Finding Film Investors

Part 3 - How to Make a Movie Mini Course

Finding film investors is probably one of the most common challenges faced by every filmmaker. Part 3 of our "How to Make a Movie Mini Course" discusses how to find and approach film investors, key information you need to disclose to them and how to convey their payback and return on investment in a way that sets you up for the ultimate film funding success.

  • How to find Film Investors
  • How to approach Investors
  • Disclose, disclose, disclose
  • Investor payback
How to Find Film Investors

Finding Film Investors: Who Are the Best Feature Movie Investors?

  • There is no easy answer to this question.
  • However, it is not only the wealthiest people you know.
  • The key is to find someone passionate about the topic of your movie.

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Find and Approach Movie Investors About Your Movie Investment

  • Do not approach film investors until after you have a budget, script and business plan.
  • Contact everyone you know, especially those with a passion for your topic.
  • Tell them you would love if they would be a part of your project and ask them to take a look at your business plan (which includes additional information on how to find film investors) and provide you feedback.
  • If you are just learning how to make a movie, expect 10-20% of those you contact to be interested.

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Working with Film Investors: Proper Disclosure When Producing a Film

  • Investing in a feature film is very risky and different than investing in other types of industries.
  • An attorney should help you with this, and will teach a lot about how to make a movie.
  • Always mention the unique film industry risks in your communications with potential investors.
  • Our Film Business Plan Template includes pre-written and formatted Film Investment Risks, a description of the Film Industry and Example Investment Opportunity Descriptions

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Movie Investors: The Reality of Paying Back Film Investments

  • Most short films do not make their initial investment back
  • Try not to accept investor money for a short film, especially if it's your first short film.
  • Scott highly recommends Dov Simens Film School.
  • The Film Financial Projections Template walks you through analyzing your film, movie production costs and easily allows you to add financials directly into your Independent Film Business Plan.
  • The Business Plan Template includes pre-written and formatted Film Investment Risks, Example Financial Notes and Descriptions, along with valuable information on the financial aspects of how to make a movie.

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How to Make a Movie Mini Course

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