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I love to hear from FilmProposals site visitors. As much as I'd love to answer every question received personally, I am just one person, so I do my best to answer all questions on the site. Here are some of the top questions and ways to be answered on FilmProposals:

  • Promotion and Advertising on FilmProposals - do you want to promote your latest film pitch, movie or service to a huge global network of filmmakers, producers, directors, potential investors and distributors? The BEST way to be featured on FilmProposals is to offer value Indie Filmmaker Tips and we give you tons of ideas and ways to promote yourself on FP. We have pretty specific guidelines, but if you follow them, you can have permanent, free advertising on Filmproposals. At this time, we do not offer any standard banner placements or generic advertising.
  • Looking for Film Investors - If you are NOT a FilmProposals customer, we wish you the best of luck. Please don't email us. Read More.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Page - over 90% of submissions we receive fall into this category and do not receive responses as the answers are already on FilmProposals.
  • FilmProposals Site Search

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Only for Private FilmProposals Website Business Contacts. This form is strictly for (the website) business. No questions regarding Film Making, Investing, Producing or Publicity questions will be accepted. Questions previously answered on Filmproposals will NOT receive a response.

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Seeking Film Investors

For those of you planning to email to ASK for money...or ask for anything else...STOP. RIGHT. NOW! You've got it ALL WRONG.

Go back and learn to prepare for, attract, pitch and work with film investors. Or check out one of 1000s of ways to finance your movie.

Then review the following pages:

  1. The BIGGEST mistake Filmmakers make when contacting FilmProposals
  2. Frequently Asked Questions Page
  3. FilmProposals Feedback
  4. Or Try a FilmProposals Site Search

There IS Such a Thing as a Stupid Question

You know that saying, 'There's no such thing as a stupid question'? It is completely incorrect. Here are examples of stupid questions we receive on a daily basis:

  • "I have a great idea of movie and want to sell. Basically the idea is about vampires. Are you interested?"
  • "i have superb script nd m really intrested to make a movie so plz help me finance"
  • "have justed finished off with a screenplay. My question to you is do you wanna help me finance it. I can send it to you in case you are interested."
  • "Thanks connecting on Linked In. You betcha I'm looking for funding! How can you help?"

FilmProposals now has a WALL OF SHAME. If you email us with anything resembling the above questions, we will post your name and contact information on said Wall of Shame.

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Film Investor Guide

Are you really ready for film investors? You must demonstrate you take film investors seriously before investors will be serious about you. Learn the key steps you need to prepare for, attract, find and secure investors.

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Feedback & Testimonials

"Just finished post on our $1.5 million picture, Coming Through the Rye. I could not have raised this money or made this film without the materials you provided -- and for $99? The bargain of my career!"

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