Upside Down Grants Disability Shorts

by Bonita Hutchison
(Park City, UT, USA)

Upside Down Grants -Turn perception of disability upside down (Shorts)

Upside Down Grants -Turn perception of disability upside down (Shorts)

Do you want to “Turn perception of disability upside down?” One Revolution Foundation will award 4 $5,000 grants to fund short films (3-7 minutes) that embrace the message of our Founder, Chris Waddell (Paralympian), “It’s not what happens to you. It’s what you do with what happens to you.”

The application process will open in October of 2016, applications are due January 15, 2017.

One Revolution is an organization on a mission to turn perception of disability upside down. Upside Down Grant films must tell a story that changes the perception of people with disabilities. We are not just seeking athletes, we want stories from every walk of life that turn perception of disability upside down: athletes, musicians, artists, volunteers and people and stories that we’ve never even considered. We want to help them tell their story to a broader audience.

- Tell a story. Your short film must tell a story not just make an observation.
- Films must be 3-7 minutes in length, unless otherwise approved.
- Final submissions must be in high-resolution formats.
- One Revolution reserves the right to display your final and/or rough product and/or your likeness as displayed in the film, as it wishes for promotional and mission serving purposes. This includes but is not limited to use on the One Revolution website, release via social media outlets, local, regional and national media outlets and displays at One Revolution events including film screenings, Nametags™ Educational Programs, fundraising events and film screenings.
- You must finish your project, filming and editing, by December 15, 2016 or we reserve the right to request a full refund.
- Grants are available to individuals, groups or organizations.
- You must submit a budget and timeline.
- The projects with the greatest potential will be awarded grants.
- One Revolution is currently working on plans to launch a themed film festival. If your project is selected for a grant you will automatically be submitting your film. If it is financially feasible you must attend the festival.
- You will credit One Revolution’s Upside Down Grants, both on paper materials and onscreen.

Criteria for Selection:
- Significance and Originality: Will the project capture an audience? Does the project turn perception of disability upside down?
- Plan of Action: Is the project well defined? Are you likely to produce a finished product within the allotted time period?
- Likelihood of Success: Is the project feasible given time and budget constraints?

Funding Criteria:
All funds will be awarded in phases to ensure a quality, completed product:
- $2,000 Upon award
- $3,000 After a call with our film committee that will outline deadlines, expectations, and story development. If you have story content changes and/or team changes, they must be disclosed at this time. Should you have changes in story after this time, One Revolution must approve the changes.

For more information, please contact, Bonita Hutchison, Executive Director at or call 435-655-2655 (we are happy to discuss any and all submission ideas prior to application)

All applications will be reviewed by a committee of filmmakers, One Revolution board members, and other interested professionals. Applicants will be required to participate in a phone interview prior to final awards.

Bonita Hutchison | Executive Director
One-Revolution Foundation
Office: 435-655-2655

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