, we will not use any CGI , we will have practical effects and practical effects only, and will emphasize on the landscapes, the characters, and the story itself, in a kind of "old school" approach.

Not having any CGI doesn't mean that the film won't have any action at all..we're talking about sword and sorcery here dear friends! What's sword & sorcery without swordfights, magic, blood, landscapes(and perhaps the occasional nudity)?

We have been Independent Filmmakers since 2005, and we keep learning something new every day, but still, we believe that we know how to use the new technology to our advantage.

We have our own equipment, but we definately need to upgrade it for the purposes of the film and also buy/rent some equipment as well.

The film will be shot in Greek,with English subtitles.

Our goal is to shoot the film, put all our love and our being into it, and make something to be proud of.
After the post-production stage is over, we will seek distribution, hoping that the film will find its way to the cinemas(or dvd),both in Greece and abroad of course!

What we need & What you get

What we actually need for this film to happen(and mainly to get a good result) is funding, and the funds will be exclusively used to:

*Pay our Cast and Crew

Buy and rent equipment
*Buy Costume materials and accessories
*Buy Makeup materials
*Build some Sets and set materials
*Buy and create Props
*Pay the Cast and the Crew
*Permits for shooting and rent places for shooting
*Training (sword)
*Travel expenses

In return for the support and contribution, we have several perks, where you can have your name listed in the special thanks or even as an Associate Producer or Executive producer, and lets not forget several "goodies" such as photos from the film signed by the cast and crew, posters, copy of the film itself ,hand made sketches ,and of course the Official Artbook of the Film.

So if you are a fan of the sword & sorcery genre, a fan of the "Dragonphoenix Chronicles" comic book(or want to be one!),if you're someone that's looking for a "break" in the film industry, if you just want to be part of such a project, or if you just enjoy to see swords, blood, barbarians and magic, you've come to the right place.

We all realize that this is an ambitious project, but nonetheless, we always love a good challenge and we will make it through, because we have faith in the project itself and our capabilities, and that's where you come in, dear friends, with your contribution and support, you become part of the project and help to make it happen!

Indiegogo Campaign page:

You can contact us by email at

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