How to Pitch to Film Investors

Practical Tips and Proven Fundraising Language

Your pitch to film investors might be your one opportunity to land the coveted prize...a film investment check! You've prepared for and found film investors. They were excited to learn about your offer via the compelling business plan you wrote and now, you actually have a meeting scheduled. Do you know what to say and how to say it so investors don't feel pressure, but rather, want to write you a check? Are you using every possible tool in your arsenal to get your film financed?

How to Pitch to Film Investors

Here are some basic steps to help you find investors, set the meeting to pitch to film investors and get them to commit. For details, and to unlock the true secrets to securing Film Investors, check out our Film Investor Tip Sheet.

How to Pitch to Film Investors Basics

  • Research films similar to yours and see who funded them
  • Send materials in advance
  • Set the call
  • Know your proposal and numbers
  • Tailor the pitch to each investor
  • Make the investor feel special
  • Instill confidence
  • Don't pressure investors - make them want to write you a check
  • Provide special perks for investors only
  • Prepare for the curve balls

Our Film Investor Tip Sheet includes practical tips, real world examples and proven fundraising language for every point above. You can never be too prepared when making your pitch to film investors.

Film Investor Tip Sheet

Do you know the best ways to pitch to a left-brain person vs. a right-brain one?

Do you know one, specific thing you can do for almost no money that immediately creates the Executive Producer vision in the investor's mind..and makes them want it?

Avoid the worst thing you can do with investors that will shred their confidence in you in a split second.

Pitch to Film Investor Tip Sheet

Our film investor tip sheet is filled with top tips from successful producers, industry experts and film financiers. The Film Investor Tip Sheet includes practical and easy implementable advice:

  • Specific places to find film investors that are interested in your film
  • Specific language you can use, proven to get the commitment and close the deal
  • How to accommodate your pitch to each investor and appeal to their brain type
  • Easy and inexpensive ways to appeal to film investors interests so they want to write you a check on the spot
  • What to say, how to say it, and how to instill confidence in your investors, even if you've never made a film before

We do not want our secrets to pitching film investors getting out to everyone. Only those very serious about making their films have access to our film investor tips and tricks. Find out more about how to download our Film Investor Tip Sheet, compiled from leading industry film financiers.

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