Film PPM Industry Section

Your Movie and the Film Industry

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The next section of your PPM, following the Summary of the Offering, is Your Movie and the Film Industry.

Film PPM Industry Section

(2) Your Movie and the Film Industry

The anticipated MPAA rating of your film

Is it available for prospective investors to read?

Synopsis of the Film

  • Your synopsis should not be longer than a page.  Every story has a beginning, middle and end – keep it to that. 
  • If you cannot keep this to one page, then you are not ready to share your synopsis. You will need a short synopsis for everything from your PPM, your business plan, your website, sales material, festivals, etc…

List of Filming Locations
If known – which should also factor into a possible Tax Credits

Type of Film - HD, 35mm, etc.

Days or Weeks of Filming - anticipated
Not the days of the week, but the number of days and weeks.

Weeks of Post - anticipated
Most filmmakers think only of getting their film ‘in the can.’  However, even if you’re looking only for production coin, how can any investor take you seriously if you haven’t thought out your post-schedule?

Comparable Films

  • Do you want to include a section on 'comparable films?'
  • If so, which films do you consider comparable and what info do you have on cost of making film and revenues?
  • Make your comparables conservative.  If you are making a found footage film, steer clear of using films like Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity. They are the outlier, not the norm. 
  • Also make sure your data is accurate in terms of box office receipts, budget, etc…

Special Information

  • Any specialized information you want in the section of PPM dealing with general movie industry considerations
  • Has there been an upward trend in horror films recently? Are you making an IMAX film? 3D?


  • Is there any in place?
  • What is your plan? Are you planning on going the festival route, hoping for a negative pick-up, or self-distribution (VOD, direct distribution or four-walled)?

Keep in mind that these are not just elements of a PPM, but also of a proper film business plan. If you can answer these, then you can continue to build the financial structure you will pursue in regard to your film.  If it seems daunting, check out our Film Business Plan Services.

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