Paperthin Theatrical Trailer 2015

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Paperthin Theatrical Trailer 2015

by Evin Charles Anderson
(Boston, MA USA)

Paperthin Theatrical Trailer 2015

Paperthin Theatrical Trailer 2015

Paperthin, a production of Waverley Knobs Entertainment (Boston, MA), was funded through crowdsourcing on IndieGoGo as well as personal funds. The marketing to gain interest was primarily through social media and personal connections while a small percentage in response to flyers/film posters we put out in our community.
The crew was assembled through personal contact as well as posting onto film websites for local crew.

All of the background actors were either friends, past co-workers, or local actors that we had worked with in the past.

Most of the primary shooting was done at a local Cafe, that we spoke with and loved the idea of the film, and a connection's apartment. Luckily everyone was involved with the arts in some format so they were more than willing to assist and even be involved. We did additional shooting guerrilla style throughout different parts of Boston.


When Susana decides to record her experiences to paper, she discovers that her privacy becomes as thin as the pages she has written on.
When Susana leaves Romania with a dream of experiencing a richer life, she arrives in Boston, a city full of strangers and foreign culture. Soon, she settles into an apartment and eases into this new life by writing in a journal every evening and committing a private life to its pages. She strikes up a friendship and eventually a relationship with her roommate Adam, a budding writer who commits his private life to poetry he reads onstage. Just as Susana feels comfortable in her new home in Boston, her journal goes missing. Frantic, she tears the apartment apart, looking for the pages that contain intimate information and deep secrets. And when she begins to suspect that Adam may have taken the journal, she must ask herself if the one person she has let into her life is the last person she can trust.

What would you share in private?

Paperthin touches base on privacy in this modern technology age, the facades we hold online as well as in person and how this can impact our relationships. The story was inspired by a play "An Open Book" by Meron Langsner, whose original cast is in the film.

Evin Charles Anderson
Waverley Knobs Entertainment
Boston, MA USA

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