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The Order Independent Film Pitch

by Omole-Ohonsi Oluwole
(Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria)

The Order Independent film Pitch

The Order Independent film Pitch

An action-thriller in an African country of Nigeria. A teenage girl is kidnapped and kept in a torture camp so as to bow to the will of her captors and lead the child labor revolution.

VERA is a young girl who has known sorrows for the most part of her life. Her mum's death coupled with the ill-treatment she receives from her step mum has made her a withdrawn and sorrowful child. Her miserable life goes from bad to worse when she's kidnapped while trying to get a better life from her
god mother (PAMELA) who gets killed in the process of her abduction.

She's kept in a toture camp inside an unfamiliar forest with other teenagers about her age all waiting to be sold out for prostitution, rituals and child labour. They receive training from different guards who are headed by CHIKA and LEGENDO who all report to the EMPRESS (A lady who we can't see till the end).

After two unsucessful attempts to escape from the VALLEY (The place where the hostage are held), She decides to forge a formidable relationship with four other teenagers ISABEL, DAMI, KELECHI and LOLA who all share the same passion to overcome the toture and plot their escape.

The plot thickens as Lola goes on to betray them and that subsequently leads to the death of Kelechi. The remaining three girls are torn apart with grief and they begin to wane out in their resolve to overcome the evil that exists in valley. While trying to get back their strength, Chika suprisingly offers to help them and then they begin to dicover that the order is far bigger than what they actually see there but the identity of the Empress still remains a mystery to them.

Chika is caught to be helping them and she's killed by hanging adding to the grief and wearing out the resolve of the girls but Vera's mum (VANNESA) appears to her strengthening her and she in turn charges the others to finish the task they set out on.

On the day of their final escape, The Empress reveal's herself to Vera and she finds out that she's Pamela, her god mother. She explains how she staged her own death and is responsible for even the death of her mother. Vera is left devastated but she doesn't give up as she leads the others out of the toture camp of the valley.
The final escape is long and hectic which they couldn't do alone but yet again got surprise help from Legendo who had been working secretly on Chika's side. In the process of protecting their escape, he gets killed and the three girls have to do it alone. Vera unknowingly steps into a trap and can't get out. Isabel and Dami tries all they can but to no avail. After many unsuccesful attempts, they leave her as she decides to take her fate in her own hands. The pursuing guards and Pamela meet up with her and she's shot at point blank range.

The movie climaxes at Vera's graveside where Isabel, Dami, Vera's Dad and the captives of the valley who are now free come to pay their last respect. Its a pitiful site as Isabel thanks her for the life and freedom she has been used to give to the children of the Valley telling she died a matyr and in turn admonishes inhabitants of our world to desist from incresing the mortality rate in children by creating artificial conflicts and vices which negate the reasons for the existence of the Child.

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