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Independent Film Consultant, Producer and Financier

by Kelly Chin
(United Kingdom)

Shereen Boucher, Independent Film Consultant, Producer and Financier

Shereen Boucher, Independent Film Consultant, Producer and Financier

My name is Shereen Boucher, I am an agent, film and television producer and distributor and film consultant in the United Kingdom.

I provide a complete solution to film makers as they start their overwhelming but exciting journey to developing and producing a film.
With over 18 years in strategic sales and marketing, over 7 years in talent management and 4 years in production, my connections within the media industry have allowed me to have a clear understanding on the effective models that can benefit film makers in the UK, Europe and the United States.


At the start of the development process when a film maker has an idea, we can support them with screenwriters, consult and create Film Business Proposals and create packages (including cast & crew, LOIs', location etc) that can be pitched to investors and/or distribution.


We provide consultation and sourcing of multiple platforms for film makers to exhibit their content. This can be achieved on multiple territories or through a direct distribution contract.

My team and I also provide sponsorship consultation, product placement opportunities and attend to other sourcing needs.

As the industry changes, we diversify our model of attraction, allowing our services to continue to be successful and vitally useful to our clients.

I am happy to discuss any or all of the services provided with you. Please contact me at

+44 843 289 7343
info @

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  • Just want to thank you for your materials and help over the past year. I could not have raised the $1.5 million or made this film without the materials you provided -- and for $99? The bargain of my career!

    James, Producer, Writer, Director
  • I'm now sending out my completed business plan/film proposal document to potential investors and the one comment I'm getting back almost immediately is that it's so well laid out and professional. Believe me, first impressions really do count.

  • This is perfect! I have potential investors but I had no idea how to prepare a professional investment package to present to them. (I'm an artiste', not a business person. :) ) The information is clear and easy to understand, and Melissa is very prompt in answering emails.

    Balancing Act Pictures LLC
  • When I came across the Business Plan Tools and the Finance Guide, I felt like I could stop searching for the pot of gold...I’d found it. In one place, with clear, easy to follow materials and spreadsheets, my questions were answered.

    Barry, Filmmaker
  • Hi Melissa! I purchased Package #3 a couple of days ago, and I feel like I'm taking a crash course in film financing. So far, what I've read and learned has been invaluable. Thank you!

  • I've made short films before, but this is my first feature, and the first film I've tried raising money for. This template, actually the whole package, has been invaluable and well worth the money I spent on it. So much information is packed into what I got that I'm almost dizzy from it all.