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Do you have some great indie filmmaker tips to share with other aspiring or current filmmakers? Do you want to promote your latest film or service to a huge global network of filmmakers, producers, directors, potential investors and distributors? Here is a great opportunity to first pay it forward, and then promote your projects, products and services.

We want to hear ALL your best tips and ideas on raising funds, working with investors, best camera and equipment deals, editing software, distribution deals, crowdfunding, film festivals, grants, creative deals with talent and staff, product placement, fundraising....basically, anything at all that contributed to the bottom line that lead to the success of making your film.

Indie Filmmaker Tips

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Indie Filmmaker Tips - Article Ideas

The key to exposure within and outside the FilmProposals community is to write genuinely good, pay it forward, trustworthy type content. Some of the top read articles on FilmProposals, those that attract the most publicity worldwide, are those written by our guest authors. You all know the kinds of articles you read, share and promote - now you have a chance to write one and be promoted as the author with expertise in your field. Why does FilmProposals often get hired to write Film Business Plans? Because we offer over 1000 articles helping you to do it yourself. Here are some article inspirations to spark your creativity and we look forward to reading your ideas as well.

Example #1
You want to: Sell Film Budgeting Services
What to Write: Top 10 Film Budgeting Tips

Example #2
You want to: Promote Your New Movie
What to Write: Tell us how you raised your funds - Crowdfunding, investors, grants, product placement, tax incentives? or All the Equipment You Used (cameras, lens, audio, battery, editing software).

Example #3
You want to: Be Hired to Compose Music
What to Write: Ten Things to Consider When Composing or Choosing Music for your Film

Example #4
You want to: Find Film Distribution
What to Write: 10 Things I've Learned about Film Financing or Top Indie Filmmaker Equipment (what's in your film bag?) or 10 Ways to Get Product Placement or 10 Tips for Film Producers

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Example Articles and Site Promotion

Browse through some sample guest articles to get a feel for the quality and type of articles that will be accepted on FilmProposals.

Forbidden Power Movie Producing Tips

Forbidden Power Movie Producing Tips

Watch Forbidden Power on Amazon or Vimeo. Paul Kyriazi shares what he's learned producing & directing his 7th feature film, Forbidden Power, including how to attract top tier talent, the importance of passion, how modern technology benefits indie filmmakers, new distribution platforms that reward indie filmmakers with increased profits and why it's a great time for independent producers. Forbidden Power won 28 First-Place International Awards, including Best Picture, Best Science Fiction, Best Thriller, Best Actress. Previously, Kyriazi was the director of Omega Cop, Death Machines, One Way Out, Weapons of Death and Ninja Busters. Watch: Forbidden Power Movie

How to Attract Film Investors

How to Attract Film Investors

This is one of the most popular articles on our site, because it teaches independent filmmakers what they can do NOW to attract film investors, enhance their bottom line, and actually MAKE MONEY from their indie films!

Learn guaranteed ways of getting film financing and securing film distribution that makes money and attracts film investors at How to Attract Film Investors.

Finding Investors For Your Movie Project

Finding Investors For Your Movie Project

How do you find the people who have the money? Find out the ONE thing you absolutely need to get in touch with potential movie investors and learn the ONLY way to get highly paid professionals to pay attention and respond. Answers to these questions and more at Finding Investors For Your Movie Project.

(Note: See Jack Heape's Author Box at bottom)

Devouring Venus Movie Trailer

Devouring Venus Step by Step Successful Film Financing

HANDS DOWN, The Best Movie Trailer and Film Finance Tips EVER submitted to FilmProposals!!! Want to be a successful Film Writer, Director and Producer? Then read these SOLID GOLD tips from Marty Hardin, who was kind enough to walk us STEP by STEP through how he successfully raised his film financing for Devouring Venus!

Fundraising Tips to Finance Your Film

Fundraising Tips to Finance Your Film

Filmmaker Sue Lange has treated us to 7 Amazing Fundraising Tips to Finance Your Film! Believe it or not, there are people out there loathe to donate to your project via an online crowdfunding site. Lots of them actually. They don’t trust websites. They’re tired of creating an account with yet another user ID and password. They don’t do anything on the Internet at all. You may not realize it, but there was a time when there was no Internet and things still got done. Here’s a secret: a lot of things — maybe even most things — still get done off-line. Learn how Sue taps people for funds out in the real world with a live fundraising events she has successfully done for several films.

Film finance for independent filmmakers

Film Finance for Independent Filmmakers

Film Finance is one of the most difficult tasks an indie filmmaker will face. This is not because there is not money available or people interested in indie film investment. Rather, it is most often because indie filmmakers tend to approach the business-side of film making with trepidation at-best, or not at all, at-worst. Learn more about: Vital Steps to Investment in an Indie Film Production

Guide to Impressing Film Investors

Ultimate Guide to Impressing Film Investors

Getting investors for your film is a full-time job - and here’s a warning: It’s a job for serious filmmakers only. In order to be successful, you have to commit yourself to working harder than you’ve ever worked in your life — possibly even harder than you did while making the film. If you want to impress investors, you’ll need to educate yourself thoroughly about every financial aspect of the film industry, from production and marketing distribution to foreign film rights. One of the most impressive things you can do for your pitch is show your vision with a film storyboard. A great storyboard bridges the gap between ideation and creation and can impress an investor. Essentially, your storyboard is a complete graphic novelization of your film, in which panels are used to express every key moment or crucial camera angle.

Jerry Movie Financing Tips

Jerry Movie Trailer

While filming Jerry, one of the most cost effective moves we made was to purchase rechargeable AA batteries to use with our sound equipment (2 Zoom H4Nswith a lavalier kit and boom Mic), which saved us quite a bit of money. Read more of Melody's tips at: Jerry Film Financing Tips.

Once A Clown Short Film Financing Tips

Once A Clown Short Film Financing Tips

Once A Clown Short Film was funded partially via crowdfunding, and partially through the use of my bank overdraft. While we did make the film, we learned in hindsight the best way to execute a crowdfunding campaign through a discussion with a former film producer. Read our top crowdfunding tips at: Once A Clown Short Film Financing Tips.

Devouring Venus Movie Trailer

Ek Paye Royecho Dariye Movie Tips - Filming with Non Actors

Robin Das, whose Indian movie Indian movie won the official selection to the FIAPF accredited Film Festival discusses using non-professional actors in a fictional movie. Das teaches guerrilla style filmmaking on a very low budget, while also winning several film festival awards. Read More: English Subtitle Bengali Feature Film

My Autopsy Movie Financing Tips

My Autopsy Movie Financing Tips

We did a lot of fundraising - including dinners at restaurants, a "paint and wine" night, and also benefit rock shows. A lot of our sets were donated, and it was cheaper to film in West Virginia than anywhere else. Crowdfunding has been an uphill battle as well. Read More: My Autopsy Movie Financing Tips.

More Indie Filmmaker Tips

High Strangeness Financing Tips (by Destiny West, Western Australia)

Australian Scifi/Horror feature film which we did on a budget of $3000, a lot of duct tape and imagination. We don't believe in waiting around hoping funding will come, we got stuck in and used our imagination and over a period of 2 years just filming on weekends and with only 2 crew members we were able to achieve two different versions of our film.

High Strangeness is a film about a woman who returns to her families old farming property and starts to experience 'high strangeness' and flash backs of being abducted by aliens and mkultra.

Wallet Movie Financing Tips

I shot this short film with the help of my DSLR NIKON D3300 and a bunch of other equipment I rented out which includes the Zhiyun Crane V Tech 2 and a rode mic for audio. I wrote a short script following a chase and run wallet stealing sequence and got 2 of my friends to act in it, whilst I shot the entire movie and directed it as well. I managed to sponsor myself by collecting some money working at internships and also a little financial help from my father. That's my story. Hope you enjoy the film! (by Aziz Vahanvat, Mumbai, India)

Amazing Independent NO BUDGET Film Tips

I created this movie from another idea I had and was working on but it just wasn't working out. Some of the actors, locations, weather..just nothing was going right. I had NO BUDGET creating this film just drive and ambition. Im looking for distribution. I really had my back against the wall and just had make it happen with what and who I had around me. Really didn't have much but my ideas, old broken stabilizer, a Panasonic GH4, 18-35mm Sigma Lens, and some amazing, ambitious, dedicated friends willing to try acting out.

I've directed and edited 100s of music videos, blogs, even a few vey old short films which in turn earned their trust at making a movie and not wasting their time. But none of those were my own projects. So with this film, having no budget I am the writer, director, dp, editor, colorist(I may have a pro do that), and producer. I even did audio, a lot of it is from an iPhone 7+ from me or one of the cast not in the scene would hold it up and out at the actors. Sometimes I hid the iPhone in their pockets too. I just did what I had to do to get it done with no excuses. I know my next article will be more about budgeting and equipment as I work my up the latter. I didn't let anyone give me excuses or let myself give myself excuses either!

"Friend Or Foe" a movie taking place in a run down neighborhood, Kensington, in Philadelphia, PA. Three friends going through hard times and financial problems try and take matters into their own hands and hit the rough streets of Philadelphia for answers. Stewie is an unemployed producer living in his moms basement waiting for the day an artist buys his beats. Bodiez is a rapper also, he recently lost a friend which has him striving harder to finally take music serious get paid from it. My-Nig is reserved, laid back caution guy who works in retail but hates it. Times in Philadelphia for a young African American male aren't easy or long-lived.

With no guidance the three are left to with each other to follow. Some how, some way they have to find a way to rise up out of their unwanted situations. They're plans are long-lived or thought out much but they attempt what they think is going to get them "a bag" or enough money to buy equipment, finance a rap career, and not work a 9-5 ever again. But it's not that long until they realize this isn't the way after a few failed attempts at trying to make money in the streets. One friend elevates things to another level when his anger and impulsive decisions take situations further than the other two were willing to take it. A long, tight, brotherly, friendship became an unnerving and untrustworthy one in no time due to rage. Its then when they're left with only one question about each other...Friend or Foe? (by Kahlik Burton, Philadelphia, PA)

More Indie Film Tips

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  • Be specific. If you discuss equipment, for example, don't just say Camcorder, be specific about the make and model number. If you talk about fundraising, tell us exactly if you used a business plan, attorney, crowdfunding, PPM, social media, investors, grants, product placement, tax incentives, friends and family, etc.
  • You may include your bio, movie or business at the end of each article (does not count toward the 500 words). Reciprocal links to your websites/films may be provided.
  • This is all about helping other filmmakers, so you must contribute your tips, lessons learned and thoughtful feedback that will help your successors. Submissions solely seeking self-promotion without offering valuable insight to other independent filmmakers will be deleted.
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1000 Ways to Finance Your Movie

1000 Ways to Finance Your Movie

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Just want to thank you for your materials and help over the past year. I could not have raised the $1.5 million or made this film without the materials you provided. The bargain of my career!
- James Sadwith, Producer, Writer, Director, Coming Through the Rye

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Finished my deck on Friday. Got it into a few potential investor’s hands over the weekend, and by Monday had 3 out of the 10 available memberships spoken for at $160K each. The revenue projections and film comparable services by NASH, along with the business plan and pitch deck templates were instrumental in presenting the project in such a way that financially minded potential investors could understand the movie business, the market and how my project could possibly give them a substantial ROI.

Melissa was amazing throughout the entire process. Always there to answer any questions. Couldn’t have done it without you guys. Can’t thank you enough. Best money I’ve ever spent.
- Michael F, Executive Producer, Inside Sportfishing (Gold + Financials Bundle)