The Last Night of the living dead

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The Last Night of the living dead

by Nathaniel Osborne
(Pound, V.A.)

Im from a small town in v.A. and all my life iv loved zombie movies. and im no director or anything. im just a average 19 year old kid and iv always had a thing for being in a movie. and my idea for the movie is a zombie movie with a real good director independnt or not. and id like to play the leading role in this movie as a troubled teen whos father had killed his self when he was young. because that is true my father did. and have this movie be base off night of the living dead and the movie the faculty. like a high school type movie. and at the begining of this movie have it take place in a high schhol as the kids start getting sicker and ppl in the small town get sick. until one day the boy goes to school and while they are in class the outbreak starts. and tone of the teachers come in and turn the news on and they talk about it. and at that time caoses breaks out in the school and kids run to there cars to go home to there family. but when they get out side a ambulance is wreched outside and from the wreck the infected come after the school kids. and the troubled boy and his girlfriend and a few of there friends hope in there cars and as they go down town they see its been over ran with infected. so the troubled boy goes home and gets his guns. and when he goes home he finds his family has turned to the undead. and as a kid that knows pain from the loss of his father he kills his family. gets his guns and goes back 2 the high school were all the kids decide to hold up. and from there is when the fun starts.

But this is a idea. and i could play this role better then anyone. im a very athletic kid i played football and evertyhing. im a really muscaler and iv been around guns all my life and id know how to play a role like this. if any director or investors want to pick up on this the u dont know what that would mean to me. but iv had this idea on my mind for years and i had to get my idea out there.

i hope u guys like my idea. but theres still alot more things that needs to be added its just a rough draft. so any ideas or if someone wants to pick up on this plz let me know ill come for interview or casting whatever.

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