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THE MIST Documentary

by Viktor Gurov
(Russian Federation )

Russian Documentary

Russian Documentary

Russia. A small village surrounded by forests. To translate the name “Mga” – in English it sounds like “Mist”. The village is situated on the embankment of the river with the same name. On the embankment of this river there is a boarding school for blind children and children with weak sight.

Some builders – no one knows why and when they appeared among these forests- decided there should be a railway across the territory of the boarding school. The railway was constructed and then forgotten. And it has never been used.

But some children sometimes can hear the creak and crash of trains passing by. Adults always smile when the children tell them about it. The adults know it is not true. They think it is only children's imagination and fantasy. By the way, the majority of children have no idea what the trains look like. And they have heard about trains only from sighted teachers.

There is a legend among the blind and weak sighted children: if someone sees the train makes a wish, it will come true.

Some children stay for hours trying to hear the train. They really believe that in that train there will be everything they dream about: tasty food and parents who had left them among this deep forest. They will come and take the children. And will love them. The happiness itself will come in this train. And then all children’s dreams will come true.

A lot of them boast they have seen the train, made a wish that came true. But no one believes them. Because the life of those children hasn’t changed and parents haven’t come. And the majority of them are orphans. It means their dreams never come true...

This film is about the train which will come. By all means. And children will wait until it comes. And will see it. And every blind child of the world will have parents. And everybody will be replete and happy.

“The Mist” is a full-length documentary film (80'). It has clear dramatic structure and subject.
In addition, the film has visual images which help to understand better the inside world of blind and weak sighted children.
The film is shot in artistic style with beautiful frames of nature and children’s portraits.
There are a lot of songs and music in the film which are sang by children and adults.
The film creators' viewpoint is that every child has a right to be happy. They need to be understood by adults. And adults should see them from another position. From the position that these children are beautiful and handicapped opportunities are only stereotypes of our thinking. And we can help them become full-fledged and happy.

Why movie is interesting for viewer?

The issue of disabled child is free from state borders and nationalities. “The Mist” is not a movie about bad living conditions of blind children, is not about those complications which they should overcome adapting in contemporary society and not about the attitude of society to such children. All the more so because a significant amount of effort is invested around the world to provide for worthy life for adults and especially children who can not see with eyes. Even at that, the mysterious and great inner life by the wonderful faculty of seeing with heart is still behind the scene. And it does not matter if such child is brought up in poor rural boarding school or grows up with recent medical and technological advances, however he is athirst for understanding and acceptance. And we should see them from position of their uniqueness.

The project is on the initial stage of postproduction period. The film is already shot and dubbed. The music, songs and poems are already recorded. The deadline is February, 2012.

i've decided to shot this film because once I've seen the blind kid touching the the tree. I've tried to imagine how did this tree look like for the blind kid. And I've understood that I knew nothing about it.
Next day I've found in the Internet the addresses of boarding schools for blind children and have chosen the most distant from the city I lived in.
My trip took many hours and I was thinking about how did they live in a darkness.
The first thing I've seen when I came to the boarding school - was completely blind boy who was riding a bicycle.
I decided to tell people about blind children of this boarding school and to shoot a film about them.
Emotional and inspiring film about love, dreams, aspirations and inner strength of blind and visually impaired children.
The film is about the first love ...
The film is about friendship and loyalty. Its about the sadness and sacrifice. The film is about the beauty and grandeur of the human spirit.
First love is always a very profound and fateful feeling. The idea of it we have from our own experience, but did we have an experience of love without sight? How this vulnerable feeling is is felt in hearts of children with such disabilities?

Not only is love the theme of the film. Beyond stories of love, it is important to tell about the children themselves. How do they live? What do they think? What is the sadness of a blind child? What kind of melody plays in his heart? What is the joy of a blind person? Not many people know the answers to these questions.

The attitude towards people with disabilities characterises the nation, its culture, and values. Of course, it depends on the value of the human life for the society. Since that the aim and the main idea of this project is to instill not only a tolerant attitude to the blind and visually impaired children, but also to show that the world of little people is moving and interesting, has great feelings, troubles, sorrows and joys. This world is no less valuable and beautiful than the world of children who are lucky enough to see.

Children with disabilities are the whole universe, not fully understood by us.
So, the crew of the film "Mist" will try to discover this subtle, barely perceptible, special world of children living in the dark ...

I'm involved in this project because it excites me as when I think about it I feel pain in my heart.

Description of work samples:

We would like to show you a seventeen-minute presentation of the documentary “The Mist”
In the presentation main characters, features of their personalities and their social environment are given. Besides that, the presentation gives the idea of the emotional atmosphere of the film, its style and the method of shooting.
Some episodes from the presentation will be included in the film without any changes, some of them are a rough cut.
The song which can be heard in the presentation is original, as well as all the music in the film. It means it was written specially for “The Mist”. All in all there are two original songs in the film. The songs, the poems and all the music in the film except the march “Proschanie slavyanki” was written by the creative group of “The Mist” It can be also mentioned that the poems were written by a very gifted child – they are adultly profound and sincere.
The presentation is musically framed, because the film will be musical too.The songs are sung in and out the frame. Almost all the characters are singing: in a choir, or with a guitar, or without musical accompaniment
The musicality of the film is its merit as the hearts of blind heroes are really pure and sincere. And the music reflects the richness of their inner world.

The information about the director, scriptwriter and producer:

The name: Victor Gurov
The place of birth: Novosibirsk.
The date of birth:14. 08. 1975
The current place of living: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
The education: the higher education, a vocational degree in documentary directing, kyiv state university of cinema and the theatre.
Shot biography

I was born in 1975 in Novosibirsk, Russia. I've spent my childhood in the orphanage. After I’ve graduated from it I just lived and educated myself. I studied the World Literature.
In 1998 I've entered the faculty of documentary movie directing in the University. In 2003 I've graduated from it. I worked as a director on Ukrainian and Russian TV. I shot the films and programs of social importance such as the problem of violation of children's rights.
In 2011 I've decided to finish with the television and make the author's documentary films.
I'm married. I have a son, 16 years old.

Country: Russian Federation
INDEX: 195176
LOCATION: St. Petersburg, Bolʹshaya Porohovskaya 34/128
tel: +7 911754 0203

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