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How to Start in the Film Business

Part 1 - How to Make a Movie Mini Course

How to start in the film business offers new filmmakers a great way to easily begin their filmmaking careers. Learn from the pros and reduce your risk of error by following this film business advice.

How to Start in the Film Business Part I of our course covers:

  • Starting in the film business
  • First time Producer
  • Know Your Movie Market
  • Build a Film Team
  • Movie Company set up
  • Create a Business Plan

How to Find Investors & Raise Money for a Film: How to Get Into the Film Business

  • If new to the movie business, first get some experience.
  • Volunteer to be an extra on a movie, even if acting is not your ultimate goal.
  • Sign up with a local student film, at a local college or go online to find local films in production
  • Observe, learn and absorb anything you can. This is great experience to have on your film career resume.

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How To Start And Grow Your Own Production Company

  • Attach yourself to those with industry experience and contacts
  • Once you have a great script, make sure you own the rights to the script
  • Register it with WGA (Writer's Guild of America) and ensure it is copyrighted.
  • Meet with a local attorney and figure out how to offer them something in return for legal advice. You can offer them partial ownership of your movie and/or producer credits.
  • Work with an accountant or money manager.

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How to Find Investors & Raise Money for a Film: Importance of Knowing the Market for First Film

  • Quentin Tarantino worked at a Video Store and this was a large part of how he knew which movies were sold and successful.
  • A genre that translates well globally is horror and suspense. Remember, your first film is not always the one about which you are most passionate.
  • The most famous directors and producers saved their best film ideas until they were already famous and successful, after they learned how to make a movie.
  • Learn more about famous filmmakers and how they made their first movies in our FilmProposals and Financing Manual.

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How to Find Investors & Raise Money for a Film: How to Build a Film Team

  • Reach out to people and build a team of advisors (agent, financial advisor, marketing advisor).
  • Find several advisors, who you name as "producers."
  • Having experienced folks with "gray hair" on your team makes you more attractive to both investors and talent.
  • Learn more about exactly who you want on your Film Team and why in our FilmProposals and Financing Manual
  • More on Film Investors

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Finding Investors & Raising Money for a Film: How to Set Up an LLC or Corporation for a Film Production Company

Why to Start a Film Production Company

Filmmakers gain a huge advantage when they start a film production company. This process allows them to pursue equity-based crowdfunding for larger sums across a wider base of investors than just typical donation-based crowdfunding. It also helps to protect your film, management team, opens additional financing opportunities and makes your projects far more appealing to film investors. You will, of course, need to secure legal counsel to pursue this path, however, here is a high level overview of some of your options.

More Tips on Setting Up a Film Production Company

  • You want to protect your investors' money, yourself and the film.
  • Corporations such as LLC or S-Corp provide this type of shelter in case anything goes wrong before or during filming.
  • Please have an attorney help you with this.

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FilmMaking 101: Business Plan

When learning How to Make a Movie, key Business Plan items include:

  • Risk Disclosure,
  • Script Synopsis,
  • Company Management and Organization,
  • Director and other Key Production team members,
  • Business advisors
  • Industry overview
  • Top Sheet and detailed budget
  • How the investment is structured and most important, how the money will be returned to investors.

FilmProposals Business Plan Template will save you days of time and thousands of dollars creating the best Business Plan.

It includes pre-written and formatted:
* Confidentiality Notice
* Film Investment Risks
* Executive Summary Format
* The Company and Sample Management Biographies
* Complete "The Industry" description about Independent Film
* Example Investment Opportunity Description
* Example Financial Notes and Descriptions
* Example Distribution Strategy

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How to Make a Movie Mini Course

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