Brick City Boys New Movie Trailer

Brick City Boys New Movie Trailer

by Tony James
(Jersey City, New Jersey, Hudson County)

Brick City Boys- Main Trailer Picture

Brick City Boys- Main Trailer Picture

Brick City Boys- Main Trailer Picture The Meeting Public Enemy # 1 The Hunt

Sauve St. James was Once the Biggest Man & Name on the Streets of Newark, New Jersey. But, After Being Part of and Witnessing the Ultimate Act of Betrayal, While in Turn, Giving 7 Years of his Life to the Garden State Prison System, Suave Comes Back into the World, with Hopes of Winning the Love of his Family, While Changing for the Better. Will Sauve be Able to Accomplish is Aspirations or Will his Pass Come Back to Haunt Him Again? Written, Produced, Directed and Also in the Leading Role as "Sauve St. James", New Comer & Film Maker, "Mr. Tony James", Gives an Eloquent, Yet Gritty Performance, in his Production that was "Based on Actual Events"!

Live Through the Eyes of a Real Hustler, in Search of Redemption and Purpose!

Walk in the Shoes of the "Brick City Boys"!

A Lensar Media LLC Film Production

Tony James

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Oct 31, 2013
Brick City
by: Mix Master Mike

For the females in the movie like Suave's hoodrat wife and that thick darkskinned P.O. Yolanda, they should be called the Brick City Bytches cause they are some thiiiiiiick mofos. For some reason, I'm really feelin' his P.O. Yolanda.

Apr 28, 2013
Brick City Boys
by: MiA

I Think You Did A Great Job For This To Be Your First Movie. The Streets Are Brutal, And The Streets Don't Care About Anybody. Popi Was Annoying. I Don't Get His Problem. They Wanted To Go Legit, And Chill As A Fam. Wasn't Like They Were Trying To Get At Him. Like Pac Said Hard To Be An Angle Surrounded By Devils. I'm Glad Suave Was Able To Change His Life With His Brothers And Family By His Side. Glad They All Changed Their Lives To Do Something Positive. I Wish More Would Get Out The Game With Their Lives, And School The Youngins. Stay Away You Don't Want No Parts Of This !!!!!

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