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Working with film investors is a crucial step in moving your film project forward. Many filmmakers think the hurdle is finding investors, but learning with whom and how to work, to protect both the investor and producer(s) is equally vital and can make all the difference in finishing a quality indie film.

What is an Accredited Investor?

What is an Accredited Investor

Recent legislative changes make it more important than ever for film makers to know, with certainty, who and what is an accredited investor. What are the actual requirements and how do you take the 'reasonable' steps outlined by the SEC to satisfy their requirements?

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Asking Film Investors for More Money

Ask Film Investors For More Money

You projected an initial budget of $XXX, but now you need additional production funds. How do you go back to your film investors and ask them for more money? Can you identify your Hot Costs and present them professionally to your investors? It's easier than you may think.

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How to use a Film Investor Agreement

Film Investor Agreement

What does the deal actually look like between you and your investors? Who is getting paid first, when and how much? What does profit participation look like? How do you ensure nothing is standing between you and an interested film investor?

One way is by using a Film Investor Agreement.

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Using a Film Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)

Film Private Placement Memorandum

What is a PPM? How Does it Fund Your Film? If you are looking to raise money for your independent film, you have likely heard the term Film Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and are wondering if you need one.

Unless you are getting private equity from family and friends, you should have a Film Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) drawn up for your fund raising. Find out more about: Film Private Placement Memorandum

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Using an Independent Film Financing Plan to Secure Investors

Independent Film Financing Plan

An independent film financing plan can help you form a strategy to make the tricky process of film financing much easier. A good plan will help you break down your funding needs to be more manageable, and allows you to identify risks.

When a potential investor asks, 'What does the financing plan look like?' you will want to have your answers prepared. Find out more: How to Use an Independent Film Financing Plan to Secure Investments

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Movie Investor Toolkit

Speed through the learning curve and fast-track your way to film financing. Download our tools immediately to help you ace your business plan, easily crunch your numbers, find and pitch film investors and fund your film.

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Film Investor Guide

Are you really ready for film investors? You must demonstrate you take film investors seriously before investors will be serious about you. Learn the key steps you need to prepare for, attract, find and secure investors.

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"Just finished post on our $1.5 million picture, Coming Through the Rye. I could not have raised this money or made this film without the materials you provided -- and for $99? The bargain of my career!"

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