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Welcome to our New Movie Trailer showcase, where you can learn film making tips from those who have done it, watch movie trailers and/or movie shorts online or show off yours. Our Movie Trailer showcase is created by worldwide Film Makers who want you to learn from their success and watch their trailers. Want to promote your Movie? Keep reading for instructions.

Devouring Venus Movie Trailer

Devouring Venus Step by Step Successful Film Financing

HANDS DOWN, The Best Movie Trailer and Film Finance Tips EVER submitted to FilmProposals!!! Want to be a successful Film Writer, Director and Producer? Then read these SOLID GOLD tips from Marty Hardin, who was kind enough to walk us STEP by STEP through how he successfully raised his film financing for Devouring Venus! THIS is how a New Movie Trailer should be submitted!

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How We Financed Cultural Clash Movie 
How We Financed Cultural Clash Movie; saving by working in film, making contacts, low season flights, equipment deals, free locations. Cultural …

Funding Beautifully Insecure Movie Not rated yet
Funding Beautifully Insecure Movie: saved earnings, cancelled cable, made and sold DVDs. First I spent too much time begging people for money. …

Cyanide Kiss Movie Trailer Not rated yet
Cyanide Kiss is a low budget production that originally started with me making a short advertisement for my friend, who owns an online store, Cyanide …

Classic Kutz Official Trailer Not rated yet
The Budget used for Classic Kutz was $20,000. This budget was used from company assets, to be made back via sales from merchandise, tickets, dvd, rentals, …

Rocks In My Pockets Movie Trailer Not rated yet
Rocks In My Pockets was financed from mixed sources: tax deductible donations, grants from private and state art foundations, a Kickstarter campaign and …

In Real Life Movie Trailer Not rated yet
In Real Life was self financed by using a variety of techniques including creative use of props, locations and other things already available to the filmmakers. …

Paperthin Theatrical Trailer 2015 Not rated yet
Paperthin, a production of Waverley Knobs Entertainment (Boston, MA), was funded through crowdsourcing on IndieGoGo as well as personal funds. The …

Transformation Movie Trailer Not rated yet
Transformation was funded out of my pocket. I did raise money through another film I made in 2012, titled "Rise up and Fall," from DVDs and the film …

Seat of Judgement Movie Trailer Not rated yet
Lionel Ravensthorpe is a clandestine businessman who is seized and subjected to an unusual form of interrogation. Is Lionel really one of the world's most …

Deacon's Choice Movie Trailer Not rated yet
"Deacon's Choice" is described as a powerful story of an ex-Chicago politician that embodies the trickle effect of selfishness, cover-ups, addiction and …

Brash Young Turks Movie Trailer Not rated yet
Brash Young Turks was able to secure funding through various grants from charities and organizations that support the development of new talent. We …

The Suicide Theory "Movie Trailer" Not rated yet
The Suicide Theory originally went the crowd funding route (indie go-go) but ultimately, funded the film themselves after not quite reaching their goal. …

E.M.M.A. Movie Trailer Not rated yet
Emma did not have the funds to pay the cast or DP, so hired everyone from Craigslist for free. We made sure they had all the food and caffeine they …

Panhandler Movie Trailer Not rated yet
Panhandler was funded independently by Writer/Director Kevin Horn, and partially via crowd sourcing. An IndieGoGo page was setup two months before production …

C.I.D - Cops In Disguise Movie Trailer Not rated yet
We have finished production on Cardiff's first action movie, C.I.D - Cops In Disguise. The 1 hour 20 minute film is set on the streets of Cardiff and features …

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This site is about paying it to forward to other filmmakers, so you must contribute your tips, lessons learned and other thoughtful feedback that will help your successors. Submissions solely seeking PR without offering valuable insight to other Independent filmmakers will be deleted.

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  1. Enter the name of your film (text only, no characters). If your film name is "The Godfather" the title should be, "The Godfather Movie Trailer"
  2. You MUST start with over 300 words telling us how you raised your Movie Funds. This is all about helping other filmmakers! Did you use crowdfunding, investors, grants, product placement, tax incentives? Show us your crowdfunding page and tell us what benefits worked. If you have self funded your movie, then write your article here: Filmmaker Tips. This section is about fundraising only and is about paying it to forward to other filmmakers, so you must contribute your tips, lessons learned and other thoughtful feedback that will help your successors. Self promotion that does not offer valuable, well written insight to other Independent filmmakers will be deleted. See how the Movies Trailer Showcase appears on this page.
  3. One photo must be included, it can be you filming or something relevant to the article.
  4. You may include your bio, movie or business at the end of each article (does not count toward the 300 words).
  5. You MUST EMBED your video on our site to create a New Movies Trailer page. This means the video MUST reside on the FilmProposals website. The new movie trailer and video player must be in your submission. Links to other sites will not be honored. Our investors will not go to your website or social media pages. They will ONLY watch videos on FilmProposals.
  6. The easiest way to submit a your new movies trailer is by uploading your film to YouTube, copying the "embed" code from them and putting it here. You can also get your code from Free Video Coding. You must use a video Width of "450" and a Height of "300".
  7. Confused? See How do I upload my Movie Trailer to be accepted into the Movie Trailer Showcase?
  8. You must include your contact info at the end of the body of the pitch. I suggest writing your email as "yourname (at)" so it will not be automatically added to any spam email lists.
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  12. Make sure you follow an example of a good Movie Trailer Showcase, Jerry Movie Trailer, so your submission is complete and accepted into our New Movies Trailer Showcase.
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  14. Submissions may take up to 10 business days to be approved
  15. Submissions solely seeking exposure without offering at least 300 words of valuable insight to other Independent filmmakers will be deleted.

New Movie Trailer Tips

If you are keeping your Movie Trailer, Video or Production Company hidden behind a password-protected website, you are hurting your chances to secure investors. How many independently wealthy people do you know spend time on Facebook or Twitter? Do you know how many companies - law, medical, technology, finance - block Facebook and Twitter from their Executives and Employees? FilmProposals allows you to do both - post your movie on FilmProposals and then share your new movies trailer on any social media platfor, simply by clicking the buttons on the left side of the page.

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