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How to Find Film Investors

"If You Build It, They Will Come"
How to Find Film Investors

How to find film investors seems to be a huge hurdle for filmmakers, but it is actually quite simple. Any filmmaker with an actual investment, who is prepared for film investors, will find them. The filmmakers who find it difficult to secure investors are those who completely skip over the process of preparing, attracting, pitching and working with investors.

If you are ready to ASK for something...STOP. RIGHT. NOW! You have it ALL WRONG. Please go back and learn to prepare for, attract, pitch and work with film investors, where we teach you to turn your ASK upside down into what you OFFER!!! Or feel free to check out one of 1000s of ways to finance your movie. For those of you who are actually prepared, have done your research and have "BUILT IT," as the title of the article says, then please read on.

How to Attract Film Investors

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How to Attract Film Investors

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Finding Film Investors

Finding Film Investors

Finding film investors is probably one of the most common questions asked by every filmmaker. If you are prepared, then learn how to find and approach film investors, key information you need to disclose to them and how to convey their payback and return on investment, you will set yourself up for the ultimate film funding success. For anyone who thinks Film Investors are difficult to find, we guarantee it's because you skipped a step in preparing for them. More info: Finding Film Investors

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Finding Film Investors (Guest Article)

Many first time filmmakers think they only have to find financing once, and after they have a successful film, people will throw money at them. The truth is the ever-changing financing process is a career-long challenge, regardless of how successful or famous you become. Read one of our most popular guest posts ever on Desktop Documentaries: Finding Film Investors

Finding Film Investors

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JOBS Act and Film Financing

How will the new JOBS Act help you find investors and affect your indie film project? Title IV, also known as Regulation A+, became operable in the Federal Register on June 19, 2015. To raise funds, you WILL NEED to provide potential investors some form of a Business Plan and Financial Projections. Read More: JOBS Act and Film Financing

JOBS Act and Film Financing

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12 Ways to Find Film Investors

In this article, we share 12 ways to find film investors. First and foremost, it's important to have a solid business plan in place. This will help you communicate your vision to potential investors and show them how their investment will be used. Your business plan should include a detailed budget, a marketing plan and a clear outline of your film's distribution plan. Once you have your film business plan in place, you can start reaching out to potential investors. One option is to attend film festivals and networking events, where you can meet other filmmakers and industry professionals. You can also use online platforms like LinkedIn and AngelList to connect with investors who are interested in the film industry. Keep reading to learn more ways to find film investors.

1. Interview Other Filmmakers

Your first stop on the film investor train is to learn from other filmmakers who have successfully raised film funding. Ask them how they found investors, how they raised funds, what questions the investors asked them, what documents, tools or templates they used that were helpful. Will they share with you?

2. Read About Filmmakers

When you're done interviewing all the filmmakers you know, research articles and interviews written by trade publications. Most every winning filmmaker at a film festival is interviewed and there is almost always a story about how they raised funding. You should read all these interviews, take notes and see what applies to your film.

3. Work Your Comparable Films

As part of preparing your business plan for potential film investors, you will have to do some kind of financial projections. Best practice shows that to do these financial projections, you will need to analyze films similar to yours in terms of budget and genre. As part of this process, you can check the credits, research on IMDB and the above-mentioned articles to see who invested in movies similar to yours. You will easily get a list of film investors by working your comparable films.

4. Work Your ENTIRE Contact List

Every filmmakers first outreach should be to the people they already know. This is called "network your network." Even if your own list does not have funds to invest, they may know someone who does and they mostly likely have reach on social media. You then have the added advantage of a known, trusted mutual relationship, which is always easier than approaching strangers.

Identifying Potential Investors

One of the most important steps in finding film investors is identifying potential investors. Here are three effective ways to do that:

5. Research Film Financing Companies

You can start by researching film financing companies. These companies specialize in investing in films and can provide the capital you need to get your project off the ground. Some of the most well-known film financing companies include Legendary Entertainment, FilmNation, and Participant Media. You can also use online directories like IMDbPro and The Hollywood Reporter to find a list of film financing companies.

When researching film financing companies, make sure to check their investment criteria. Some companies only invest in certain genres or types of films, while others have specific budget requirements. You should also research their track record to see if they have a history of successful investments.

6. Attend Film Festivals and Networking Events

Attending film festivals and networking events is another effective way to identify potential investors. These events bring together filmmakers, producers, investors and other industry professionals, providing a great opportunity to network and make connections. Some of the top film festivals for networking include Sundance, Cannes, and Toronto International Film Festival. You can also attend industry events like American Film Market and Film Finance Forum to meet potential investors.

7. Explore Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo can also be a great way to identify potential investors. These platforms allow you to pitch your project to a large audience and raise funds from individual investors. When using crowdfunding platforms, make sure to create a compelling pitch video and offer attractive rewards to your backers. You should also research successful film projects on the platform to see what strategies they used to attract investors.

Crafting a Compelling Pitch Package

Crafting a pitch package that effectively communicates your film's potential to investors is a critical step in securing funding. Here are three key components to consider when creating your pitch package:

8. Create a Business Plan and Budget

Your pitch package should include a well-crafted business plan that outlines the project's goals, target audience, and revenue potential. Be sure to include a detailed budget that accounts for all expenses, including production costs, marketing, and distribution.

9. Develop a Treatment and Script

For non industry investors, you'll want to get script coverage. You should never ask a non entertainment professional to read your script as well as make a financial determination about it. That's not their job - it's yours. However, for entertainment industry veterans, a compelling treatment and script are essential to attracting investors. Your treatment should clearly outline the story, themes, and characters, while the script should provide a detailed scene-by-scene breakdown of the film's narrative. Be sure to highlight any unique or innovative aspects of the project that set it apart from other films in the market.

10. Assemble a Film Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is a visual representation of your pitch package that includes images, graphics, and other visual aids to help investors understand your project's potential. Be sure to include a logline, synopsis, and key creative team bios. Use charts and graphs to illustrate the budget breakdown and revenue projections. Remember, your pitch package should be clear, concise, and compelling. Avoid exaggerating or making false claims, and always present your project with confidence and knowledge. By following these steps, you'll be well on your way to securing the funding you need to bring your film to life.

11. Host Private Screenings for Potential Investors

Hosting private screenings for potential investors is a great way to showcase your project and generate interest. Invite investors, industry professionals, and anyone else who may be interested in your film to attend. You can do this online or in person. Make sure to create a professional and engaging presentation that highlights the unique aspects of your project and why it is worth investing in. After the screening, be prepared to answer questions and provide additional information about your project. This personal touch can go a long way in building relationships with potential investors and securing funding for your film.

12. Attract Film Investors

Every single contact you have with anyone about money needs to do 2 things, 1) Be customized to that person (do your research and tell them why you're contacting them specifically) and 2) Highlight what is in it for them. Imagine you have $100,000 to spend on anything you want in the world. Now go over your over pitch, which needs to be an offer, not an About Me statement. Ask yourself, does it make you want to write that $100K check? Is it compelling? Irresistible? Investment-Worthy? If it is not all those things and more, go back and do it again. Rehearse it with everyone you know until it leaves the right investors with no choice, but to want to invest in your project. Here are there 10 Things You MUST Do To Attract Film Investors.

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Where are Film Investors?

The more you learn about the film investors, the movie industry, and how investors think, the more likely you are to find and work with them and their investments.

You need to know your offer to investors. Never open with what you ready to tell an investor what THEY WILL GET!

The best way to find film investors is to have a solid understanding of your film FROM a film investor's perspective.

Film Investors do not post their emails online waiting for Independent Filmmakers to contact them. If they did, they would get hundreds of unsolicited emails per day.

They are also not scouring message boards, or on social media sites. Very few, if any, are on crowdfunding sites, either. So you have to track them down..and you do that by having an offer to make.

To which of these people would YOU give your money?


"I'm seeking an investor for an Indie Comedy. It's very funny and we plan to start shooting in January. We have an LOI from a distributor, a budget fully broken down, a 42-day shooting schedule planned to the tee, an original song already produced and mixed, and demo footage with the actors shot and edited. All we need is $800,000."



"We are seeking investors for an Independent Comedy Film. We believe we can offer a 25% Return on Investment, on an $800,000 investment, with positive cash flow starting as soon as 6 months from the release date. The Film business is risky, but please review our Income and Cash Flow Projections and our Film Proposal explaining how we arrived at our projected 25% ROI in 18 months, based on historical comparisons. Also included is our 42-day shooting schedule, music rights, distributor LOI and attached talent."

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How to Find Film Investors

How to Find Film Investors

Film Investor Guide

Film Investor Guide

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