1000 Ways to Finance Your Movie

Investors, Grants, Prizes, Documentaries

With over 1000 ways to finance your movie, filmmakers have more financing options and resources available than ever before. Choices include film and documentary grants, prizes, investors, contests, festivals, film financing companies and much more.

Film Grants

Film Grants

Television and film grants, which collectively add to millions of dollars in film money available to you, offer a HUGE advantage...you do not have to reimburse the funds or calculate any type of return on investment. However, you will likey have to complete an intricate proposal.

Check out the 100s of movie and documentary grants available to filmmakers:

Top of Ways to Finance Your Movie

Documentary Funding Tips

Documentary Funding Tips

No doubt, documentary funding is tough work. But here's the good news...You CAN raise documentary capital and it may not be as hard as you think.

Get the best Fundraising advice, from the Emmy-winning creator of Desktop Documentaries, at Documentary Funding Tips and check out the industry's best fundraising tools.

Top of Ways to Finance Your Movie

Film Festivals

Film Festivals

There are thousands of film festivals worldwide catering to every niche such as horror, short, documentary and, of course, independent film festivals. Now, you do need some funding to get your movie this far, but once you are able to showcase your film, there is lots of prize money and distribution offers ahead to move your film to the next level, which is why festivals are a great way to finance your movie.

These festivals are a great way to get your finished film out to the public.

Top of Ways to Finance Your Movie

FREE Prize Money to Make a Movie

Prize Money to Make a Movie

Film financing contests with money as the prize are a great way to get money to make a movie. What could be better than FREE money, free publicity, no payback, a sure sign your movie has potential at the box office and a built-in audience??

Check our guide to Film and Screenwriting Prizes - free Money to Make a Movie.

Top of Ways to Finance Your Movie

Film Financing Lessons

Film Financing Lessons s

Get inspired and learn from these Film Financing Lessons by famous producers, such as Steven Spielberg, Lee Daniels, Kevin Smith, Richard Linklater and how they got their first film financing. Film financing is a never-ending process...no matter how famous and successful they are, successful filmmakers see film financing as an innate part of film production throughout their careers.

Top of Ways to Finance Your Movie

Independent Film Investors

Independent Film Investors

The best way to find film investors is to have a solid understanding of your film FROM a film investor's perspective. If you are ready to ASK for something...STOP. RIGHT. NOW! You've got it ALL WRONG.

Filmproposals is here to help you turn your ASK upside down into what you OFFER!!! Learn to prepare for, find, pitch, work with and get Independent Film Investors

Free Resources and Ways to Finance Your Movie

Free Film Tools and Resources

Do you know how many free film tools and samples exist across the internet? Hundreds, and here is a great starter list of free budgets, guides, books and more for the Independent Filmmaker. Grab your Film Making Action Guide, Film Festival Report, Film Business Plan Checklist, Cash Flow Report, Movie Budgets, Film Investment Memorandum, Sample Contracts and more today!

More Info: Free Film Tools, Downloads and Samples

Top of Ways to Finance Your Movie

Film Financing Companies

Media Funding Partners
Specifically for independent producers and distributors seeking between $1 and $30 million in P&A funding. Resources come in the form of traditional media buys such as Network Television, National Cable/Syndication, Syndicated TV Shows, Spot Broadcast & Cable, Radio, Web Banners, Newspapers, Magazines and more.

Advantis International Media Funding Solutions 
Advantis International film financing funding company will invest our media inventories in your qualified event, show or movie venture ...

New Equity-Based, Crowdfunding site aiming to follow all SEC rules, help filmmakers through the process and connect producers with accredited investors.

Start Ups Co
Connect with Angel Investors looking to invest in the entertainment film business

Icon Entertainment Capital
Whether you have already made a small movie that did well or you are a first time filmmaker with talent and confidence, then MGM Film Funding may be able to help you.

Virtual PitchFest
Become a member and pitch to over 225 Hollywood VIP's with a guaranteed response.

Their accredited investor network ranges from high net worth individuals, to seasoned film financiers and large financial institutions. By having a film listed on Slated, your film profile gets automatically disseminated to people seeking opportunities that match their funding criteria.

Grosvenor Park Media
A media & entertainment specialty finance company offering expert advisory and single-source financing solutions. Over three decades, Grosvenor Park has arranged more than $1 billion in financing for 400+ film and television productions.

Passion First Funding Portal
Utilizing the JOBS Act (not active in 2017), the primary goal of Passion First is to establish a relationship between film projects and possible investors.

TriStar Film Finance
Provides key funding products for motion picture and television production of budgets up to $20M. Services include: Labor Tax Credits, Completion Bonding, Gap Financing and P& A Financing.

More Film Funding Companies:

  • moviefund.com
  • groundswellfilms.com
  • alconent.com
  • sisung.com

Film Angels (likely closed)
Silicon Valley group whose members back film productions – mostly small, independent projects. Many of the angels in the group invest in the “low six figures” per film. www.filmangels.org

Hollywood Film Investors (likely closed)
A network of over 3,800 film and entertainment investors and groups. HFI is not looking for art films that are likely to appeal to only a small niche, but rather, fresh material that will make money, while not ignoring art and depth. www.hollywoodfilminvestors.com

Top of Ways to Finance Your Movie

Movie Investor Toolkit

Speed through the learning curve and fast-track your way to film financing. Download our tools immediately to help you ace your business plan, easily crunch your numbers, find and pitch film investors and fund your film.

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Film Investor Guide

Are you really ready for film investors? You must demonstrate you take film investors seriously before investors will be serious about you. Learn the key steps you need to prepare for, attract, find and secure investors.

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"Just finished post on our $1.5 million picture, Coming Through the Rye. I could not have raised this money or made this film without the materials you provided -- and for $99? The bargain of my career!"

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