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FilmProposals Business Plan Services and Consulting are designed to help all independent film makers create the best feature film, indie film or short film project with the highest chances for worldwide success. We offer a variety of services to suit all budgets, having worked with 1000s of filmmakers and film investors throughout our 18 years in the film financing business.

30 Minute Consultation

Jump on a call with our seasoned professionals to ask anything specific to your film project. Topics often covered include:

- Are you the right people to write our business plan?
- What types of Investors should I approach based on the merits of my film?
- How can I gain more connections in the industry?
- What type of distribution deal do you think is best for our film?
- Can we talk through a specific section of our business plan?

1 Hour Consult -OR- Simple Business Plan Review

Book an hour long call (same as the 30 minute call above) or get a Professional Business Plan Review. We provide written feedback on your plan and analyze it from an investor's perspective. We challenge and question your financials and distribution model, correct for grammar and typos, and most importantly, ensure you've already answered any and all questions an investor may have about how their money will be used and what their ROI will be.

Detailed Business Plan Review

This includes our Simple Business Plan Review, with an additional session of feedback. Our initial simple review, and then another review session after you've made initial changes. We can also schedule a call that will include Investor Preparation where we ask you the tough questions, especially the ones we've seen challenge filmmakers and lose an investor's interest on the spot. This review will make you THE most prepared for your investor outreach and meetings.

Business Plan Sections - Done For You

Just need help with a specific part of your business plan? We can write just specific modules and sections of your business plan. Pricing is per section and the offer includes as many of the following as you choose: The Industry, The Market and/or Film Investment Overview.

Usual turnaround time: 1-2 weeks

Per Section

Professional Sales Projections Done for You Prepared by Nash Info Services

Financial Projections and Comparable Films completed by the industry's leading finance and movie statistics  experts, the movie data gurus behind, who created our Indie Film Database. Professional reports include Investor ROI scenarios, Domestic & International Analysis and Comparable Films Analysis.

Usual turnaround time: 1-2 Weeks

This Do-It-For-You Service is included with select Film Financing Bundles or you can purchase it as a stand alone service.

Learn More

Complete Film Business Plan

A professional, complete Film Business Plan with all sections and financial projections completed by our experts. We will walk through the Plan with you and coach you for investor meetings (includes multiple Business Plan Reviews). Filmmakers must provide us with their management bios, film synopsis, target market demographics, budget and tax credits and an initial distribution strategy plan.

Usual turnaround time: 2-3 weeks

You may schedule a 30 minute consult call in advance of buying our complete film business plans, as we believe discussion can be beneficial to both our businesses. If we proceed with a complete business plan, the cost of the initial call will be deducted. We are happy to split the payment into 2 payments of $1400 each and can invoice you via Paypal. The first payment is a deposit and the second payment will be upon completion of your Business Plan.


Just want to thank you for your materials and help over the past year. I could not have raised the $1.5 million or made this film without the materials you provided -- and for $99? The bargain of my career!

Film Business Plan

We recently purchased your film proposal program and we have found it to be one of the best investments we've done for our company. We want to proceed with the business plan review and gather your feed back!
- J, L & V, Producers

Film Proposals was the best investment! When I presented my project to my investor, they were blown away how prepared I was and rarely see filmmakers have half the documents I supplied. It showed that I was serious as a filmmaker and as a business person. I purchased the Gold package with the PPM. The PPM took all the heavy lifting off and saved me so much money that would of cost me thousands from an attorney. The package got me prepared from business plan to financials. I did my research on my film and similar films and just plugged in the info. I had everything prepared and professionally done. On top of that, they offered a review after I followed the steps they gave me.
- Angelo, September 2020

Why Work With Professionals?

You are going to work hard - on both your film and film financing. Getting in front of an investor is extremely tough, as any successful filmmaker will tell you. But, the hardest step in film financing is getting the actual funding in your account and you want nothing standing in your way. Don't take a chance by having one misspelled word or incorrect calculation come between you and your filmmaking dreams.

Think about it - you are asking people, often strangers, to give you their money, by dazzling them with your filmmaking abilities, which include a 'strong attention to detail.' Given that your investors have a 1 in 20 chance of ever seeing their money again, how much of a chance are you willing to take with a sub-standard Business Plan?

Do you know what the competition looks like? We do! Get an expert review to identify the areas that could change your destiny!

Our Film Proposal practice specializes in:

  • Helping independent filmmakers prepare their film proposals
  • Maximizing your chances for funding and overall film project success
  • Teaching you to think like an investor
  • Preparing you for meetings with potential and current investors
  • Understand funding for Feature and Indie films

Becoming knowledgeable about film financing now is sure to make financing easier and faster and allow you more control over your projects throughout your filmmaking career. Please do not think Film Financing is a one-time process - even the most famous and successful film makers have and continue to face film financing challenges.

How to Schedule Your Business Plan Review

  1. You have up to one year from date of purchase to schedule your first Review Session
  2. Reply to the email you received with the subject "Thank You for your Film Financing Package #3 Purchase" or "Thank You for your Film Financing Package #4 Purchase" and let me know you're ready to schedule
  3. If you don't have the original email, you can Contact FilmProposals Here, and you MUST include your Date of Purchase and Paypal email used.
  4. In your email, tell us where you are with your Business Plan, any places you'd like to focus specifically, how you plan to raise funds (if you know) and attach both your current plan and financial projections.
  5. If we are not able to schedule live sessions (phone or another method), the verbal coaching might be a video screencast session rather than a live call or even additional and more detailed emails
  6. The Review may also be used as support or coaching towards helping you finish your plan (in lieu of a review)
  7. The Business Plan Review includes ROUGHLY 3 hours of FilmProposals time. Sometimes it is more, and sometimes it less. The MORE you have accomplished with your plan, the more you will get out of the review and coaching.

It's HARD. It's WORK. It's WORTH it!!!!

Be Motivated. Be PERSISTENT and always just know, you will succeed.

Hopefully, FilmProposals will help you do just that.

- signature

The business plan info really opened my eyes to how a lot of this business is so dependent on a sound business plan...and that creativity does not have to be compromised.--More Business Plan Reviews

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Coming Through the Rye

Just want to thank you for your materials and help over the past year. I could not have raised the $1.5 million or made this film without the materials you provided. The bargain of my career!
- James Sadwith, Producer, Writer, Director, Coming Through the Rye

Inside Sportfishing

Finished my deck on Friday. Got it into a few potential investor’s hands over the weekend, and by Monday had 3 out of the 10 available memberships spoken for at $160K each. The revenue projections and film comparable services by NASH, along with the business plan and pitch deck templates were instrumental in presenting the project in such a way that financially minded potential investors could understand the movie business, the market and how my project could possibly give them a substantial ROI.

Melissa was amazing throughout the entire process. Always there to answer any questions. Couldn’t have done it without you guys. Can’t thank you enough. Best money I’ve ever spent.
- Michael F, Executive Producer, Inside Sportfishing (March 2021, Gold + Financials Bundle)