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Film Distribution Plan

Crafting the Ultimate Distribution Strategy to Reach Your Audience
Film Distribution Plan

Your Film Distribution Plan just may be the way to unlock the secret pathway to the big screen for your indie film. Dive into our comprehensive guide on crafting a compelling distribution strategy to woo audiences and critics alike! Our definitive exploration of indie film distribution, where we unveil the strategies that will help independent filmmakers navigate the complex terrain of getting their work in front of eager audiences.  FilmProposals understands the pivotal role a well-crafted distribution plan plays in the journey of an indie film from your business plan to production to viewership. We dissect the components of a successful distribution strategy, ensuring your labor of love finds its rightful spotlight.

Understanding Your Distribution Goals

Before diving into distribution channels, it's crucial to define what success looks like for your independent film. Are you aiming for mainstream theatrical screenings or digital platforms? Maybe the festival circuit is your priority? Your goals will dictate the distribution avenues you pursue. To support your distribution strategy:

  • Develop clear objectives on the best distribution method for your film based on its unique selling points. This may change as you reach out to contacts, festivals and distributors, and that's OK. It happens to a lot of filmmakers.
  • Research your target audience to align your film's theme with their preferences. How are you going to reach them? What Gen are they, where do they get their media/influence, what social channels are they on? We offer some great charts in our Business Plan Template showing the social media activity and preferences of each generation.
  • Consider Sundance’s Distribution Advice on leveraging festivals as a springboard for broader distribution.

Maximizing Festival Exposure

Launching your indie film through film festivals can be a powerful stepping stone to wider distribution. Festivals not only provide visibility but also the possibility of critical acclaim and awards that can pique the interest of distributors. To enhance your festival presence:

  • Submit to both prestigious, high-profile festivals and niche, genre-specific events.
  • Network with industry professionals and fellow filmmakers.
  • Employ an engaging press kit that includes a synopsis, director's statement and high-quality stills.
  • Use our analytic approach to Film Festivals, as we have been perfecting it for over 20 years, to set you up for your best chance of success using our proprietary database, some highly targeted research and our almost fail-proof Film Festival Marketing Plan.

Embrace The Digital Revolution

In today's market, digital distribution cannot be overlooked. Video on Demand (VOD) platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu have revolutionized how audiences consume content. To navigate this digital landscape:

  • Investigate various VOD platforms to determine which best aligns with your film's audience.
  • Understand the different types of VOD, from subscription-based to transactional services.
  • Learn about the various distribution models, business cases, revenue possibilities and more at Film Business Plan VOD Projections

Building a Marketing Buzz

Marketing is inseparable from distribution, as it directly influences audience reach and engagement. A robust marketing campaign can bolster your film's visibility and desirability among distributors and consumers alike. To build a marketing buzz:

  1. Create a strong, visually appealing brand for your film, including posters and trailers.
  2. Engage with your audience through social media and leveraging platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok &  Facebook. As we stated above, you go where your target market is and deliver the information you have in the way they best consume it.
  3. An example is a recent filmmaker who stated, "We posted our trailer on Facebook, which earned a strong following and social media proof (over 47k reactions and 5k comments). The films’ military theme lends itself to a Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Veteran's Day release, along with a niche audience of 22 million US Veterans + 100 million immediate family members."
  4. Generate press coverage by reaching out to bloggers, journalists and influencers, specifically those that appeal to your target audience.

Securing Distribution Deals

When it's time to seal the deal with distributors, it's essential to come prepared with knowledge and negotiation skills. A well-negotiated contract can make a significant difference in your film's success and profitability. For successful deal-making:

  • Understand the terms and revenue models of distribution agreements.
  • Be ready to present a compelling pitch, complete with your film's business plan and projections.
  • Utilize resources like our Indie Film Distributor List and Indie Film Distributor Database to find the right distributors for your film, especially to find those that accept unsolicited applications, which is rare.

Final Distribution Thoughts

Independently distributing a film is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. By setting clear goals, leveraging festivals, embracing digital platforms, marketing effectively, and negotiating smartly, you can craft a distribution strategy that propels your independent film to success. Remember, tools and guidance are within reach through resources like those provided by FilmProposals, equipping you with everything needed to turn your cinematic dream into a reality seen by audiences worldwide.

More for You to Explore:

Indie Film Database - Distributors Listed for Over 400 Films

Our Custom Detailed Distributor, Budget and Box Office Stats Make Finding Distributors a Breeze. Our new Filmproposals Custom Indie Film Database contains 370+ titles (both Indie and Studio), making finding distributors & comparable films and completing your revenue projections a no-brainer. Our proprietary spreadsheet was researched JUST for indie filmmakers, contains info you can't easily find anywhere else and will save you hours of time finding just the right films similar to yours.

You can use our Financial Projections Template + Indie Film Database and do it all yourself or you can hire us to do projections for you. We also highly recommend using this Indie Film Database to have your Film Marketing Plan & Distribution Plan practically write itself for you and we show you exactly how. There are so many amazing ways to use this database to guide your movie & your investors.

Comparable Films Revenue Database

We hired Nash Info Services, the movie data gurus behind to create a completely custom spreadsheet for us analyzing indie and studio films 2006-2020. Our custom database is available as a separate product or an add-on with a discount to any of our Film Financing Toolkits.

Now, let's be clear. You can get a lot of this information yourselves - for free. Let's use Birdman as an example:

Our spreadsheet includes everything under Theatrical Performance and Home Market Performance. Then you could scroll through each tab and pull a lot of the other numbers yourselves. 

And then you could do that for 10-20 films. And you could do it after you even figure out which 10-20 films you want to use as your comparables after researching which are Indie vs Studio. You can use the-numbers, IMDB and/or Box Office Mojo. It's been the way we've done things for years...but oh-so-many of you have let us know how much you hate the tedious work. You just want to get on with filming, right? 

What we're offering is you can just filter for let's say, Indie Films & Comedy and BOOM!!! In 5 have this: 

Comparable Films Revenue Database

You can sort, filter, compare numbers, do whatever you like to make sure you narrow down the best comparable films for your business plan. Then just copy/paste the numbers right into your Financial & Business Plan Templates. This info is even better if used as you write your screenplay - see what does well. See which movies just like yours brought in the most at the box office. Your Comparable Films can do so much for your film!!!! Learn how we use this database to find our audience and build our marketing and distribution plans at Film Marketing Plan & Distribution Plan Expert Advice.

It is notoriously hard for filmmakers to find details on lower budget films, which is exactly why Nash are the pros. It's ALL they do - scour for industry information and work with filmmakers. Additionally, Nash has been doing Narrative & Doc Sales Projections for years! The Doc films in our database generally fall into three categories: biographical, social issues, and health/self-care/personal fulfillment. The narrative films cover every genre. So there's plenty from which to choose!

Fields Included in FilmProposals Custom Indie Film Database

  • Title
  • Year
  • Studio/Indie
  • Genre
  • Subgenre
  • MPA Rating
  • Source
  • Creative Type
  • Production Method
  • Production Budget
  • Opening Weekend
  • Opening Theaters
  • Maximum Theaters
  • Distributor
  • Domestic Box Office
  • International Box Office
  • Total BO
  • Domestic DVD Spending
  • Domestic Blu-ray Spending
  • Theatrical Release Date
  • Video Release Date
  • Box Office Revenue Multiplier

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