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Film Investors

The more you learn about the film business and the more you know about film investors and film financing, the more likely you are to find film funding. The most important thing to know about film investors is that you must offer them something. If your opening is "here is what I need," then you are not serious about film financing. You must demonstrate you take film investors seriously before investors will be serious about you.

Never open a conversation with what you want, but rather, start with what you are offering - WHAT THEY WILL GET!

The best way to do this is with a solid understanding of your film FROM a film investor's perspective. Want to learn more about film financing and how investors think? Read all our Film Investor articles.

10 Things You MUST Do To Attract Film Investors

10 Things You MUST Do To Attract Film Investors

We consider this THE MOST important article on this site. The 10 Things You MUST Do To Attract Film Investors have been cultivated over 17 years in the film industry and being able to work with 1000's of filmmakers and film investors. Our experience allowed us to analyze and learn from those who have achieved success and made their indie film vs. those we never hear from again. We lay out all the crucial steps to set you up to be the former - the successful indie filmmaker. Never contact a film investor until you've read this article.

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FilmProposals Tools and Templates

FilmProposals Business Plan Templates

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NEW! Filmmaker Legal Pack

FilmProposals is helping you retain full control over your film's Chain of Title, so your film, your producers and your investors are all protected and you will have a finished product you can legally sell. Having the correct Film Production Contracts in place on your film is crucial when investors, distributors, festivals and production companies are evaluating working with or investing in your project. You must make sure you own EVERYTHING that makes your film your film. In other words, you must have a clean "Chain of Title."

Some examples include story & music rights, cast & crew images, graphics, the script, rights to on location shoots and much more. If any of these important legal contracts is missing, you cannot legally sell your film since you won't own all of it! Funders and distributors will expect you have these signed and if not, could hinder your ability to get distribution or signed investors. Most film festivals require all these agreements to ensure you can even enter your film with them.

Filmmaker Legal Pack

  • Script Purchase Agreement
  • Script Option Agreement
  • Music Release / Composer's Work For Hire Contract
  • Cast and Crew Release Form
  • Deferred Compensation Agreement
  • Shooting Location Request & Release Agreement
  • Life Rights Agreement
  • Crowd Release Form

Our Filmmaker Legal Pack is included with our Platinum Bundle or can be purchased separately. Learn more about our Filmmaker Legal Pack.

Prepare for Film Investors

Preparing for Film Investors

Preparing for film investors is the single most important step in finding them. Too often, filmmakers think they are ready for film investors and the first thing they do is an online search for "movie investors" and email a potential investor blindly with something like, "I want to make a film and need $XX."

Maybe that's even what got you to this page. If so, we're here to turn the ASK upside down into what you OFFER. Learn exactly how to tell your financing story by preparing for film investors.

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For Film Investors (How, Why and Tips to Invest in Movie Production)

How to Invest in Movies

If you're looking to invest in movies, and not quite sure how to get started, our film investor primer is here to teach a lot of what you need to know, how to access filmmakers and productions and how to gauge a film's potential success. Our guide will cover how to invest in movies, how to become an accredited investor, an overview of how the film industry generates revenue and showcases some of our best filmmakers' projects looking for investments.

Learn More: How to Invest in Movies - Film Investor Primer

More for Film Investors:

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Attract Investors with Your Plan

Film Business Plan Tips

These film business plan tips will help you to attract investors and present the offer that gets their attention. The research process inherent to preparing a business plan forces you to look at the financing of other films and refine your precise film investor offer. This process will lead you straight to finding and securing the right investors for your movie.

Whether you use a business plan, private placement memorandum, or other fundraising vehicle, we want you to stand out from the crowd and pitch your project in a way that compels investors to write you a check now.

More on Film Business Plan Tips

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How to Find Film Investors

How to Find Film Investors

If you're convinced you can take the lazy approach to finding film investors by searching the internet and emailing people with something like, "I have a great project, email or call me," then skip these posts, because they will not help you.

When you are ready to make an offer, meaning you have done your research, prepared your plan and offering, and are really ready to speak to investors, then please check out our insider tips on How to Find Film Investors.

More on How to Find Film Investors

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Pitching Film Investors

Pitching Film Investors

Our tips and techniques on pitching to film investors will teach you practical tips, proven fundraising language, how to instill confidence in your investors, even if you've never made a film before, and exactly which industry sources to use to make an impact on film investors and have them want to write you a check on the spot. Don't waste your hard work by not being prepared for your meetings and calls.

Read more: Pitching to Film Investors

More on Pitching to Film Investors

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How to Work with Film Investors

Working with Film Investors

Working with film investors is a crucial step in moving your film project forward and vital to finishing a quality indie film. Many filmmakers think the hurdle is finding investors, but learning with whom and how to work, to protect both the investor and producer(s) is equally important and might make all the difference between a film that gets completed vs. one that ends up on the shelf.

Learn more: Working With Film Investors

More on Working With Film Investors

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Communicate Better With Film Investors

Impress Film Investors

Independent film investors want to see your passion, know you have "skin in the game" (you've contributed your own money or put serious thought to the finances) and you understand the entire production and distribution process. If you want a business person to part with their money, you MUST be able to successfully demonstrate their investment and ROI. Want to save yourself the mistakes so many others have made?

Read More: Impress Film Investors - Learn Their Lingo

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Film Investor Database

Sorry, filmmakers! There is NO "list of film investors" or 'database of film investors' for sale or free on the internet. Stop wasting your time now.

For those willing to do the work, there are names out there. Here is a whole bunch of film investor names. If you're prepared, have experience and connections, then these names can be very helpful. Just ask one of your friends who knows one of these people for an introduction.

But for those with little to no experience or connections, who want to take the lazy approach to finding investors, even if such a thing existed yesterday, by the time 5 film makers started contacting them, the investors would pull their names. Did you know there are roughly over 10,000 films looking for funding for every 1 potential investor? Can you imagine being a high net worth individual or company and having your contact information circulated?

Want proof? As always, anyone claiming to have a database of private Film Investors is a scam. Here are just some of the websites we've seen come and go over the years:

  • (alleged database of global film investors for $.10 per record)

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Film Investor Guide

Film Investor Guide

Film Investors and Tips

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Finished my deck on Friday. Got it into a few potential investor’s hands over the weekend, and by Monday had 3 out of the 10 available memberships spoken for at $160K each. The revenue projections and film comparable services by NASH, along with the business plan and pitch deck templates were instrumental in presenting the project in such a way that financially minded potential investors could understand the movie business, the market and how my project could possibly give them a substantial ROI.

Melissa was amazing throughout the entire process. Always there to answer any questions. Couldn’t have done it without you guys. Can’t thank you enough. Best money I’ve ever spent.
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