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Welcome to the Documentary Showcase, where you can watch documentaries online or show off your documentary short or trailer. Our Documentary Showcase is created by worldwide Film Makers who want you to watch documentaries online. Want to post your documentary film? Keep reading for instructions.

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How to Upload your Documentary Online

You must tell us how you raised your Documentary Funds. Did you secure a grant, use private investors, charitable donation or a combination? This site is about paying it to forward to other filmmakers, so you must contribute your tips, lessons learned and other thoughtful feedback that will help your successors. Submissions solely seeking PR without offering valuable insight to other Documentary filmmakers will be deleted.

You MUST EMBED your video on our site to create a documentary page (READ - you MUST have a video and follow ALL the directions below). This means the video MUST reside on the FilmProposals website. In other words, a video player must be in your submission. Links to other sites will not be honored and your submission will be automatically deleted.

FilmProposals allows you to post your documentaries online and we encourage you to share them via the Social Buttons on the left of the site.

The easiest way to submit your video documentaries online is by uploading your film to YouTube, copying the "embed" code from them and putting it here. You can also get your code from YouTube or Free Video Coding. Please use a video Width of "800" and a Height of "500".

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Ready to join in and add your documentary? Make sure you follow the directions above, so your submission is posted.

Watch Documentaries Online

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Strive For Happiness Documentary 
"Strive For Happiness" is a documentary film about the lives of those who live with or care for loved ones who suffer from the many forms of severe mental …

Woke Up Alive Movie Trailer 
Woke Up Alive is a new movie by Mark Blacknell and Michael Poggenburg that offers a fresh and hopeful look at the controversial land of Israel. Instead …

Its a documentary upon the clay artist of kumartuli in Kolkkata.. we have shown the problems they face, how they work.. Submitted Thu Aug 11 10:16:15 2011 …

Western NGO's in Africa do they help documentary pitch Not rated yet
Western NGO's in Africa do they help documentary pitch - Last year I visited Tanzania, and met a man named Dzinyeto. He started a school in a small poor …

Pixels and Polygons: An Indie Game Developer Story Not rated yet
Pixels and Polygons: An Indie Game Developer Story at it's core, is a self shot documentary being produced to give insight into the life of a "starving …

Rise Up and Sing—The Movie Documentary Not rated yet
We raised $5,000 in two months between and cash donations. Our success was a result of: a short professionally-edited Kickstarter campaign …

My Journey to Success Documentary Film Not rated yet
My Journey to Success Documentary Film, by Twilight Entertainment, is about unsigned UK artists and the every day struggles they face in their private …

Boardwalk II...Back To Wildwood Documentary Not rated yet
This film was shot on a Canon movie camera in HD 1080p. The shooting occurred mostly during the summer of 2012. The project is mostly financed by film …

Extradition Documentary Not rated yet
Extradition is a film that explores the injustices of the Extradition Act 2003 through the suffering of two individuals and their families. The act stipulates …

58 November Documentary Not rated yet
In the early morning hours of October 4, 1971, Commander 58 November was hijacked. It landed in Jacksonville where the FBI was waiting. The plane came …

Expendable Documentary Not rated yet
THE POLITICAL SACRIFICE OF SCHAPELLE CORBY - How a government willfully withheld vital evidence from a court of law, deceived its public, orchestrated …

The Faces of Huntington's Disease: I am No Longer a Faceless Face - Trailer Documentary Not rated yet
Beneath the Masks...Bravery, Love, Hope, Strength, Inspiration! is an independent, educational project comprised of a team of individuals …

Go Nowhere Documentary Not rated yet
Go Nowhere is a documentary film that covers two people's lives that are closely intertwined for well over thirty years. The first person, Dave Insurgent, …

What We Hate To Remember Documentary Not rated yet
I recently released a documentary about child molestation called "What We Hate to Remember." I focused my topic mostly on men who have been molested. I …

Joel-Peter Witkin: An Objective Eye Documentary Not rated yet
A new documentary from director Thomas Marino, taking a profound and introspective look into the life and art of the controversial artist, Joel-Peter Witkin. …

Waking the World to Water Not rated yet
Drink Local Local Drink Tap is a non-profit organization based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. DLDT is creatively reconnecting people to local water near and …

Joshua Norton I Documentary Not rated yet
A biography of the self proclaimed emperor of the United States who put San Francisco on the map in the Nineteenth century. He lost everything in a rice …

Barcelona's Live Music Scene Documentary Not rated yet
Last weekend I took a little trip with my friend Sam to the eclectic Spanish city of Barcelona, and while we explored around I realised I was loving the …

Chasing Spring Documentary Film Not rated yet
Chasing Spring is the remarkable true story of two middle aged gay men who escape the city and set sail aboard their luxury motor yacht, Kalani, chasing …

Yellow Fever Documentary Not rated yet
Yellow Fever is a documentary looking at cost of America's cheap energy and the important issues facing this multibillion dollar over-polluting yet all …

The Evangelist The Hitman & The ACLU Documentary Not rated yet
The story of the former televangelist ex-convict who got the ACLU and Food Not Bombs to join together to fight Orlando’s prohibition on feeding the homeless …

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Ready to join in and add your documentary? Make sure you follow the directions above, so your submission is posted.

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