Film Investor Contract Template

Do Your Filmmaking tools include this information?

Film Investor Contract Question

I want to make a contract with my investitures but I don´t know how to write and most important what issues should I consider?

Do your Filmmaking tools include any of this information?

Thanks in advance for any support

- Mauricio, Mexico

FilmProposals Answer

Hi Mauricio:

This is a great question, thank you! FilmProposals always recommends you seek professional legal counsel when it comes to any and all paperwork discussing the exchange of funds between a film maker and their investors. The very fact you are asking these questions indicates you should obtain the services of an attorney to determine the best course of action for both you and your investors.

However, FilmProposals does offer a variety of templates, tools and articles to educate you on the film investment process, all designed to help you minimize attorney costs. Here are some areas for you to consider:

Film Investor Financing Templates - The Definitive Guide

Film Investor Financing Templates

If terms like Business Plan, Private Placement Memorandum, Finance Agreement, Investor Agreement, Producer's Package, Active and Passive Investors have your head spinning, check out our definitive guide to Film Investor Financing Templates.

Top of Film Investor Contract Template

How to use a Film Investor Agreement for Independent Financing

Film Investor Agreement

Film investors know the chances of receiving a profit are slim to none, yet they still want assurance their money is being handled the best way possible...but this is your film and you want to make sure you have control of your project. So, how do you ensure nothing is standing between you and an interested film investor? One way is by using a Film Investor Agreement.

Top of Film Investor Contract Template

Movie Investor Toolkit

Film Financing and Investor Manual

Do you have the right tools to create your film investor contract? Our Movie Investor Package outlines every step of the process so you can clearly analyze and explain your product, customers, budget, market and offer. Get a huge advantage over other Independent Filmmakers with our:

Many attorneys can charge you for the equivalent of a Business Plan, which you can easily do yourself with our Financing Package. However, only an attorney can craft an agreement between you and investors for the legal raising and distribution of funds.

The process of raising film financing is extraordinarily complicated and there is NO "one size fits all" film investor contract template available. Anywhere. Each situation is different and depends on the amount of funds raised, geographic location (country, state, city), film budget, investor types (active vs passive) and many more variables only an attorney can navigate on your behalf.

We wish you the best of luck on your project!

FilmProposals Recommended Entertainment Lawyer

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Ben Feldman, Feldman, Golinski + Reedy
Filmproposals highly recommends hiring our experienced film attorney, Mr. Benjamin Feldman, as legal counsel for your full cycle of motion picture and television needs, including independent and feature film production, domestic and international. Mr. Feldman has years of experience with SEC rules, Film Investor Agreements, Financing Agreements, Prospectuses, PPMs, co-production agreements, distribution agreements and crowd funding. For superior service and rates, make sure to tell Mr. Feldman, Entertainment Lawyer, you were referred by Melissa @ FilmProposals!

Top of Film Investor Contract Template

Movie Investor Toolkit

Speed through the learning curve and fast-track your way to film financing. Download our tools immediately to help you ace your business plan, easily crunch your numbers, find and pitch film investors and fund your film.

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Film Investor Guide

Are you really ready for film investors? You must demonstrate you take film investors seriously before investors will be serious about you. Learn the key steps you need to prepare for, attract, find and secure investors.

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