Wasting Rules Independent Film Pitch

by Jeremy Dickie
(Norman, OK, USA)

Wasting Rules

Wasting Rules

Wasting Rules Director/Camera Operator Jeremy Dickie Actor/1st Assistant Cameraman Andrew Ryan Milke

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to view our project site! In the summer of 2010, my business partner and I started our own film production company, Ah Nuts! Productions, after we had spent years developing our talents as writers and filmmakers. Through the years, we have written numerous script drafts, had countless script readings and have finally put together a crew to begin production in January 2011. Now all we need is the funding to bring it all together. This is where you all come in!

Through donations, we plan on using state of the art filmmaking technology and incredible talent in front of and behind the camera! With your help, you will be on the forefront of the new, budding film industry in Dallas, TX.

When award-winning writer Tom Lewis came to me with this story, it truly inspired me and I want to share my vision of it with as many people as possible. I am using a variety of different techniques to create a film that has the feeling of a drama that you can't help but laugh at come-to-life. Using the richly designed and highly innovative RED camera technology, images will be beautifully rendered and 'filmed' with the first digital camera that has surpassed the physical look of film. While camera movements and focal lengths will add depth and texture to each scene, the unimaginable level of manipulation that can be accomplished in post-production will allow us to focus on bringing this amazing story to life.

My hope is to finish by summer of 2011 and to enter "Wasting Rules" in several film festivals.

The money raised through Kickstarter will be used to fund every aspect of the filmmaking process including original music and special effects, as well as for the process of combining all of these elements: rendering, compositing, sound design and editing. There are also hardware and software needs in order for me to create everything at high resolution (2K) so that the finished film will be able to screen theatrically.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and will help us finally see this project in it's finished, final form. Please tell your friends! We can't do this without your support!

Contact info:
Jeremy Dickie

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Nov 14, 2010
RE: What is the film about?
by: Jeremy Dickie

Thanks for your comment!

The main thematic conflict of our male protagonist is between honesty and self deception, the latter of which is fueled by a mix of societal expectations, and familial pressures. After a lifetime of self-restraint, he finds himself unable to carry through with the act of sexual intercourse because a yet unresolved view that sex as a sinful and frowned upon act is strong enough to overpower his desire to finally step away from the restriction of his childhood and bachelorhood. He has been told that marriage offers a life and thus personality changing experience which, for him, should mean that his sexual and emotional inhibitions should, by the magic of the union itself, be dissolved. However, he discovers that this, in fact, is not the case, in turn prompting him to question himself pointlessly. Many of the things he proclaims about himself prove to be unfounded.
In contrast, his male dramatic foil is vocally blunt and abusively honest, though this is also an extension of self deception. We find that this character has no precedent of waiting and is often completely unrestrained in his actions to a fault. Rather than making the obvious choice with this character and forcing him to realize that he needs some semblance of meaning in his life, he must have an equivalent resolution to the protagonist. We find that he has made the choices in his life with a similar cognizance in that he feels that, through certain actions, he will in some way step into the tangible realm of adulthood and self respect. He will through the prompting of the protagonist, ultimately renounce this notion and accept himself for who he is. He is unmarried but attempts with varying levels of success to be a womanizer.

A major concept that is explored by this film is the effect of patience on the desirability and quality of experiences. Furthermore, the film will explore the behavioral effect that abstinence has on young people who desire acceptance from their community through adherence though not necessarily understanding of its principles. This film is not an attack on those principles themselves, but rather the way in which they are taught and the unsuccessful dynamics that arise from them.

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