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FREE Money to Make a MovieFilm financing contests with money as the prize are a great way to get money to make a movie. Several great advantages of film funding with prize money are:

  1. The money does not have to be paid back to any investors
  2. Winning a contest is great, free publicity by the prize company
  3. Winning a contest, whether for best screenplay, best trailer, etc is a sure sign your movie has potential at the box office and a built-in audience, all factors that will lead to film success.

Money to Make a Movie

Contests and prize money are a great way to secure money to make a movie. Here are some film contests sponsored by film financing companies - and don't forget to check which Film Festivals offer money to make a movie as their prize.

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Film and Screenwriting Prizes Available

More Film and Screenwriting Prizes

MyProjectorLamps Short Film Contest 
MyProjectorLamps USA wants to help make your silver screen dreams come true, so we're giving away $2,000 to the best short film submitted to us. Check …

Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition 
The Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition is OPEN FOR ENTRIES! And the prizes include all the TOOLS you need to change your career forever! Submit …

Casting for Documentary Film Maker Competition 
My name is Jocelyn Schutte and I'm a casting associate with Go Go Luckey Entertainment in Los Angeles. We're producing a new competition show for documentary …

SeeFlik Movie Competition 
SeeFlik is a platform for Independent filmmakers to put their films in front of the eyes of industry decision makers and millions of fans of the Independent …

Hollywood Screenplay Competition - Winning Script Makes a Movie 
The Hollywood Screenplay Competition is now accepting submissions for its 2012 screenwriting competition, where the winning script will be optioned and …

Verizon $500 Field Testers Challenge Sweepstakes 
Verizon is hosting the Field Testers Challenge video contest starring Verizon’s lightning-fast 4G LTE network. You could win $500 just for sharing your …

Win up to $10,000-Make a video about Verizon 4G LTE 
Last Chance! Make a video about Verizon 4G LTE for a chance to win up to $10,000! Verizon’s Field Testers Challenge video contest is awarding $35,000 in …

New York International Latino Film Festival - Win 15,000 
The HBO/NYILFF Short Film Competition is on! Enter your short film script & win 15K to shoot & edit it plus HBO mentorship throughout. Then premiere @ …

Driveway Impressions Online Video Contest $1750 Cash Prizes 
Driveway Impressions Franchising LLC is holding an online video contest for all those 18+, to find the most creative, unique, entertaining, engaging, and …

NeilMed Film Contest $10,000 Prize Money to Make a Movie 
NeilMed Pharmaceuticals is hosting two film contests. Each one will have a grand prize of $5000USD and you may participate in both. In addition, the first …

Nokia Push N8 -Call for Entries-Money to Make a Movie 
Push began in September 2009 by asking hackers and modders what they could dream to do with the Nokia N900. Hundreds of entries later, five submissions …

Up to $13,000 in Money to Make your Movie - Create the Next Diesel Campaign 
Diesel is inviting you to join them in creating their next campaign as a continuation of the “Be Stupid” attitude and experience. In this competition, …

Up to $15,000 in Money to Make your Movie - Create the Next Crocs Video and Print Campaign 
For this $15,000 video and print ad competition, Crocs is looking to produce a series of fun and memorable promotional materials that showcase its new …

Go Social Movie Competition - £500 prize Money to Make a Movie 
We're looking for a talented film maker in our Go Social Movie Competition that has a £500 prize. This is the first year we are running it, but we're …

TMZ on TV Video Ad Contest: $15,000 in total prizes 
In their new video ad campaign, wildly popular celeb news channel TMZ on TV is handing over the camera to you, the filmmaker, to create a 12 or 27 second …

Summer Shorts 2010 by 
Open to ALL Filmmakers, Videomakers, and Animators of all levels around the world. Free to Enter. There is no entry fee.. All genres and multiple submissions …

Lefty's Left Handed Short Video Contest - $1,000 Prize 
Short Video Contest, 1st Prize $1,000, Five $100 Honorable Mention Awards. To celebrate International Left-Handers' Day (August 13), Lefty's San Francisco …

indieProducer presents a Short Film Contest that could change the course of your career! At iP we strive to offer our members opportunities to gain recognition, …

Up to $30,000 in Money to Make your Movie - Create the Next Pepto Bismol Commercial 
You are challenged to create a series of four or more 15 second long commercials expressing how Pepto-Bismol allows you to “eat, drink and be covered” …

Script Savvy Monthly Contest - over $1,500 in cash prizes every month 
MARCH CONTEST WINNER RECEIVES THE FOLLOWING PRIZES: -$700 CASH prize. -a FREE listing on InkTip and the following additional Inktip prizes: -an …

Ford and Filmaka Content 10K Prize 
Ford and Filmaka are looking for directors in 16 US cities to shoot short films about those cities and the Fiesta, the most anticipated new car of the …

$5,000 Cash Prize for The Most Viable Screenplay Contest at NextTV 
Deadline for submission - April 10, 2010. Screenplays, Pilots, Plays, Short Stories, Articles, Idea Summaries and more...The New PRODUCER'S CHOICE AWARD, …

You bring WRITTEN content or IDEAS that are truly viable (Features, TV Pilots, Stage Plays, Short Stories, Articles, Written Pitches/Concept Summaries, …

NexTv Writers Competition Call for Entries 
The NexTv Writers' Competition call for submissions begins on November 5, 2009. Part of the "Content for Television" Competition. Can your WRITTEN work …

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